The Meaning Of The Name Of Ravshan

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The Meaning Of The Name Of Ravshan
The Meaning Of The Name Of Ravshan

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The short form of the name of Ravshan. Rausch, Rauscha, Raushka.

Synonyms for the name Ravshan. Ravshan, Rovshan, Rovshan, Raushan, Raushan, Rushan, Rushan, Rokhshan, Raushani, Rushania, Raushania, Raushan, Raushanya, Ravshanai, Ravshanara.

The origin of the name Ravshan. The name of Ravshan is Muslim.

The name Ravshan is a female name with Persian roots, used by Muslims. It means “light” in the meaning of “light soul”, “transparent in thoughts”, “pure”.

The name of Ravshan is a semantic analogue ("light") with the names Svetlana, Elena, Roxana, Ilona, ​​Klara, Lucien, Bert, Roksolana, Saule, Nuria, Ella. In a sense close to the concept of "soul" - the names of Yana, Dilnaz, Zhansai, Dilnar.

The name Ravshan, Raushan (without “a” at the end) is often used as a male name, but it also happens as a female name. Still, the female version often sounds like Ravshana (ie through "a"). The name can be written and sound like Rovshan, Rovshan, Raushan, Raushana, Rushan, Rushan, Rokhshan, Raushani. Varieties of the name, its derivatives are Rushania, Raushania, Raushania, Raushania. Affectionate treatment - Raushka.

Among Kazakh and Tatar names there may be two-part female names - Ravshanai, Ravshanara, Ravshanoy and others.

In Arabic, the word "ravshan", as a common noun, means "balcony" or "window", which also intersects with the concept of "light", "light". In a broader sense, the name Ravshan is also interpreted as "bright", "clear", "shining", "visible", "source of rays, radiance", "showering with rays", "illuminating with light"

In Kazakh, the name Rosa means "raushan".

The owner of the name Ravshan is a rather controversial girl. On the one hand, she is very independent, shows leadership qualities, activity, on the other hand, she is quite dependent, listens to other people's opinions, can avoid people.

These contradictions can be in harmony, but most often she is captured by one of these directions and she oscillates between self-giving and egocentrism. By listening to others, she is also significantly interested in herself. Ravshana tends to suppress her emotions to such an extent that she is accused of coldness, distance and even insensitivity, especially since she does not like to show her fragility and vulnerability.

Take a close look at it, because the displayed pride, emphasized dignity and strong spirit are in fact a facade where a small creature is hidden, requiring care and attention.

As a little girl, she cannot understand what attracts her more - to be taken care of or to be independent. Education helps her to learn from historical examples that it is impossible to divide the world only into white or black, which helps her to understand different aspects of life and relationships. Tenderness, emotionality, responsibility, desires - everything should be in this life, but in due time something is more in demand than the rest.

Ravshana loves to shine, listen to exclamations of admiration, knows how to seduce. She is a perfectionist in life and wants to play a leading role, but she has moderate ambitions. Thus, housekeeping and professional achievements will be two important things in her life. It will be very difficult for her to prefer one thing. Very often she turns out to be an ideal housewife and an excellent mother.

But in any case, some discontent remains, because she could have improved her achievements, but, it turns out, only to the detriment of the other. Also, the difficulty lies in the fact that she is used to being independent, making decisions on her own and taking responsibility, but not every man sees his spouse just like that. This will not be a meek, dependent, unprotected girl, and in this regard, the husband of the owner of this name will have to agree with this given.

Ravshana is worried if she could not realize her full potential, although she could. This is especially noticeable if a girl chooses a creative profession (artist, actress, designer). She can be successful as a teacher, social worker, counselor, psychologist. Painstaking and exacting work will also be to her liking (finance, audit, consulting, secretarial work, librarian).

Ravshan's birthday

Ravshan does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Ravshan

  • Ravshana Kurkova ((born 1980) Russian actress)
  • Rushanna Babich ((born 1975) Russian actress, People's Artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan)
  • Raushan Baiseitova ((born 1947) Kazakh ballet dancer, winner of awards, prizes and the title of People's Artist of the Kazakh SSR. Currently she teaches at the Almaty Choreographic School.)
  • Raushaniya Badretdinova ((born 1974) is a Russian artist, a member of the international association - AIAP UNESCO. Her works are in various Russian and foreign art galleries and private collections (Germany, USA, Turkey, Canada, Namibia, Austria and others).)

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