The Meaning Of The Name Perizat

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The Meaning Of The Name Perizat
The Meaning Of The Name Perizat

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Perizat

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Perizat
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Synonyms for the name Perizat. Peri, Pari, Perisade, Perisade, Perisode, Perisod, Parizat.

The origin of the name Perizat. The name Perizat is Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Perizat is of Arabic origin. The first part of the name "peri" is translated as "fairy", "guria", and "zat" - "beautiful, graceful", moreover, among the Kazakhs "zat" means belonging to a noble family or the upper world. Therefore, the name Perizat can be translated as "lovely fairy", "graceful fairy". Naming the girl with this name, they tried to emphasize her noble origin.

In Persian mythology, "peri" are magical fantastic creatures appearing in the form of a girl or a woman. They are indispensable participants in many legends of the peoples of Iran and Central Asia, which have been preserved in the memory of their descendants - some Turkic peoples, for example, the Kazakhs, Kirghiz.

Also, the name Perizat is an analogue of the name Peri, used among Muslims. In some languages, Peri was transformed into the spelling of Pari. Peri's name can be part of two-part names: Ayperi ("moon fairy"), Nurperi ("fairy of light"), Perijan ("fairy of the soul"), Parizoda ("famous beauty"). Not to be confused with the name Perry, which has a different origin.

The owner of the name Perizat is a rather authoritarian person, she does not like the advice of others, does not listen to others, her own opinion is the basis of her actions. This attitude can lead to complete alienation and detachment from other people. But in this straightforwardness there is a strong, unbending will, this woman can move mountains, achieving her goal. One of the main disadvantages of Perizat is the inability to wait, the lack of patience, so often the owner of this name can act rather rashly, without having time to think it over carefully.

For the girl Perizat, the world seems to be a huge field for activity, where she can realize all her ideas. It is very important for her to express herself, to prove to others her significance and exclusivity.

Among the virtues of Perizat is the ability to see the truth in the hidden, so she can become a very valuable mediator in especially difficult cases and disputes. But one should not forget that it is important for Perizat to fully immerse herself in the role that is assigned to her. If you ask her for help, then you can no longer refuse, if the owner of this name has taken up this matter. Perizat is a seeker of truth.

Perizat is a rather calm person, she will not try to start a conflict or quarrel. This girl has good intuition, she knows how to adapt to changed circumstances and make difficult, uncomfortable decisions for herself, if the situation requires it. With such qualities, Perizat would be well suited to work in those areas where the adoption of lightning-fast and important decisions is required, for example, in the Ministry of Emergency Situations or in leadership positions.

Perizat is not deceived by appearances, but delves into the essence of the issue, she is a self-confident, decisive woman. She does not take courage, she is ready to take on any business, ready to learn in the process. She often hides behind a curtain of practicality to hide her romantic and gentle nature. She loves creativity, so she always has a hobby, a hobby from this area - embroidery, drawing, singing, dancing. This part of her life can become her future profession.

Birthday Perizat

Perizat does not celebrate the name day.

Famous people named Perizat

  • Perizat Shaikhina (one of the most successful female bankers in Russia, entered the top 100 of the rating for 2014, deputy chairman of the board, member of the board of Rosbank)
  • Perizat Akhmetbekova ((born 1990) daughter of a Kazakh politician)
  • Perizat Zholdasova (Kazakh singer)
  • Perizat Yesnazarova (Kazakh artist, member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Since 1987 she began to participate in various republican and international exhibitions, her works are in many private collections in various countries, for example, in India, Israel, Japan, Germany and other countries., decorative and applied arts: batik, tapestries, chiy technique. Most of her works are devoted to myths and legends.)

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