The Meaning Of The Name Patricia (Patsy)

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The Meaning Of The Name Patricia (Patsy)
The Meaning Of The Name Patricia (Patsy)

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Short form of the name Patricia. Pat, Patsy, Patsy, Trisha, Trish, Party, Patu, Tisha, Tricia, Pate, Pate.

Synonyms for the name Patricia. Patricia, Patricia, Patricia, Patricia, Padregin, Paregin, Payton, Peyton.

The origin of the name Patricia. The name of Patricia is Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Patricia has Latin roots, derived from the Latin "patricius", meaning "noble", "patrician", "aristocrat". The name Patricia is also pronounced through "s" - Patricia, in Scotland a variant of this name is also used - Peyton, and in Russia the name Patricia was in common use. The name Patricia is the feminine form of the male name Patrick (Patrick).

Patricia celebrates Orthodox name days on March 29, other dates are Catholic name days for Patricia.

Friendly, frank and straightforward - this is the portrait of the owner of the name Patricia. She is a charming, lively and sociable woman. She just wants to be loved, and therefore prefers to be the most hospitable and pleasant in society. But still she is a fast and flexible woman, she can hardly be called patient, although she is not always quick to decisions and actions.

This girl is a supporter of independence and freedom, she is outraged by the daily routine of work, trying to complete all tasks quickly and dexterously in order to get down to what she really wants to do as soon as possible. She may turn out to be gifted, the owner of a fantastic talent, but her main advantage is that she can be successful in almost any activity, she owns a sewing needle as skillfully as a drill or a brush.

Patricia is a passionate woman who tries to keep herself motivated by constantly updating her own interests and broadening her horizons. Her life looks somewhat chaotic, unstable and unsettled, sometimes even superficial. Yet, deep down, she longs for stability and organization that will keep her safe, even if change and adventure excites her to the highest degree.

The energetic and hardworking Patricia lacks self-discipline, although this does not apply to the tasks that other people will set her, for example, the boss or mother. While she can be open and helpful most of the time, she can also be just as inflexible on certain issues that relate to her principles and her rather conservative lifestyle.

As a child, she can look almost perfect. Nice, helpful, moderately cautious girl. She is endowed with a sharp mind and is capable of systems thinking, she has great potential for learning, but this can be hampered by her lack of self-confidence, as well as her extreme shyness. She needs support, especially given her delicate nature. She definitely has a dream, her own secret world and a rich imagination. It would be wise to encourage her to develop her own creativity, as well as develop her flexibility and vitality, which can be helped by the art of dance.

Patricia is a sentimental soul who seeks serious relationships with other people. She is a warm and cozy person who loves to hang out with friends for whom she is never too busy, and is always happy to help if she can. Her well-developed intuition and common sense make her a perfect friend whose advice is definitely worth listening to. For her, being truly alive means sharing the interests and even emotions of her lover, which she needs to define herself. In a love relationship, she will take a conciliatory position, because, although her freedom is very dear to her heart, but family union is of fundamental importance to her. She is a fantastic hostess who knows exactly how to liven up an evening between friends, skillfully combining tact, charm and fun.

Home and family are of paramount importance to her. However, despite being emotionally addicted, she still needs a certain amount of personal independence. On a professional level, she could be involved in professions related to counseling and education, with written or oral expression of thought, and creative professions. In particular, Patricia can realize herself in professions that require agility, mobility and communication with other people.

Patricia's birthday

Patricia celebrates name day on March 13, March 29, August 25.

Famous people named Patricia

  • Patricia Piccinini ((born 1965) Australian sculptor and painter, presented her work at many exhibitions, including the Biennale. She has shown herself in various forms of art (sound, video, installations, sculpture, digital printing, painting). some of the work is related to the environment and bioethics.)
  • Patricia Wettig (born 1951) is an American actress, has won three Emmy and Golden Globe awards, has starred in Guilty by Suspicion, The Langoliers, Take My Life Back: The Nancy Siegenmeier Story, Urban dudes "," Nothing but the truth "," Spy "and others. Also a playwright.)
  • Patricia Highsmith ((1921-1995) birth name - Mary Patricia Plangman; American writer who wrote psychological detective stories, many of which were filmed. Awarded the O. Henry Prize, the Edgar Allan Poe Prize and the Dagger Prize.)
  • Patricia Ciofi (Ciofi) ((born 1967) is an Italian opera singer (soprano), has toured extensively, performed in many theaters in Italy, including La Scala, England, America. Recording of "Figaro's Wedding" with her participation won the " Grammy ".)
  • Patricia Aberdeen (Eburdine) (American futurist, author of prediction books, many of her books have become bestsellers)
  • Patricia Kopachinskaya ((born 1977) Swiss violinist, writes music, performs with well-known orchestras in Europe, Australia and Japan, with many famous musicians)
  • Patricia Vartush ((born 1978) Austrian tennis player, then became a coach)
  • Patricia Upps (Australian economist)
  • Patricia Millard ((born 1959) French actress)
  • Patricia Mayr-Ahleitner ((born 1986) Austrian tennis player)
  • Patricia Kummer ((born 1987) Swiss snowboarder)
  • Patricia Jessel ((1920-1968) English actress, singer)
  • Patricia Wrightson ((1921-2010) Australian children's writer, winner of various international and national awards. In 1999, a literary prize was established in honor of the writer.)
  • Patricia Morison ((born 1915) American actress, has performed most of her career on Broadway (mezzo-soprano))
  • Patricia Vonne (surname at birth - Rodriguez; American singer and actress)
  • Patricia Amorin (Amorim) ((born 1969) Brazilian swimmer, now a sports manager. 28 times Patricia became the champion of Brazil, she has 29 South American records on her shoulders, a participant in the Olympic Games in Seoul.)
  • Patricia Arquette ((born 1968) is an American actress, starred in the TV series The Medium and CSI: Cyber ​​Network Crime Scene Investigation and the films Running Indian, Ed Wood, Lost Highway, The Stigmata, Far From Ranguna "," Boyhood ". Winner of" Emmy "and" Golden Globe ".)
  • Patricia Tarabini ((born 1968) Argentine tennis player, bronze winner of the 2004 Olympic Games)
  • Patricia Maliszewska ((born 1988) Polish speed skater, three times winner of the European Championship)
  • Patricia Laffan ((born 1919) English actress, played in the films Caravan, Camo Comes, Devil from Mars, Twenty-Three Steps Down Baker Street, Anna Karenina)
  • Patricia Kaas ((born 1967) is a French singer, known all over the world. Participant of the Eurovision final in 2009. Repeated winner of the title of "Best Female Artist of the Year" in various music competitions. Tours a lot throughout the year.)

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