The Meaning Of The Name Platonides

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The Meaning Of The Name Platonides
The Meaning Of The Name Platonides

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Platonides
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The short form of the name Platonides. Platonidka, Platonya, Tonya, Platosha, Fee, Nida, Platonka, Platoha, Toha, Tosha.

The origin of the name Platonides. The name of Platonides is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Platonides comes from the ancient Greek name Plato, which means "broad" and also "broad-shouldered." There are also variants of translating the name of Platonides as "broad-eyed", "far-sighted", "perspicacious".

In the Russian language, diminutive-affectionate references to Platonis are used - Platonidka, Plato, Tonya, Platosha, Plata, Nida, as well as the same short references as to Plato - Platonka, Platoha, Toha, Tosh. In modern times, this name is used very rarely.

The name Platonides is both Catholic and Orthodox. Among the Orthodox, the Monk Platonida of Syria is especially revered, and among the Catholics - the martyr Platonida of Ascalon. The dates of the Orthodox name days of Platonides are April 19, the rest of the dates indicated are the Catholic name days of Platonides.

Platonide is presented to many people as a confident, courageous, strong woman, but in fact she is content with vulnerability, more sensitive and worried. Comfort is very important to her, she worries about almost everything that concerns her and her family. The owner of this name strives for pleasure and life in harmony with people who are dear to them. Platonida, as a rule, takes responsibility in life for her professional development or for her family. Platonida is quite bold and ambitious, shows activity and enterprise.

Platonide can be either a very materialistic lady who knows everything about money and finances, or more characteristic of philosophy, mysticism, to be carried away by scientific and pseudo-scientific topics. She can deal with both very specific issues (building a playground, purchasing a store, repairing an automobile electrical circuit in a car), and abstract things (esotericism, numerology). All these such versatile pursuits and hobbies provide Platonide with the wealth of her soul and increase her intellect. In any case, Platonida has a need for thought and action, especially if they are closely related to her home and family.

As a child, Platonida constantly rushes between calm and storm, between a computer and a rugby game, and looks rather closed, as if she knows some secret. Often shy, she will not respond to rude attacks and will not appreciate invasions of her privacy and her secrets. Platonida is very responsive to others, but she should develop her social skills by participating in collective activities. Sometimes it is very difficult for her to express her emotions, contacts with other people present some difficulty for her. Her shyness and shyness can make her reaction to something quite harsh.

Platonida puts practicality and material benefits at the forefront. She is not accustomed to being lazy, she constantly needs to do various things, because she understands perfectly well that nothing in life gets just like that.

Platonida is an intuitive, sensitive, creative person, a seeker of truth, who does not always balance desires and possibilities. He has a sharp critical mind, has his own opinion on everything, has a rich intuition. The owner of this name will think well before starting any business.

Platonida appreciates peace, loneliness and home comfort, she feels uncomfortable in an unfamiliar place. She is interested in everything that is original and unusual - both new types of art and unusual shows. But when Platonida feels that she is loved, she becomes soft, gentle and very affectionate.

Platonida is more interested in choosing a profession in work in large industries, these are various enterprises (metallurgy, technology, industry) or state apparatus (police, army, management). She may also prefer to work in "unusual" industries (dentistry, electronics, mechanics, transportation).

Name days of Platonides

Platonida celebrates her name day on April 6, April 19.

Famous people named Platonides

  • Platonida ((died 308) saint, deaconess, founder of the Nizibian community)
  • Platonida ((1657 - 1669) abbess of the Tikhvin Vvedensky monastery)
  • Platonida ((1762 - 1781) Abbess of the Gornitsky Resurrection Monastery)
  • Platonida ((1851 - 1863) abbess of the Vzdvizhensky monastery in Kostroma)
  • Platonida ((1856 - 1862) Abbess of the Kostroma Epiphany Monastery)

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