The Meaning Of The Name Olga (Olya)

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The Meaning Of The Name Olga (Olya)
The Meaning Of The Name Olga (Olya)

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Olga (Olya)
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Short form named Olga. Olya, Olechka, Olenka, Olgusha, Olgunya, Olyunya, Lyunya, Olyusya, Lyusya, Olyusha, Olyasha, Olyanya, Olyona, Olga, Olga, Olgushka, Olchik, Lyolya, Olyulya, Lyulya, Lyalya, Lyoka.

Synonyms for the name Olga. Helga, Gelga, Olga, Layla, Oili, Aili.

The origin of the name Olga. The name Olga is Russian, Slavic, Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Olga is a very common name in Russia. This name has two versions of its origin. According to one of them, this is an old Russian name, previously borrowed from the Scandinavian languages, or rather formed on behalf of Helga (Helgla). Translated Helga means "holy", "sacred", "bright", "clear", "wise", "fatal". It is also believed that the name Olga is the female form of the male name Oleg.

According to the second version of the origin, the name Olga is an Old Slavic name and it came from the names Volga, Volkh, where the names Volga and Volkh are male. And in this case, the name Olga is the female form of the male name. The Russian word "Volgo" meant the most different, but close to the meaning: "sunny", "significant", "good", "great", "big".

The name Olga is very popular not only in Russia, but also in Europe (for example, in the Czech Republic, Scotland, Finland, Germany). On other continents, it is also possible to meet the owners of this name, in Brazil, Argentina. But in these countries, the name is pronounced, most often, as Helga.

Diminutive-affectionate words Lyalya, Olyona are also independent names. And the appeal to Lucy is also a gentle appeal to other names.

The main character traits of a girl named Olga are a strong will, intelligence and great efficiency. She stubbornly goes to the intended goal, not noticing the problems arising around her. It's dangerous for Olga not to let her talents show.

Olga strives to be independent in everything. She is like a wrestler with a difficult but strong character. Be sure that what is in Olga's hands she will not let go so easily. For her "prey" the girl fights to the last.

During her school years, Olya is serious and thoughtful. She may cry from resentment, but she is not devoid of stubbornness. You should not expect from her an apology and requests for forgiveness, even when she is really guilty. There is no particular success in her studies, but the girl does not lag behind the school curriculum either. There will be no problems with her at school. She is calm, she does not have quarrels with her peers, and the teachers are happy with her behavior and success.

As she gets older, Olya shows some insanity. She seeks to dominate her environment. The girl, as in childhood, is serious and very vulnerable. Olga is very strict with herself and proud, which often manifests itself in a tendency to self-reflection. She may even start to be jealous. But Olga, as a rule, is ashamed of the last feeling and smoothes it out with good deeds.

Olga tends to carefully monitor her appearance, carefully select her wardrobe. She does not like the advice of others. Those who, in her opinion, know less than she, Olya puts below herself, which is very noticeable when communicating with her. In this Olga, unfortunately, is very limited.

As a result, Olga is characterized by hypocrisy. With people "advantageous" for herself, she will be correct and amiable, and with those who depend on her, on the contrary, she will behave arrogantly and rudely. Olga is constantly engaged in self-digging and analyzes her actions and feelings. She envies those acquaintances who succeeded more than her, but remains faithful in friendship.

Olga is a gift for the family. He cooks well, is always faithful to her husband. This compensates for her some coldness in the relationship.

Olga is a gossip and has a penchant for adventures. No wonder there are so many ladies with this name among swindlers and "fatal" women. Olga can be very angry or vengeful in times of intense emotion. Although in moments of emotional outbursts, one must not lose control. Sometimes Olga's strong character finds a way out in fanatical attachment to something or someone.

In relations with the opposite sex, Olga remains a highly moral nature. She does not forgive mistakes and can be very vindictive. The girl until the last will find out the true cause of her and other people's troubles, and then she will try to favorably influence the source of misfortune, acting in the name of the common good.

Olga does not allow anyone to interfere in her personal life. First love most often leads to marriage, but if this does not happen, then Olga is going through parting for a long time. For this girl, suffering and love always go side by side. Also, a very close relationship for her is inseparable from love.

Olga will always compare her numerous fans with her first man. More often than not they will all lose. As a result, Olga will not marry for a long time. Olga does not crave leadership in the family, but communication with her may seem difficult because of her strength of character and originality. The husband should remember that Olga is very jealous and feels good pretense in love. Revenge on her part will not keep you waiting.

The girl's hobbies most often end with going to the movies and home cooking. Olga satisfies her passion in work, which becomes for her a protection from the outside world or a challenge to it. Olga does not want to play a secondary role at work. She can be a doctor, a public figure, and a leader. Olga is characterized by a heightened sense of responsibility. In any area, the girl will achieve noticeable success. But for more, she lacks persistence and firmness in her actions.

One way or another, Olga quickly becomes an authority for those around her. Colleagues with some timidity look at her, one might say, somewhat from the bottom up. She is appreciated, because Olga's strength and perseverance help the whole team to overcome difficulties.

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Olga's birthday

Olga celebrates her name day on February 10, March 6, March 14, July 11, July 17, July 24, November 23.

Interesting fact about the name Olga

Princess Olga can rightfully be considered the first Russian woman leader. At first, she was considered regent with a young son, but in fact she continued to reign even after her son's accession to the throne, since he devoted most of his time to military campaigns.

Olga turned out to be a very capable manager - during her reign she made several significant changes, which later only developed and improved by other Rurikovichs and subsequent rulers of Russia. She not only fixed the amount of "polyudya" (taxes in favor of the center), but also indicated the timing and regularity of payments. For the convenience of management, the Russian lands were divided into administrative units, where a manager from Kiev was appointed, subordinate directly to the princess.

The emergence of a new administrative-territorial unit in Russia - the graveyard - is also the result of Olga's rule. These were the places where the retinue of the prince and princess stopped, which later allowed them to become certain centers in these territories - commercial, administrative and religious. It was on the graveyards that churches began to appear, near which more and more people began to settle, building huts and becoming sedentary. At a later time, "pogosts" began to be called villages.

Olga's merit was the appearance of the first stone buildings in Kiev. In subsequent decades, each ruler increased their number, stone churches appeared. This trend was picked up in other cities of Russia.

Princess Olga can be called an excellent manager who was not afraid to take bold and decisive steps, one of which was her adoption of Christianity. The burials found by archaeologists confirm that Christianity began to spread in Russia even before the official act of baptism in 988 - and this is a wise decision of Princess Olga, which received its historical continuation.

Famous people named Olga

  • Grand Duchess Olga, Princess Olga ((about 890 - 969) baptized - Elena; princess, ruled Kievan Rus after the death of her husband, Prince Igor Rurikovich from 945 to 962. The first Russian ruler adopted Christianity even before the baptism of Rus, the first Russian holy.)
  • Olga Spesivtseva ((1895 - 1991) Russian ballerina)
  • Olga Zabelinskaya ((born 1980) Russian cyclist, two-time bronze medalist at the 2012 Summer Olympics - in the group and split race. World Junior Champion 1997.)
  • Olga Knipper-Chekhova ((1868 - 1959) Russian and Soviet actress. People's Artist of the USSR (1937). Laureate of the Stalin Prize (1943). Wife of A. P. Chekhov.)
  • Olga Berggolts ((1910 - 1975) Russian Soviet poetess, prose writer)
  • Olga Korbut ((born 1955) Soviet Belarusian gymnast, four-time Olympic champion, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1972). Olga Korbut was the first to perform the unique element “Korbut Loop.” The gymnast stands on a high part of uneven bars and does a back somersault, clinging to The element was performed during her exercises on the uneven bars at the Olympics in Munich. Subsequently, the element was improved by Elena Mukhina - she added a screw to it. Currently, the "Korbut loop" is not performed at official competitions, since it is prohibited by the rules (gymnasts you can not stand with your feet on the upper part of the bars.) In 1974, "based on" her biography, the feature film "Miracle with pigtails" was shot, in which she herself performed sports exercises.)
  • Olga Khokhlova ((1891 - 1955) ballet dancer of Russian-Ukrainian origin, better known as the first wife of Pablo Picasso and the mother of his son Paulo)
  • Olga Rozanova ((1886 - 1918) artist, one of the brightest representatives of Russian futurism)
  • Olga Rubtsova ((1909 - 1994) world chess champion)
  • Olga Sadovskaya ((1849 - 1919) Russian actress, Honored Artist of the Imperial Theaters (1911))
  • Olga Aroseva ((born 1925) Soviet and Russian theater and film actress. People's Artist of the RSFSR (1985). Known for performing comedic, poignant roles.)
  • Olga Voronets ((born 1926) pop singer, People's Artist of the RSFSR (1978). In 1956, at the International Folklore Festival in France, the Russian folk song "Kalinka" performed by Voronets enjoyed such success that the singer was nicknamed Olga-Kalinka.)
  • Olga Androvskaya ((1898 - 1975) real name - Schultz; Soviet theater and film actress, teacher. People's Artist of the USSR (1948). Laureate of the Stalin Prize of the first degree (1952). Aunt of Alexei Batalov.)
  • Olga Ostroumova ((born 1947) Soviet and Russian theater and film actress)
  • Olga Kabo ((born 1968) Soviet and Russian actress, Honored Artist of Russia (2002), member of the Russian Stuntmen Association (1995))

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