The Meaning Of The Name Pamela

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The Meaning Of The Name Pamela
The Meaning Of The Name Pamela

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Pamela

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Pamela

Short form of the name Pamela. Pam, Pamy, Pammy, Pam, Pami, Pem, Pemi, Ela, Pamelita, Pamelina, Pamelina, Melli, Mel.

Synonyms for the name Pamela. Pamela, Pamella, Pamella.

The origin of the name Pamela. The name Pamela is English.

The name Pamela is one of the few invented names for a literary character. The name Svetlana can serve as a similar example.

The name Pamela first appeared in the novel of an English aristocrat who lived during the era of Elizabeth I, Philip Sidney. The novel was called "Arcadia" ("The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia"), but they paid attention to the name Pamela only in the 18th century, when it appeared in the novel of another Englishman, Samuel Richardson. The novel was called Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded, and it was published in 1740.

It is possible that the name Pamela came from a combination of the ancient Greek "pan" ("everything") and "meli" ("honey"), therefore the name is interpreted as "any sweetness", "delight".

The name Pamela was not in use until the 20th century, this name was not given, since this name was not in the Catholic calendars. They used this name very rarely, more often as a pseudonym. This name appeared in everyday life in the 30s of the twentieth century in England and began to spread throughout Europe, affecting the United States. The name was in the top 20 most popular names in England during the 30-50s, and then it became more and more unfashionable. By 1965 in Great Britain it had already reached the 70th line of the rating and continued to intensively lose its positions. In 2010, in the United States, the name Pamela was ranked 983 in the popularity ranking of names. At the moment, this name is considered extremely rare in the United States.

Pamela is a friendly, but at the same time quite reserved personality. From childhood, independence begins to appear in her. Regardless of age, she always behaves with dignity. She rarely expresses her emotions. Many see her as an indifferent person. In addition, Pamela is an obligatory and strong-willed nature, which tends to keep these promises. She has a well-developed intuition. This girl knows how to objectively assess the situation. In the team, she is always friendly and polite. She is sociable and knows how to respect other people's opinions. At the same time, he always keeps a certain distance from people. Rarely lets someone close.

Pamela always solves her own questions on her own. Even in the event of difficulties, he never turns to others for help. Pamela is rather hard going through disappointment in people. If her loved ones commit any unworthy act, the owner of this name will immediately change her attitude towards them. The location of such a girl will be very difficult to restore.

Pamela always strives to create a friendly and happy family. For the sake of fulfilling her dream, she will be ready to sacrifice even an interesting and well-paid job. Most often, Pamela chooses a profession that will be associated with preschool education or medical activities.

Usually Pamela has been looking for a chosen one for a long time who would be worthy of her. Despite the desire for family life, it is not typical for her to marry early. For her chosen one, she will become a wonderful wife and a good housewife.

In the circle of friends, Pamela manifests herself as a bright, sociable and charming person. In conversations, she is always open and straightforward, she will never deceive.

Pamela values independence. In her mood of life, she is always optimistic and has a good sense of humor. Pamela is no stranger to fantasy. She loves to have fun and enjoy life. At its core, she is a rather curious person, drawn to knowledge. Pamela's advanced intelligence allows her to analyze with ease. She likes everything unusual. She has a fairly wide range of interests - theater, music, singing, learning languages, technical specialties, advertising. Usually, her priorities change quickly enough. Pamela can easily change the direction of her activities until she finds something that is really interesting to her. She is interested in a quick change of activity. Also, Pamela may give preference to temporary work.

Pamela's birthday

Pamela does not celebrate a name day.

Famous people named Pamela

  • Pamela Lyndon Travers or P. L. Travers ((1899-1996) pseudonym, real name - Helen Lyndon Goff; English writer, known to readers around the world as the author of books about Mary Poppins)
  • Pamela Denise Anderson ((born 1967) American actress and fashion model)
  • Pamela Susan Courson (Korzon, Corson) ((1946-1974) girlfriend and muse of The Doors leader, Jim Morrison)
  • Pamela Segall Adlon, also Pamela Segall, Pamela Adlon ((born 1966) American actress)
  • Pam Grier ((born 1949) full name - Pamela; American actress)
  • Pamela "Pam" Ferris ((born 1948) English actress)
  • Pam Brady ((born 1969) American screenwriter and producer)
  • Pamela Villoresi ((born 1957) full name - Maria Pamela Villoresi; Italian actress)
  • Pamela Munro (((born 1947) American linguist. She has a rather rare specialization - the languages of the Indians of North America. Author of articles and books about Indian languages. She participated in the compilation of dictionaries of some rare languages, for example, Zapotec, Chickasaw and Wolof.)
  • Pamela Girimbabazi Rugabira ((born 1984) Rwandan swimmer, participated in three Olympic Games)
  • Pamela Dutkiewicz ((born 1991) German track and field athlete (hurdling), became the champion of Germany four times, participated in the 2016 Olympic Games)
  • Pamela Ann Mary Flood ((born 1971) Irish TV presenter, journalist and fashion model)
  • Pamela Chepchumba ((born 1979) Kenyan distance runner, medal winner of various running marathons)

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