The Meaning Of The Name Peacock (Pava)

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The Meaning Of The Name Peacock (Pava)
The Meaning Of The Name Peacock (Pava)

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Peacock (Pava)
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Short form of the name of Peacock. Pau, Pauli, Lina, Linuccia, Lynetta, Pavlinka, Pavlinoka, Pavlinochka, Pavel, Pavlunya, Pavlusya, Pavlyusya, Pavlunya, Pavlunya, Pavusya, Panya, Pasha, Fields.

Synonyms for the name of the Peacock. Paulina, Pauline, Paulino, Pauline, Pauline, Pauline.

The origin of the Peacock name. Peacock's name is Russian, Catholic.

The name Peacock comes from the Roman family name Paulinus, originally derived from the cognomen Paulus. The name Peacock is the female form of the male name Peacock, as well as the Russified version of the European name Paulina. Therefore, the translation of the name of Peacock sounds like "small", "modest".

The name Peacock is a related name for the names of Pauline, Paula, since the originally male names from which they were formed (Paul, Pavlin, Paulin) are related to each other. Often these me are considered options to each other, often used as affectionate addresses.

In Russian, the name of Peacock is considered one of the forms of the name Pauline, which in modern times is used much more often than the name of Peacock. Lin's diminutive is also an independent name.

Among Catholics, several Roman martyrs with the name Peacock are revered, as well as the nun Peacock of the Suffering Heart of Christ. Peacock's name is not mentioned in the Orthodox calendar; Catholic name days will be indicated for this name.

Description of the name of Peacock - see the name of Pauline.

Birthday Peacocks

Peacock celebrates its name day on June 6, July 9, October 10, December 2, December 31.

Famous people named Peacock

  • Pauline Frederica Maria of Württemberg ((1810 - 1856) Princess of Württemberg, Duchess Consort of Nassau)
  • Princess Paulina Ida Maria Olga Henrietta Catherine of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach ((1852 - 1904) Crown Princess of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach)
  • Princess Pauline Teresa Louise of Württemberg ((1800 - 1873) daughter of Duke Ludwig of Württemberg and Princess Henrietta of Nassau-Walburg. Queen Consort of Württemberg.)
  • Paulina Rubio, also known by the nickname La Chica Dorada ("Golden Girl") ((born 1971) Mexican singer, star of Latin pop music)
  • Pauline Musters ((1876 - 1895) Dutch citizen, 23 inches (58 centimeters) tall, recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the shortest woman in the history of mankind for whom there is reliable information)
  • Polina Oliveros ((born 1932) is an American accordionist and composer. Since the early 1960s, an active participant in the experiments on empowering electronic music at the San Francisco Recording Center. In 1962, Oliveros became a laureate of the international competition for young composers Gaudeamus (Since the late 1980s, the most notable part of Oliveros's musical activity has been taking place within the Deep Listening Band, which she founded, which deals with making music and recording music in spaces with high resonance (caves, giant cisterns, etc.).)
  • Peacock ((d. About 302) martyr of Rome)
  • Paulina Petronela Krakow ((1813 - 1882) née Radziejewska; writer, publicist, teacher, editor of periodicals for children. For many years she was in charge of the women's boarding house in Warsaw. Stories and stories by Krakow, intended for children and adolescents, were published in several editions and translated in other languages. Written in an elegant style, imbued with a kind attitude to life and people, the works of Krakow have deservedly become a favorite reading of Polish youth.)
  • Paulina (Pauline) Maccabi ((born 1986) French biathlete)
  • Paulina Maciuszek ((born 1985) famous Polish skier, participant of the Vancouver Olympic Games. She specializes in distance racing.)
  • Paulina (Polina) Porizkova-Okeisek ((born 1965) Czech top model, actress and writer)
  • Paulina Maria de Ana ((1863 - 1950) married - Paulina Strauss; German singer (soprano). Daughter of the Bavarian general Adolphe de Ana, niece of violinist Heinrich de Ana and opera singer Eleanor de Ana. Wife of composer Richard Strauss. Singing career of Paulina Strauss continued until 1906, mainly in the chamber repertoire; many of Strauss's songs were written for her. In addition, the relationship with his wife, who was distinguished by waywardness, served as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Strauss - right up to the opera Intermezzo, whose libretto, created by the composer himself, is quite accurate reproduces an actual episode of his family life, when a note from an unknown woman, brought to Strauss's house by mistake, while he was on tour, prompted his wife to start a divorce proceedings.)
  • Paulina d'Ambrosio ((1890 - 1976) Brazilian violinist and music teacher. Paulina d'Ambrosio was considered an outstanding performer of the works of Heitor Villa-Lobos, several works by Villa-Lobos are dedicated to her, including Duet for Violin and Viola (1946). for 42 years she taught at the National School of Music. Among the students of d'Ambrosio - composer Cesar Guerra-Peixe, conductor Enrique Morelenbaum, violinists Nathan Schwarzman and Mariuccia Iacovino and other prominent Brazilian musicians. In 2003, in Brazil created the Trio named after d'Ambrosio, which included her student violinist Aizik Geller, harpist Maria Celia Machado and pianist Maria Helena de Andrade (a street in Rio de Janeiro is named after her.)
  • Paulina Ligotskaya ((born 1984) is a Polish snowboarder who competes in a half-pipe. Ligotskaya began competing in various disciplines of snowboarding in 1998, including snowboardcross and various types of slalom, but most often competed in a half-pipe. In 2000, she took ninth place at the World Junior Championships. For the first time Ligotskaya became the medalist of the World Cup stage in the 2002-2003 season, showing the third result at the competitions in Serre Chevalier. Next year at the Junior World Championships she won two medals - gold in Big Air and silver in halfpipe. A year later she won the Universiade 2005, held in Innsbruck. In the 2005-2006 Olympic season, Ligotskaya won one of the World Cup stages, and also took second and third places, showing her best result in the World Cup in half-pipe. pipe - second place,and she qualified for the Turin Winter Olympics. She was chosen as the standard-bearer of the entire Polish national team at the opening ceremony of the Games, and at the competitions itself she took 17th place. After that, Ligotskaya twice became a bronze medalist at the 2007 and 2009 World Championships, won the 2007 Universiade and at one of the World Cup stages.)
  • Princess Pauline Clementine von Metternich ((1836 - 1921) nee Sandor; simultaneously the granddaughter and daughter-in-law of Chancellor Metternich, a famous socialite at the courts of Napoleon III and Franz Joseph. In 1856 Pauline and her uncle Richard were married, who three years later was appointed Austrian ambassador in Paris. Quickly settling in the French capital, the princess became a close friend of Empress Eugenie and started a prestigious salon in her house. She taught French women to smoke cigars and ice skating, and also introduced them to Wort outfits and Wagner's music. tense Franco-German relations, abbreviated versions of Wagner's operas were staged right in her salon, and the princess herself was not averse to performing the opera part. Another composer who owes Princess Metternich his fame in Europe,- her compatriot Bedrich Smetana. After the capture of Paris by the Prussians in 1870, Prince Metternich was recalled to Austria, and the princess managed to take the jewelry of Empress Eugenie out of the country in a bag with diplomatic mail. In the Vienna Metternich Palace, she resumed her salon, albeit without previous success. After the death of Princess Metternich in 1921, two books of her memoirs were published.)
  • Paulina Onushonok (a participant in the legendary storming of the Winter Palace. In 1929 she was appointed head of the 11th police station in Leningrad. She was the first woman to head a police department. She is known for ending the famous Ligovskaya crime within a few months. In 1933, among group of the first Soviet women was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.)
  • Pauline Baines ((1922 - 2008) English graphic designer, illustrated more than 100 books, including works by Clive Staples Lewis and John Ronald Ruel Tolkien. Baines is best known for her illustrations for The Chronicles of Narnia by Clive Staples Lewis. Her work has also appeared in the works of John Ronald Ruel Tolkien "Farmer Giles of Ham", "The Adventures of Tom Bombadil", "Blacksmith of Big Wootton", "Tree and Leaf", as well as in "The Last Song of Bilbo" (published as a poster in 1974, and as a book in 1990).)
  • Paulina de Haan-Manifarges ((1872 - 1954) Dutch chamber and concert singer (contralto). The wife of the conductor's brother Willem de Haan. At the age of 20, she performed in Zurich performing songs by Johannes Brahms, accompanied by a composer. Later she became famous as duets with another a Dutch singer, Altje Nordewier-Reddingius, and participation in Amsterdam performances of Bach's St. Matthew Passion under the baton of Willem Mengelberg, among other important parts of de Haan - alto parts in Verdi's Requiem, vocal solos in symphonies by Gustav Mahler. In 1927 she completed her performing career, fully devoting herself to teaching.)
  • Pauline von Mullinkrodt ((1817 - 1881) blessed Roman Catholic Church, nun, founder of the female monastic congregation "Sisters of Christian Love")
  • Paulina Hull ((1890 - 1969) Norwegian composer and music critic. The influence of French music (first of all, Debussy and Ravel) and French culture in general became defining for Hull: for example, one of her most important works - "Verlaine Suite" for orchestra (1929 For many years she also worked as a music columnist for Dagbladet, one of the largest newspapers in Norway. In 1938, she founded and headed the Norwegian Society for New Music (Norwegian "Ny Musikk") - the national section of the International Society for Contemporary Music, and directed it until 1961. In 1952-1953 President of the International Society of Contemporary Music.)
  • Paulina Maria Zhariko ((1799 - 1862) Catholic religious activist, servant of God, candidate for beatification, founder of the Catholic organization "Society for the Propagation of Faith" and the Catholic movement "Living Rosary")
  • Paulina Borovik ((1905 - 1943) in monasticism - Sister Maria Felicita; blessed of the Roman Catholic Church, nun of the women's monastic congregation "Sisters of the Holy Family from Nazareth" (Nazarethans), martyr. One of the eleven Novogrudok martyrs.)
  • Paulina Nieri Kakhenya (Kenyan long distance runner. 2011 African champion in cross country in the team event. At the 2012 World Half Marathon Championships she took 6th place in the individual event and 2 nd place in the team event. Winner of the 2012 Paris Half Marathon with track record - 1: 07.55.)
  • Pavlina Shapovalenko ((born 1949) machine milking operator SPK Agrofirma Pervoy Maya ", (Sumy region, Ukraine). Hero of Ukraine. For almost 35 years she worked as a machine milking operator of the agricultural production cooperative Agrofirma Pervoy Maya". The first milkmaid - six-thousanders, organizer and honorary president of the six-thousanders club (milk yield from one cow per year). Currently retired. The 55th anniversary of the birth of Pavlina Mikhailovna was solemnly celebrated. Awards and prizes: Hero of Ukraine (2001, for many years of selfless work in agriculture, achieving high indicators in the region with milk yield), awarded the Soviet Orders of Lenin (1976) and the Red Banner of Labor (1973).)
  • Pavlina Myadelka ((1893 - 1974) Honored Worker of Culture of Belarus (1966). Made a significant contribution to the development of the Belarusian theatrical art, thereby contributing to the Belarusian national and cultural development. Was personally acquainted with Y. Kupala, who dedicated several poems to her. memoirs about the cultural life of pre-revolutionary times "Paths of Life" (1974, 1993).)

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