The Meaning Of The Name Ophelia

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The Meaning Of The Name Ophelia
The Meaning Of The Name Ophelia

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Ophelia

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Ophelia

Short form of the name Ophelia. Felia, Ofelita, Feli, Felita, Lita, Ofka, Ofelka, Fela, Leah.

Synonyms for the name Ophelia. Ofilia, Ofeli, Ofelin.

The origin of the name Ophelia. The name Ophelia is English.

The name Ophelia has various origins. According to the first version, the name Ophelia with Greek roots comes from "ophelos", translated as "help". There are also translations as "sublime" and "majestic".

According to the second version, the name Ophelia was invented by the Italian poet Jacopo (Jacopo) Sannazaro in the 15th century, this name is mentioned in his work "Arcadia" (1480-1489), and the novel itself was published only in 1503. Most people know Shakespeare's heroine with this name, Ophelia - Hamlet's beloved. Shakespeare himself wrote the play Hamlet, Prince of Denmark in 1600-1601, and published the tragedy in 1603. It is possible that the English playwright borrowed this name from the Neapolitan poet.

The diminutive Leah is also an independent name.

A girl named Ophelia is indecisive and non-obligatory. In addition, the owner of such a name usually has high excitability. From an early age, she is prone to depression. It is difficult for her to perceive the cruelty of the world around her. Most often, Ophelia turns out to be absolutely not adapted to making specific decisions.

The strength of such a woman lies in her defenselessness, weakness and pronounced femininity. The man next to her feels that Ophelia needs to be protected and protected from everything. Even its shortcomings, consisting in some frivolity and frivolity, give the owner of this name a unique charm. Members of the opposite sex are always drawn to Ophelia and try to be close to her.

Ophelia needs to be surrounded by love. She needs constant support. A girl needs to feel the constant support of her chosen one. It can be difficult for her to endure even a short separation from her beloved. At the same time, Ophelia may not see anything contradictory in finding a suitable replacement for her defender. Ophelia is hardly capable of becoming an excellent mistress and caring mother of a large family.

With all its essence, it is designed to remind men that a woman is the weaker sex. Having met true love, Ophelia is able to completely change. The owner of this name is capable of becoming a responsible and serious woman.

Ophelia's birthday

Ophelia does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Ophelia

  • Ophelia (fictional character in the tragedy of William Shakespeare "Hamlet, Prince of Denmark")
  • Ophelia Lovibond ((born 1986) is an English actress, starred in the films A Pure English Murder, Oliver Twist, Popcorn, Heartbeat,, Shadows in the Sun, The Bodyguard and others)
  • Ofelia Yusupova (Uzbek pianist, also a music teacher. She became the first pianist from Uzbekistan who toured outside the USSR - she was in Canada, Poland, Mongolia. She was the first elected rector of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan for 10 years. Honored Artist of the Uzbek SSR (1976), owner awards in the category "Angel of Our Stage".)
  • Ophelia Hambartsumyan ((born 1925) is an Armenian singer, People's Artist of Armenia. She made a huge contribution to the singing art of Armenia, therefore she became the owner of the Order of Saint Mesrop Mashtots for her greatest contribution to the Armenian singing art.)
  • Ofelia Yerkimbaeva ((born 1937) is a Soviet and Kyrgyz theater director, leading artists have played in her performances, Honored Worker of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • Ophelia Winter ((born 1974) full name - Ophelia Clerekoper-Winter; French singer and actress. Collaborated with such stars as singer Prince, rapper MC Solaar, director and actor Alain Chaba. Also TV presenter.)

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