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Olivia Name Meaning
Olivia Name Meaning

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Video: Olivia Name Meaning
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Short form of the name Olivia. Olive, Ollie, Liv, Liva, Livia, Livvy, Livi, Ola, Oliva, Olive, Livie, Olive, Olivcha, Olivetta, Olivinha, Li, Vi, Vigna, Oli.

Synonyms for the name Olivia. Oliva, Olivette, Olivie.

The origin of the name Olivia. Olivia's name is Catholic.

The name Olivia has Latin roots, comes from the Latin "oliva", which translates as "olive", "olive tree". There is a male version of this name - Olive, which is rarely used, more often it is the female version. The name Oliver is a related name.

The name Olivia was borne by the Catholic Saint Olivia (Oliva) of Palermo, who is considered the patroness of the Italian city of Trivigliano. This name is not found in Orthodox saints.

The name Olivia characterizes its owner as a noble, honest and sociable person. Already from childhood, decisiveness and independence are manifested in her. She gets good grades at school. He does well in all subjects. She has a great memory that contributes to success.

Over time, the girl shows integrity and seriousness. Olivia tries to assess any situations objectively. The actions of the owner of such a name are usually based on her noble life principles. She is completely unsentimental in nature. If necessary, he knows how to show toughness of character. Olivia is worried about her mistakes or failures, but is always able to quickly gather her spirit and continue what she started. Thanks to her perseverance, hard work and good intuition, she often succeeds.

At its core, Olivia is quite a sociable person. She always easily manages to find a common language with people. Thanks to her relaxedness, she easily makes new acquaintances. She finds female society boring, so the owner of the name spends more time with men. The girl has no complexes, she feels at ease in almost any team.

Olivia has a negative attitude towards gossip, deceit and hypocrisy. She tries not to communicate with people endowed with such qualities. Olivia is sincere, honest and open. She is inherently straightforward and categorical. This woman is not inclined to show aggression and rarely participates in conflict situations. Despite being overly truthful, this does not stop Olivia from making many friends. If necessary, she is always ready to help her loved ones.

Olivia is an amorous person, but despite this, she always values her independence. She approaches marriage very seriously and thoroughly. For her, it matters that the chosen one has a strong character and high intelligence. Moreover, he must be courageous. Olivia cares about her success at work. She strives to make a career and develop herself as a person. In family life, such a woman knows her own worth and expects a decent attitude. Olivia's marriage usually goes well.

Olivia's birthday

Olivia celebrates her name day on March 5, June 3, June 10.

Famous people named Olivia

  • Olivia Teresa Longott ((born 1981) American singer)
  • Saint Oliva ((IX century) Christian martyr, one of the four original patrons of Palermo).
  • Olivia Newton-John ((born 1948) leading Australian actress and singer of the 1970s. Winner of four Grammy awards, her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the highest government award - the Order of Australia.)
  • Olivia Bertrand ((born 1989) French Giant Slalom skier competed in the Olympics)
  • Olivia Culpo ((born 1992) winner of the Miss Universe 2012 and Miss USA contests of the same year)
  • Olivia Ruiz ((born 1980) real name - Olivia Blanc; French singer)
  • Olivia Trinidad Arias, also known as Olivia Harrison ((born 1948) widow of George Harrison, former member of The Beatles. 2005 Grammy Award Winner for Best Feature Length Music Video.)
  • Olivia de Havilland ((born 1916) is an Anglo-American actress, was one of the most popular Hollywood actresses of the 30s and 40s of the twentieth century. She starred in such films as The Odyssey of Captain Blood, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Attack of light cavalry "and others. In 1939, she starred in the legendary film" Gone with the Wind ", for her role in which she was nominated for an Oscar. Over the next ten years, the actress was nominated for this award three more times, but received the coveted statuettes only twice in 1946 for her role in the film "To Each His Own" and in 1949 for her role in the film "The Heiress." Her career as an actress lasted until the 70s of the twentieth century. Her many fans were delighted to see in films such as "This Lady", "My Cousin Rachel", "The Fifth Musketeer", "Airport 77", "Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte" and others. After completing her career, Olivia de Havilland starred in the film that won her a Golden Globe and an Emmy in 1987. This became the film "Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna". In 2008, Olivia de Havilland was awarded the National Medal of Arts (USA), and two years later she received the title of Knight Commander of the Legion of Honor.)
  • Olivia Suluk ((1842-?) Surname after marriage - Lubin; princess of the Haitian empire)
  • Olivia Rogowska ((born 1991) Australian tennis player)
  • Olivia d'Abo ((born 1969) English actress, starred in the films "Conan the Destroyer", "Bolero", "No Return", "Greed", "King of Football" and others)
  • Olivia Lisa Mann ((born 1980) American actress, model of the Japanese fashion industry and Maxim magazine)
  • Olivia Bonamy ((born 1972) French actress)
  • Olivia Hussey ((born 1951) British film actress, winner of the Golden Globe for her role as Juliet in the film by Italian director F. Zeffirelli. Also starred in the films Lost Horizon, Death on the Nile, Jesus of Nazareth, Mystery mind "and others.)
  • Olivia Shakespeare ((1863-1938) birth name - Olivia Tucker; British writer, influential in London literary society, despite the fact that her works did not sell well)
  • Olivia Wilde ((born 1984) née - Olivia Jane Cowburn; American actress. Took part in the films "The Neighbor", "Lonely Hearts", "House Doctor", "Tron: Legacy", "Cowboys vs. Aliens", "Three Days escape "," Blackbird "and others. According to the magazine" Maxim "in 2009 became the sexiest woman in the world.)
  • Olivia Sanchez ((born 1982) French tennis player)
  • Olivia Lufkin aka OLIVIA ((born 1979) Japanese singer, songwriter)
  • Olivia Olson ((born 1992) American actress and singer. Became famous in 2003 after playing Joanne in the film "Love Actually", as well as singing songs from that film.)
  • Olivia Broadfield ((born 1981) English indie pop singer)
  • Olivia Lewis (Maltese singer, represented Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007. Participant of various international jazz festivals.)
  • Olivia Knobs ((born 1982) Swiss snowboarder, 2010 Olympic bronze medalist in cross country)
  • Olivia Pascal ((born 1957) German actress)
  • Olivia Ruiz ((born 1980) real name - Olivia Blanc; French singer)
  • Olivia Thirlby ((born 1986) American theater and film actress, starred in the films Kidnapped, Margaret, Phantom, Being Flynn, Judge Dredd and others)
  • Olivia Williams ((born 1968) British actress, starred in the films Ghost, Emma, The Postman, The Sixth Sense, X-Men: The Last Stand, Kill the King, Anna Karenina and others)
  • Olivia Holt ((born 1997) American actress and singer)
  • Olivia Coleman ((born 1974) British film actress, two-time BAFTA TV award winner. Particularly noted for her acting in the movie "Tyrannosaurus")
  • Olivia Barash ((born 1965) American actress and singer, was the producer of the film Blue Dream (2013))

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