The Meaning Of The Name Olesya (Lesya)

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The Meaning Of The Name Olesya (Lesya)
The Meaning Of The Name Olesya (Lesya)

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Olesya (Lesya)

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Olesya (Lesya)
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The short form of the name Olesya. Olesechka, Olesenka, Lesya, Aleksa, Leska, Lesnka, Lesana, Oleska, Osya.

Synonyms for the name Olesya. Alesya, Lesana, Lesya, Alexandra, Olena.

The origin of the name Olesya. The name Olesya is Russian, Ukrainian, Orthodox.

The name Olesya has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Olesya is a Slavic name, one of the variants of the name Lesan, Les. The meaning of the name is close to the word “forest” - “girl from the forest”, “forest”, “living in the forest”. There is a variant of spelling and pronunciation of the name - Alesya.

According to the second version, the name Olesya is a form of the female name Oleksandr, “protector”, which is most often used in Western Ukraine and Poland.

It is also believed that the name Olesya is a short form of the female names Olyona (Alena), Elena, Larisa, Alisa and an affectionate appeal to Oleg. In modern times, the name Olesya is used as a diminutive appeal to other names, and independently, and is considered an independent name.

Olesya is growing up as an athletic and independent girl. Olesya usually looks more like her father, but she inherits her character from her mother. The owner of this name is sometimes characterized by very eccentric actions that cause amazement and fright among others.

A girl may suddenly get ready to jump with a parachute or conquer mountain peaks. Olesya believes that she did not become a famous movie star or model just because she was unlucky. Simply put, self-criticism is not her strong point. But it even helps her in life - Olesya believes in her strength and does not lose heart from failures.

At school, Olesya prefers the company of girls, not noticing the boys who often fall in love with a slender and independent girl.

The usual professions suitable for a girl are of little interest to Olesya. Most likely, she will choose a profession in which a woman is rare. Perhaps she wants to become a geologist or sea captain. It makes no sense to argue with her choice. It's just that over time she will still listen to the advice of loved ones and become an accountant or engineer.

Olesya can be called monogamous. She is unusually attached to her family. In relationships, Olesya is straightforward and jealous. However, she is a soft, affectionate girl. Although Olesya will not give herself offense, she is unlikely to achieve an advantage over her man. Olesya's loyalty and dedication deserves all praise.

It is unlikely that Olesya, who was born in winter, will have her first marriage, especially if she chooses a man who was also born in winter as her wife. "Winter" Olesya is narcissistic and stubborn. Despite the increased sex drive, this is a woman of strict rules and, having entered into a marriage, will remain faithful to her husband, not forgetting to flaunt her somewhat, wanting to crush her husband under herself.

Olesya is curious about everything, the partner must be very gentle and inventive. Olesya strives to experience a sense of novelty in a relationship with a man. Therefore, the partner must be ready for that. But if Olesya does not succeed in something in a relationship, she suffers and withdraws into herself, but she will not go into a frank conversation. Rather, she, especially without suffering or worrying, will break off any relationship with him.

Olesya's birthday

Olesya celebrates her name day on March 22, April 2, May 6, May 31, July 17, October 13, November 19, December 23.

Famous people named Olesya

  • Olesya Sudzilovskaya (Soviet and Russian theater and film actress)
  • Olesya Zheleznyak (Russian theater and film actress)
  • Olesya (Olga) Nikolaeva ((born 1955) Russian poet, prose writer, essayist)
  • Alesya ((born 1976) real name - Olga Yarmolenko; Belarusian pop singer, soloist of the "Syabry" ensemble)
  • Olesya Forsheva ((born 1979) before marriage - Krasnomovets; Russian athlete, vice-champion of the 2004 Olympic Games, world and European champion, Honored Master of Sports of Russia)
  • Olesya Barel ((born 1960) Soviet basketball player, International Master of Sports (1980), Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1984))
  • Olesya Lyashenko (Russian singer, musician, songwriter)
  • Olesya Zykina (Russian athlete, world champion, Olympic medalist. She competes in the running disciplines of 200, 300 and 400 meters. Her main discipline is 400 meters. In 2001, as part of the Russian track and field team, she becomes the World champion in the 400 meters, next year he wins gold at the European Championship. In 2003 he becomes a two-time world champion, and in 2008 he wins 2 more championship titles. At the Olympic Games in Athens, he won a silver medal as part of the Russian relay team in the 4x400 race.)
  • Olesya Abdullina (Russian Bashkir athlete (Russian and international drafts), bronze medalist of the World Blitz Championship (Berlin, December 2009), bronze medalist of the European Women's International Drafts Championship in blitz tournament (Stockholm, Sweden, August 2009), champion Russia in the national team of Bashkortostan in 2009, bronze medalist of the Russian championship among women, world champion among youth in 2008 (Beijing), world champion among girls in international drafts 2007 (France), winner of the 1st World Mind Sports Games among girls 4-time European champion among girls. International master in international drafts.)
  • Olesya Stetsenko (artist)
  • Olesya Vladykina (Russian athlete, champion and world record holder of the XIII Summer Paralympic Games 2008 in Beijing in the 100m breaststroke swim)
  • Olesya Alieva (Russian alpine skier, multiple champion of Russia, international master of sports, sports nickname - "Ali")
  • Olesya Ivanova ((1925 - 1995) real name - Lyudmila Ivanova; Soviet film actress, performer of episodic roles. She is best known for her role of Nadezhda Tyulenina in the film "Young Guard." She played the roles of peasant women, tractor drivers, leading articles of production, wives of minor heroes, "ordinary Soviet women.”In the early 1960s, she adopted the pseudonym Olesya Ivanova, which she began to appear in films (apparently, to avoid confusion with another Soviet actress, Lyudmila Ivanova, who also regularly starred in films).
  • Olesya Kurochkina (midfielder and / or striker of the Russian women's national football team)
  • Olesya Emelyanova (practicing teacher and inventor, developer of board games, toys, teaching techniques and sets for children's creativity, author of fairy tales, fables, songs and plays for children)
  • Olesya Povkh (Ukrainian athlete, international master of sports, European champion)
  • Olesya Zheleznyak (Russian theater and film actress)
  • Alesya Shestovskaya (real name - Elena; Russian theater and film actress)
  • Alesya Mankovskaya (theater actress)

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