The Meaning Of The Name Odette (Ode)

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The Meaning Of The Name Odette (Ode)
The Meaning Of The Name Odette (Ode)

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Odette (Ode)
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Short form of the name Odette. Oda, Odeka, Odush, Odule, Deta, Ota, Odahen, Odhen, Odi, Otti, Oti, Oddel, Uta, Utahen, Uthen, Uti, Delia, Delia.

Synonyms for the name Odette. Odile, Odilia, Auda, Aud, Oda, Ota, Otta, Odila, Otila, Utta, Uta, Odel, Odelin, Otilie, Otilia.

The origin of the name Odette. The name Odette is German, Catholic, Greek.

The name Odette has several origins. According to the first version, this name has German roots, formed from the male name Odo (Otto, Aud), which means "wealth" in translation. Therefore, the name Odette is translated as "rich heiress", "owner". According to the second version, the name Odette is of Greek origin, meaning "fragrant."

The name Odette is more often used in France and Italy, in other countries analogs of this name are in common use - Odile (Odilia), Auda (Aud), Oda (Ota, Otta), Odila (Otila), Utta (Uta), Odel, Odelin. In this case, the names Adele and Adeline have no kinship with the name Odelin, Odel - they have different origins.

The name Odette and its analogues are not mentioned in the Orthodox saints. The dates for the Catholic name days of Oda are October 23 and November 27, Odilia is January 2 and December 13.

The owner of the name Odette is an objective, intelligent and strong-willed person. She has a well-developed intuition. In addition, the girl always has her own opinion, which may differ from the look at what is happening around. She is always confident that she is right in this or that issue. Ode does not give in to pressure from other people. Even in spite of internal experiences, outwardly the owner of the name always remains calm and balanced.

Do not abuse the patience of such a person. Odette does not tolerate behavior that goes beyond the accepted moral standards. She is very perceptive and difficult to deceive. Even if Oda doesn’t show it, it doesn’t mean at all that she is not aware of attempts to lie to her.

The girl is able to find a way out of any situation. In this case, the losses incurred by her will be minimal. She is able to achieve excellent results at work. At the same time, it is important that the activity is interesting to her. If she is confident in the importance of the tasks performed and is passionate about them, then her successes will amaze others. In the event that her personal interest in any project is lost, the case is unlikely to bring the expected result. Odette is able to drop the case in its midst, without taking into account even her own interests. Despite the kindness of the owner of the name, her pride can turn her into pride.

Odette is ambitious, courageous and determined. She knows how to make money. Such a woman can make a great entrepreneur. This woman is temperamental, discerning and intuitive. Odette is very difficult to abuse. Thanks to her imagination, a woman tends to exaggerate various facts and embellish real events. Ode is passionate and energetic. Under certain circumstances, she can be guided by a state of aggression. In addition, she knows how to get what she wants. Knows how to be seductive and attractive. Some representatives of the name are impatient and irritable. From childhood, such natures need to begin to instill respect for other people.

Odile is able to conquer almost any man. In her own home, she knows how to create coziness and comfort. This woman is quite demanding about the choice of a companion. He must necessarily have good external data, financial capabilities and give her the necessary freedom. In addition, a man must be sensual and seductive. Odette is afraid of possible problems and disappointments. She tries to avoid unpleasant moments.

If Odette independently chooses a profession, guided by mental impulses, then, most likely, she will give her preference to the profession of a doctor, artist, astrologer or psychologist. It often happens that the owner of this name has to do the family business, which does not give her the opportunity to do a business that would suit her in the best way. If the main goal of Odile is to improve her own well-being, then she will choose activities related to finance or management. The banking sector is perfect for her.

Odette's birthday

Odette celebrates her name day on January 2, October 23, November 27, December 13.

Famous people named Odette

  • Odette (Odinette) de Chamdiver ((1391-approx. 1425?) Favorite of the King of France Charles VI the Mad, received the nickname "little queen" for the influence she had on the king, only she was the only one who could stop his fits of rage, which were dangerous as for him and for those around her. It is believed that it was she who invented playing cards.)
  • Odette Baransey ((1893-1981) French actress, starred in more than 50 films, the most famous of which are Martin Rumagnac, Antoine and Antoinette, The Sparrows of Paris, The Great Game and The whole city accuses)
  • Odette (fictional character, the main heroine of the ballet "Swan Lake", which was created on the basis of an old German legend about a beautiful princess bewitched by a sorcerer)
  • Odile (fictional character in the ballet Swan Lake, daughter of an evil wizard, helping her father, pretending to be Odette, to seduce the prince)
  • Odette Sams Hallows ((1912-1995) birth name - Odette Marie Celine Braiu; English scout during the Second World War, Knight of the Order of the British Empire, the Legion of Honor and St. George's Cross. At the moment, remains the only woman who was awarded the St. George's Cross during her lifetime.)
  • Odette Banquillon ((1908-?) French astronomer, discovered several asteroids, one of which bears her name)
  • Odette Annable ((born 1985) née Yustman; American actress, starred in such films as "Reckless Behavior", "Monstro", "The Unborn", "Double Agent", "Darkness Comes" and others)
  • Odette Holmes ((1930-2008) American folk singer, active in the struggle for civil rights. Her work influenced the music of Bob Dylan, Janice Joplin, Mavis Staples. And her works became folk bestsellers.)
  • Oda Schottmüller ((1905-1943) German dancer and sculptor, member of the Red Chapel anti-fascist organization)
  • Oda Dietrichovna ((c. 955 / 960-1023) second wife of Mieszko I, a Polish prince from the Piast dynasty, her marriage influenced the increase in the number of followers of Christianity in Poland)
  • Oda Shtadenskaya (German princess, became the wife of a Russian prince. There are disputes over who exactly became him: the Kiev prince Svyatoslav Yaroslavich or the Smolensk prince Vyacheslav Yaroslavich, or the Pereyaslavl prince Vsevolod Yaroslavich, there are also other options.)
  • Odilia of Cologne (saint of the Catholic Church)
  • Odile of Alsace (saint of the Catholic Church)
  • Uta Frith ((born 1941) English leading specialist in developmental psychology, specializing in autism and dyslexia)
  • Uta Ballenstedt, also Uta Naumburg ((about 1000-?) German Margrave, wife of Eckehard II, this marriage was childless and this ended the family of Eckehardiners, after the death of her husband she went to a monastery)
  • Uta Hagen ((1919-2004) American theater and film actress, was nominated for an Emmy. She proved herself more as a theater teacher, later very famous actors became her students - Robert De Niro, Liza Minnelli, Whoopi Goldberg, Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and many others. Author of books on acting and a cookbook. Awarded the Special Tony Award in 1999, and in 2002 received the Presidential Medal of Arts from George W. Bush.)
  • Uta Schneiderbanger ((1961-2005) German revolutionary internationalist, fought for Kurdish rights in Turkey)

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