The Meaning Of The Name Oktyabrin

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The Meaning Of The Name Oktyabrin
The Meaning Of The Name Oktyabrin

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Oktyabrin

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Oktyabrin
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The short form of the name of Oktyabrin. Rina, Bina, Brina, Ina, Oka, Oktya, Ota, Otya.

The origin of the name Oktyabrin. The name of Oktyabrin is Russian.

The name Oktyabrin belongs to Soviet names. The appearance of this name is associated with the October Revolution of 1917. This one of the most important holidays in the USSR was celebrated annually. The basis of this name was the month "October", in which this historical event took place, and it was made feminine and sonorous by adding the ending "-ina".

The popularity of the name gradually changed, most often girls were given this name after the 20s and until the end of the 50s of the XX century, although this name did not become one of the most used in naming. This name has related male names - October, October, October and October. Newly formed names of Soviet origin rarely took root among the people and rarely received wide popularity.

Rin's diminutive form can be a short form of many other names, as well as an independent name.

Oktyabrina is a rather restless person with a stubborn and complex character. Usually the owner of this name outwardly resembles her father, and will inherit character traits from her mother. With age, Oktyabrina often has misunderstandings with her mother.

In essence, the girl is very hardworking. Oktyabrina likes the change of emotions and impressions. She is a great opportunist. Even being content with little, a girl knows how to be happy. Oktyabrina will not make sacrifices for the sake of fame and money. External success doesn't matter to her. She strives to be always surrounded by close people and friends. The girl does not like problems and tries to avoid everything that can create them. Oktyabrina knows how to give people warmth, care and tranquility.

The owner of the name Oktyabrina, who celebrates her birthday in December, is charming, pretty and has a good figure. She is inherently insightful and selfless. Such a girl is very difficult to deceive. She always lives in the present and never thinks about tomorrow. At first glance, it may seem that she is a fairly simple person. In fact, this is not the case. Oktyabrina is thoughtful, intelligent, inclined towards philosophy. She is a multifaceted person with knowledge in various fields. The girl never tries to impress other people.

Autumn Oktyabrina is indecisive and withdrawn. She is devoted to her friends and is respected in the team. Despite the fact that she cannot decide to get married for a long time, she becomes an excellent mistress. Knows how to cook deliciously, maintains cleanliness in the house, embroiders and knits well.

Noyabrskaya Oktyabrina is dreamy and not a conflict. The girl avoids controversial situations. In friendship and love, he characterizes himself as a faithful person who is always ready to help. Thanks to her courage, determination, intelligence and strong-willed qualities, Oktyabrina will achieve a lot in life.

In the family, Oktyabrina gives the role of leader to her husband. The well-being of loved ones is important to her. She loves to visit and is hospitable herself. Most often, Oktyabrina has sons, whom she devotes a lot of time to raising. The owner of the name instills in her children moral principles and respect for people. An atmosphere of kindness and mutual understanding always reigns in her house.

Name days of Oktyabrina

Oktyabrina does not celebrate its name day.

Famous people named Oktyabrina

  • Oktyabrina Voronova ((1934-1990) Soviet Saami poetess, her book "Life" in the Saami language became the first book in Russia written in this language. Author of ten collections of poetry, as well as textbooks and a primer in the Saami language. Wrote in Saami and Russian Her poems have been translated into many other languages (Khanty, Moksha, Swedish, German, English, etc.) In 1995, the Oktyabrina Voronova Museum of Sami Literature and Writing was opened in memory of the poetess, and in 2006 a prize was established in her name.)
  • Oktyabrina Ganichkina (Russian writer, book subject - floriculture and vegetable growing)

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