The Meaning Of The Name Nuria

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The Meaning Of The Name Nuria
The Meaning Of The Name Nuria

The short form of the name Nuria. Nurik, Nuriyashka, Nuri.

Synonyms for the name Nuria. Nur, Nuri, Nursia.

The origin of the name Nuria. The name Nuriya is Tatar, Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Nuriya is an Arabic form of the Persian name Nur, which means “radiant”. In Persian, this naming component "ray, radiance" was related to divine light.

In Europe, most often in Spain, the name Nuria is given in honor of Our Lady of Nuria (Catholic - Mare de Déu de Núria). The name Nuria comes from the name of the Iberian Valley Nuria.

The names Nur, Kira, Shamsa, Shamsia, Sana, Zalina, Evlampia, Elina, Surya, Elena, Chiara, Lucia, Fiona, Liora will be similar or close in meaning.

The girl Nuria is a majestic person. It would not be a great exaggeration to say that grandeur is the main feature of Nuria. From childhood, this character trait determines the behavior of Nuria. Playing with the guys, Nuria prefers to communicate not with her peers, but with guys older than her, and she feels quite confident at the same time. She often looks down on others, and it sometimes goes sideways to her. Arrogance and inaccessibility - sometimes she chooses such a position for herself. But, fortunately, Nuria is a smart girl and quickly realizes the inefficiency of the chosen position, because in this way you make more enemies for yourself than friends.

Nuria is a neat girl. Of course, in different situations, the character of Nuria manifests itself in different ways, but her accuracy often prevails. As a rule, Nuria skillfully uses her strengths in her daily life. Its neatness is manifested in almost everything: from order in the house to complete order in the head. She is not visited by crazy thoughts, she is not a risky person, although she loves changes very much. She adheres to the golden mean.

In some cases, Nuria is angry or vengeful. It happens that this is of serious importance for her, she can remember the insult for a long time and avoid the offender. These character traits sometimes greatly complicate her life, so Nuria does not have very many real friends. This is not to say that Nuria is the soul of the company, but she can always keep the conversation going, make a joke or tell a story.

Nuria is independent and, as a rule, does not need the support of others. This is a very confident and independent girl, she proudly walks through life. For all her actions, she was used to reporting only to herself. Nuria does not like to listen to other people's advice, she prefers to solve all problems on her own.

Nuria is very mobile, active, she prefers to act rather than sit still. Therefore, she most often chooses professions where you can creatively realize her latent energy. Nuria can become an athlete, but she prefers not running or boxing, but gymnastics or synchronized swimming. You won't be an outstanding artist or actress. But by the state of her soul, Nuria is a traveler. She will be happy to change cities, countries, continents, exploring and learning something new for herself. With an effort, Nuria can become a mathematician or a poetess, although these professions are not the most popular among the owners of this name.

Despite such contradictory character traits, Nuria is a very attentive and kind mother. There is nothing superfluous in her house, but her house does not shine with the asceticism of the decoration. Nuria loves pictures, beautifully decorated windows and various interior items, but she has a specific place for each thing in her house. It is not very easy for Nurie to find a second half, since she sometimes cannot control her emotions and prefers to lead everything, including her husband. But if you find a common language with her, then you will not find a best friend.

Nuria's birthday

Nuria does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Nuria

  • Nuria Gonzales ((born 1962) Spanish actress)
  • Nuria Yarmukhametova (contemporary Tatar singer)
  • Nuria Vives ((born 1980) Spanish tennis player)

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