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Nicole Name Meaning
Nicole Name Meaning

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Video: Nicole Name Meaning

Short form of the name Nicole. Nikki, Nikola, Niko, Lita, Kolasita, Sita, Kulacha, Lacha, Nika, Nikla, Lina, Linuccia, Lynetta, Nikusya, Kolya, Cola, Nina, Nichka, Sin, Sina, Sintier, Klache, Klasin.

Synonyms for the name Nicole. Nicoletta, Colette, Nicholas, Nicoleta, Coleta, Nikolina, Nikulin, Nicolas, Nicolas, Nicolas, Nicolasin, Nicolasin, Klasin, Klazin, Klasine.

The origin of the name Nicole. Nicole's name is Catholic.

The name Nicole is the French version of the female name, akin to the male name Nikolai. In translation, the name Nicole means "the winner of nations." Nicole's name can be stressed on both the first and second syllables.

In different European countries, the name Nicole will sound differently. So in Germany the girl will also be called Nicoletta, in Spain - Nicholas, in Portugal, Hungary - Nicoleta, Coleta, in Italy, Greece - Nikolina, in Romania - Nikulin, in Poland - Nicolas, in the Czech Republic - Nikola, Nikol, in The Netherlands - Nicolasina, Nicolazina, Klasin, Klazina, Klasinet, Klasin, Nicoletta, Nicolette. Diminutive nicknames Nick, Lina, Nina, Niko (Nick) are also independent names.

The name Nicole is not mentioned in the Orthodox calendar, for this name the Catholic name days of Coletta (Coleta) will be indicated.

Nicole is a mysterious woman. Some people find it strange. She can be very emotional. In essence, Nicole is an active and mobile person. She never sits in one place. Before doing something, he thinks over his act. The owner of this name is an intelligent, sociable and inquisitive person. She easily converges with people. The girl has many friends. At the same time, she is incredible.

Nicole is growing up a pretty child. Since childhood, she has dreamed of marriage and a happy family life. The girl is very sensitive. Relations within the family leave a big imprint on her inner world. If her parents quarrel, she is very worried about it. At such moments, Nicole tries to hide from the outside world, occupying herself with various studies.

In the team, Nicole is always polite. She tries to be helpful and create a positive impression of herself. The girl is a devoted friend and a good advisor. The owner of such a name is always able to listen to the interlocutor. For the role of her husband, Nicole is looking for a charming prince. Which will correspond to all her ideals. In a relationship with a man, Nicole manifests such qualities as tenderness, sentimentality, tact and passion. Nicole becomes a wonderful mother to her children.

It is important for a woman named Nicole to realize herself in the professional sphere. She can be successful in sales, tourism, marketing, advertising, and education.

Having taken a leadership position, this girl quickly shows imperiousness and authoritarianism. Nicole does not adapt to anyone, but begins to show her own individuality with her every act. Nicole often imposes her principles on her subordinates and requires strict execution of the assigned tasks. She needs people around her to admire her. She is proud and independent. Nicole strives for excellence in everything. When trying to be first, she can show anger, envy, and arrogance. Her ostentatious independence is often the result of selfishness. Despite the fact that many people dislike her at work, no one denies her indisputable positive qualities. She is active, generous, straightforward and trustworthy.

Nicole is a controversial person. Egocentrism in her is combined with generosity, selflessness and sensitivity. Due to difficult character traits, she is capable of both her best and worst manifestations.

As a child, Nicole considers herself to be the center of the world. At school, she feels superior to her classmates. In a number of situations, he shows his acting talents. Such a girl will never go unnoticed. She can be arrogant. She likes flattery. She does not let her parents interfere in her life. She considers herself better than others.

Despite her strong leadership qualities, Nicole is a sensitive person. She often hides from the world around her in dreams. The owner of this name has a need for fantasy. Often she is drawn to everything mystical. She is a romantic person. Nicole loves to travel. She is attracted by distant countries and new impressions.

Birthday Nicole

Nicole celebrates her name day on March 6.

Famous people named Nicole

  • Patti Pravo ((born 1948) real name - Nicoletta Strambelli; Italian singer)
  • Nicole Juice ((born 1980) famous Italian alpine skier, participant of the Olympic Games, medalist of the World Cup stages. Specializes in slalom disciplines. At the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, she became 10th in slalom and 19th in giant slalom. During her career, she participated in five world championships, but did not win medals at them, the best result was 5th place in slalom at the 2009 championship.)
  • Nicole Mary Kidman ((born 1967) Australian and American actress. 2002 Oscar winner (first Australian actress to receive this Best Actress award) and BAFTA 2003, three times Golden Globe winner "(1996, 2002, 2003).)
  • Nicole Laplace ((born 1986) Canadian actress)
  • Nicole Loro ((1943 - 2003) French historian and anthropologist. Specialist in the historical anthropology of Ancient Greece. In the analysis of language and mythology, Loro introduced elements of psychoanalysis, tracing the role played by the female theme in the myths and rituals of the Greeks, in the formation of their way of life, the formation of The Athenian state.)
  • Nicole Camille Richie ((born 1981) née Escovedo; American actress, singer, producer, fashion model and designer. The adopted daughter of the musician Lionel Richie. She became famous for the reality show "Simple Life" (in which she played with her friend Paris Hilton) and scandalous social life.)
  • Nicole Hesters ((born 1937) German theater and film actress)
  • Nicole Praskovia Elikolani Valiente Scherzinger, also known as Nicole Kea ((born 1978) American pop / R & B singer, dancer, songwriter, record producer, actress and fashion model of Filipino-Hawaiian descent, best known as the vocalist of The Pussycat Dolls ")
  • Nicole Elizabeth Eggert ((born 1972) is an American actress. Known for her roles in the TV series "Charles in Response" and "Rescuers Malibu." She began her career as a model, was the winner of a children's beauty contest. starring in the movie The Rich and the Famous.)
  • Nicole Assler ((1941 - 1996) French women's figure skater, daughter of hockey player Albert Assler. Bronze medalist at the 1963 World Championship. In the 1960s, Nicole Assler was the leader of French women's skating, winning the national championship six times. At the international level, she performed not so successfully and never won the World and European Championships, however, at the European Championships in 1963 she became the second, and in 1964, 1965 and 1966 she rose to the third step of the podium. Assler was distinguished by high-speed and high-quality execution of spins, and weak I remembered (including the Soviet audience) a unique demonstrative number for Yevgeny Rodygin's song "Ural Ryabinushka", five different spins with a huge number of revolutions (including over 40) and the final spiral in camel through the entire rink,lasting 22 seconds. At the 1965 European Championships in Moscow, the astonished Soviet audience gave a standing ovation and called Assler an encore. Assler represented the country at the 1960 Winter Olympics, where she finished 11th, and 1964, where she became fourth. After ending her amateur sports career in 1967, she turned professional.)
  • Nicole Bradtke ((born 1969) née Provis; Australian professional tennis player and coach, two-time mixed doubles Grand Slam winner (with Mark Woodford), 12 WTA singles and doubles winner, 1992 Olympic bronze medalist in the women's doubles.)
  • Nicole Vaidishova ((born 1989) former professional Czech tennis player. Semi-finalist of two Grand Slam singles tournaments (Australian Open 2007, Roland Garros 2006), winner of 6 WTA singles tournaments. World racket in the junior combined ranking, winner of the 2003 Orange Bowl singles tournament.)
  • Nicole Bobek ((born 1977) figure skater from the USA, bronze medalist of the 1995 World Cup, US champion 1995, participant in the 1998 Olympics)
  • Nicole Garrido (Canadian speed skater)
  • Nicole Denise Cook MBE ((born 1983) Welsh professional road cyclist. 2008 Olympic champion in the group race, as part of the UK team. Her gold medal was 200 for Great Britain at the Olympic Games. Member of the Order of the British Empire.)
  • Nicole Tom ((born 1978) American actress, best known for her role as Meggie Sheffield in the TV series The Nanny)
  • Nicole Chupkova ((born 1992) Slovak hockey player, striker of the women's national team of Slovakia and the Russian team "Agidel")
  • Nicole Evangeline Lilly ((born 1979) Canadian actress. Best known for her role as Kate Austin in the ABC drama series Lost.)
  • Nicole El Caroui ((born 1944) is a French mathematician and pioneer in the development of financial mathematics. She is considered one of the most active mathematicians who began to intensively promote financial mathematics in France and taught this discipline to many engineers and scientists. She holds, considered the most prestigious in the field, is currently Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Pierre and Marie Curie, and previously held this position at the Ecole Polytechnique. Her research focuses on the application of the probabilistic method and stochastic differential equations in financial market modeling and management. risks.)
  • Nicole Gail Anderson ((born 1990) American actress, former gymnast, retired due to injury)
  • Nicole Azzopardi ((born 1996) Maltese singer. The girl's musical career began at the age of 7, when Nicole represented Malta at the international competition. Before that, she had already taken part in the Eurovision national selection four times. September 4, 2010 Nicole Azzopardi won in the national selection of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with the song “Knock knock, boom boom”, thanks to which she represented Malta in the final on November 20 in Minsk, where she took 13th place. After winning the national final, she had the opportunity to meet with the President of Malta George Abel.)
  • Nicole Berger ((1934 - 1967) real name - Guspeyr; French theater and film actress)
  • Nicole Della Monica ((born 1989) is an Italian figure skater in pair skating. She is a two-time Italian champion with Yannick Cocon. Until the 2006-2007 season Nicole Della Monica was a singles champion and won the national bronze medal in 2005.)
  • Nicole Marie Cordova ((born 1988) American singer and dancer, soloist of the musical group "Girlicious")
  • Nicole Marie Dolci ((1974 - 2009) American actress)
  • Nicole Miniciello ((born 1978) nee - Gaultier; British bobsledder, world champion 2009. Minichiello is the only world bobsled champion among women pilots from Great Britain. She is also a silver medalist of the World and European Championships. She has twice participated in the Winter Olympic games - in 2002 she was overclocking with Cheryl Dawn, with whom she took 12th place, and in 2006, as a pilot, she became ninth.)
  • Nicole Reinhardt ((born 1986) German canoeist. Olympic champion in Beijing in the distance of K-4 500 m. Reinhardt also won 8 gold medals in the world championships in rowing and canoeing (K-1,500 m: 2005, 2011, K-2 200 m: 2007, K-1 4 x 200 m: 2009, 2010, 2011, K-2 500 m: 2007, K-4 200 m: 2005) and five silver medals (K-2 200 m: 2009, K-2 500 m: 2009, K-4 200 m: 2006, K-4 500 m: 2009, 2010). In 2008 she starred for the magazine "Playboy", where she posed with a gold medal.)
  • Nicole Francis Parker ((born 1978) is an American actress and singer. Best known for her work in the sketch comedy MADtv. Currently performing in Broadway productions.)
  • Nicole Sullivan (American actress, comedian, voice actor)
  • Nicole Fessel ((born 1983) German skier, participant of two Olympic Games, winner of World Cup stages. Universal, equally successful in sprint and distance races.)
  • Nicole Hosp ((born 1983) Austrian alpine skier, world champion in 2007 and winner of the World Cup in the overall standings of the 2006-2007 season. On March 18, 2009, Nicole won 11 victories at the World Cup stages, and she won in all disciplines, except speed downhill: super giant - 1, giant slalom - 5, slalom - 4, super combination - 1. In 2007, Nicole became the 7th representative of Austria who managed to win the Crystal Globe for victory in the overall World Cup. she also won the small "Crystal Globe" for the victory in the giant slalom category. At the 2006 Olympics in Turin, Nicole took part in 3 types of programs: in combination she took 5th place, in giant slalom - 4th place, and on the slalom track she won silver, losing 0.29 seconds to the Swede Anya Person. The 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver was forced to miss due to injury. Participant of 5 world championships (2003, 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011), in which she won a total of 5 awards.)
  • Nicole Bass-Futs, better known as Nicole Bass (American athlete (bodybuilding, wrestling) and actress)
  • Nicoletta Matei, also known as Nico ((born 1970) Romanian singer. Her voice is considered one of the best female voices in Romania.)
  • Nicoletta Braschi ((born 1960) Italian actress and producer, also known for her acting work with her husband, actor and director Roberto Benigni)

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