The Meaning Of Nick's Name

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The Meaning Of Nick's Name
The Meaning Of Nick's Name

Video: The Meaning Of Nick's Name

Video: The Meaning Of Nick's Name

Nickname short form. Nikushka, Nikusya, Nikusha, Niki.

The origin of the name Nick. Nick's name is Russian, Orthodox, Greek.

Nick's name is the name of the ancient Greek goddess of victory, Nike, and her name means "victory." This goddess is identified with the Roman goddess of victory, Victoria. Nick's name is found only in Orthodox saints.

The name Nick in some European countries is identical in pronunciation of the name Nick, without the "a" at the end of the name, in some cases it is analogous. Although most often the name Nick is considered a masculine name, it can also be a feminine one.

Also, the name Nick is an abbreviated form of some female names: Veronica, Kalina, Dominica, Nicole, Eunice, Monica, Shushanika (Susanna). Less common, but Nick's appeal to the owners of male names is also found - Nikolai, Nikita, Nikodim, Nikifor, Germanicus.

Courageous, kind, strong, honest and fair Nika is always ready to help those who really need her. This woman will never help someone who is pursuing the achievement of a goal out of self-interest and greed. Nika combines a sober mind and a very developed intuition, therefore, in her statements one can often hear the words: “it seems”, “I feel”. It is worth noting that Nika's predictions come true with sufficient consistency. Nika loves fortune telling, palmistry, fortune telling, as a rule, she can seriously get involved in these areas.

This is such a life-loving woman that those around her are also charged with her love of life. Nika is very sensitive and receptive, but her emotions are usually superficial. This woman should not be vindictive, then she can develop her intuition to the maximum.

In her professional career, Nika is a responsible employee with a developed imagination and rich imagination. The owners of this name make excellent painters, decorators, actresses, researchers and scientists.

Nick's marriage, especially one that was born in the summer, as a rule, is in no hurry, fearing to make a mistake. "Winter" Nika, on the contrary, gets married quickly and early. This woman is very emotional and in love. Having met the ideal man in her opinion, she immediately rushes into his open arms, but then cools down, becomes disappointed in her partner and ends the relationship. "Summer" Nika very rarely reveals her inner world to her partner. In family relationships, you should not hurt Nicky's pride. She is not vindictive, but if there has already been a conflict, then the first step towards reconciliation should be taken by a man. If her partner has a developed sense of humor, then communication in the family is calm and easy.

Nika is proud, but outwardly she gives the impression of a calm and confident woman. Few of her friends know what is going on in Nicky's soul. This is an ordinary woman at first glance, possessing the abilities open to the chosen ones - in rare moments of life to see the future.

Nika is an interesting conversationalist; it will be problematic to get bored in her company. Telling a story, this girl can embellish and exaggerate details, and so skillfully that she begins to believe in them herself. This honest and sympathetic woman will always come to the aid of a friend, she loves life so much that it is transmitted to the people around her.

Nicky's birthday

Nika celebrates her name day on March 23, April 29, May 8.

Famous people named Nick

  • Nika Turbina ((1974 - 2002) Russian poetess, known for her poems, which she wrote as a child)
  • Nika Glen ((1928 - 2005) Russian translator)
  • Nika Rakitina (pseudonym, real name - Lyudmila Bogdanova; science fiction writer of Belarus)
  • Nika (stage name under which the popular pop singer Irina Malgina performs)
  • Nika Neyolova (Russian artist)
  • Nika Strizhak (full name - Veronika Strizhak; Russian documentary filmmaker, TV presenter)
  • Nikoloz Gilauri (also - Nika Gilauri; Georgian economist and statesman)
  • Nika Piliev (Russian footballer)

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