The Meaning Of Ney's Name

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The Meaning Of Ney's Name
The Meaning Of Ney's Name

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The short form of the name of Ney. Neither, Her.

Synonyms for Ney's name. Nia, Nea, Ney, Linnaeus, Virineya, Dulcinea.

The origin of the name of Ney. Ney's name is Greek.

Ney's name is a very rare female name, originally a short form for some female names (Virinea, Dulcinea and Linnaeus). Subsequently, it became an independent name, but it is extremely rare. It is possible to write the name as Nea, which in Russian is identical to the pronunciation of this name as Ney, and in some others it is read as Nia.

From the Greek language "nea" is translated as "news", "new", therefore it is possible that the name of Nei has a Greek origin. The consolidation of this meaning in modern times can be seen in the names of various Greek place names.

There is also a wind musical instrument - nee, which was widespread among the peoples of the Caucasus and in the territory of Central Asia. This instrument is from a kind of flute, therefore there is a version that Ney's name is translated as "flute".

Ney's name is not mentioned in the Orthodox and Catholic calendars, but sometimes Ney's name days can be celebrated on October 17. This date is the day of remembrance of the Holy Great Martyr Virinea, who died for her faith.

The owner of the name Neya is a bright, playful and sociable girl. She prefers to look charming and elegant, as she loves to be admired very much. She can become the star of any show due to her eloquence and expressive manner of communication, she knows how to communicate and share her bright and unusual ideas. Ney is witty, it gives her great pleasure to entertain others.

This is a great actress, she makes fantastic imitations or parodies of other people, which may indicate that the girl has an unusually sharp mind and a refined sense of observation and vision of the people around her.

She is extraordinarily smart and knows how easy it is to get out of a difficult situation. She is inquisitive and curious about everything that can lead to certain changes in her life. She easily learns foreign languages, she has no stereotypes, so she is open to all world cultures and different traditions. Always looking for new horizons, she has a taste for travel. She has no time to give in to despondency and melancholy, because Ney knows that life is too short to spend it on anything other than happiness.

As a child, Ney is a pleasant and charming girl. But you can't call her the best student in the class. But she will become the soul of the company, she will have many friends, in terms of her studies, she prefers to follow the path of least resistance. Neya loves her family, strives to please her parents and needs constant reminders that she is loved by them. Many may call her a chatterbox, but you should listen to her carefully, because behind the screen of chatter, Ney can talk about many interesting and serious matters.

Usually generous and interested in others, paradoxically, she can sometimes behave very selfishly. It is advisable that she has brothers or sisters, which will help her in a relaxed family atmosphere to be in society all the time, in a group, which will help her develop a sense of solidarity.

Ney is sensitive to harmony and art, she is able to make great efforts to make others happy. This girl has a deep sense of justice. Love and romance are fundamental to women with this name. Decisions regarding heart issues are likely to be very difficult. Because Ney is extremely demanding and exacting to the choice of that only life partner, he must be too ideal, in accordance with her personal criteria.

Therefore, Ney, as a rule, is so busy with her emotional life lines that she will probably depend on the inner sphere, which will affect the choice of her future profession. If Ney chooses a career that really suits her, then she will have the following inclinations. These will be professions related to the support of other people, as well as including communication directly with them - a doctor, lawyer, teacher, teacher, administrator, guide, journalist. But she can also choose creative professions (illustrator, designer, actress, singer, writer).

Nei's birthday

She does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Ney

  • Neya Zorkaya ((1924-2006) Soviet and Russian film critic, teacher of the history of Russian cinema at universities in Moscow. Winner of the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, as well as the 2006 Nika Prize for his incredible contribution to cinematography.)
  • Nea Anna Simone (modern American writer of African descent, began writing at the age of 37. Her debut novel, Reaching to Return, became a national bestseller and reprinted 18 times. Later, the written trilogy helped Nea Simone to become one of the 100 best African American women authors Her novels are used to counsel victims of domestic violence at Grady Hospital in Atlanta as part of an Emory University project.
  • Nia Morin ((1905-1986) English climber)
  • Nia Peeples ((born 1961) American actress and singer, formerly a TV presenter on MTV)
  • Nia Künzer ((born 1980) German footballer, midfielder role, was a player of the German national team, winner of gold at the World Cup in 2003. She has now left her career.)
  • Nia Vardalos ((born 1962) is an American-Canadian actress, author of theatrical production, producer of its film version and screenwriter of "My Big Greek Wedding" and its sequel "My Big Greek Summer", where she played the main role. She was nominated for Oscars and Golden Globe ".)
  • Nia Roberts ((born 1972) English actress, starred in 34 films and some television series)
  • Nia Ali ((born 1988) is an American athlete specializing in running 100 meters hurdles. She became the winner of the Universiade in 2011, as well as champion in her home country in the same year among students. In 2013 she was a member of the national team for the World Championships.)

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