The Meaning Of The Name Nargiz

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The Meaning Of The Name Nargiz
The Meaning Of The Name Nargiz

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Nargiz

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Nargiz
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The short form of the name Nargiz. Nara, Nari, Nar, Giza, Narik.

Synonyms for the name Nargiz. Nargiz, Nargis, Nargis, Nargissa, Nargizi.

The origin of the name Nargiz. The name of Nargiz is Tatar, Muslim, Armenian, Kazakh.

The name Nargiz is a female name, which in some Muslim countries is identical to the female name Nargiz. There is also a male name Nargiz. There is a variant of spelling the name as Nargis, Nargis, Nargissa.

According to its origin, the name Nargiz has Arabic roots; this name was mentioned even in ancient Persian manuscripts. He has various versions of translation and interpretation, but almost all of them are related to flame, fire and / or flower, beauty. In different countries where this name is used, different peoples have their own meaning of the name Nargiza, their own meaning.

Among the Tatars, the name Nargiza is interpreted as “passing through the flame”, “one who can overcome the flame”, among the Tajiks - “luminous”, “beautiful”. The Uighurs interpret the name as a "fire flower".

The Turks, the descendants of the Turks, believe that the name Nargiz means "mountain flower", "daffodil", where the name of the flower is very similar in sound to the name itself. "Narjis" translated from Arabic means the name of the daffodil flower. Among the Armenians, the name Nargiz also refers to the "flower growing in the mountains", this is how this name is interpreted by this people. Azerbaijanis have “innocent”, “gentle” and “proud”, “freedom-loving”, “independent”.

There is also another origin for the name Nargiz. The name Nargizi is widespread in India and is translated as "royal", "royal", "she who rules." There is even such a dish in Vedic cooking - nargizi kofta. These are golden brown balls prepared according to a special recipe that is not considered particularly easy, but rather complicated. The color of the resulting dish is similar to fire. Therefore, "nargizi" is also translated from Sanskrit as "fire flower", which is consonant and almost identical to the Arabic version of the origin. In addition, the ancient Hindus translate this name as "moon", a luminary that illuminates the road at night through the darkness.

Also, the name Nargiza is a complex compound name consisting of two parts, where “nar” is “fire, flame, light”, and “giz” (“giza”) is “greatness” or “daughter”.

The name Nargiz, Nargiz is widespread among Muslims around the world.

The owner of the name Nargiza is a rather authoritarian person. She prefers to blame others for her failures, admits her mistakes with great difficulty, but not publicly, but only for herself, secretly from others. At the same time, he often does not see the reasons why these mistakes were made, therefore, most often he does not learn from his mistakes, but still tries not to do it again.

Nargiza is not particularly interested in the opinions of others. She believes that she knows perfectly well what she really is, which is not always true, so such recklessness can lead to serious mistakes. Lack of patience is one of the most obvious negative character traits of Nargiza. But this does not mean at all that she will not listen for a long time to the attempts of a small child to explain something or to clarify something. This absence is more suitable for the moment of waiting for the result: it is very difficult for her to wait for the marks for the exam, or she is worried about whether she will be hired.

Nargiza can be reckless, without thinking it over, make decisions and start acting. He does not like to listen to advice, and even more so to follow them. This girl does not trust other people's opinions.

But for Nargiza, a true, true friend is very important. She can trust him with absolutely all her secrets. Only the relationship with this person is very important to her. For his sake, she can sacrifice a lot. With her beloved, the owner of this name will try to build a trusting and non-conflict relationship. Nargiza will build her family on complete trust and mutual understanding. And only with her husband she will be the most tender, the very beloved who so needs affection and attention.

She is stubborn, persistent in achieving goals, knows how to manipulate people, or at least make her listen and take her side. She has a strong character, she knows how to stand up for herself.

In the professional field, Nargiza will be of help if she finds a successful team. She does not like to work alone. Working in a team, Nargiza becomes an effective employee who is often set as an example to others. Complete dedication to your favorite work, sincere love for your work, an active position in life - these are the positive features of Nargiza. She chooses professions where she can show her skills and show her approach to this topic (actress, hairdresser, fashion designer, designer, artist).

Birthday Nargiza

Nargiza does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Nargiza

  • Nargiz (Nargiza) Zakirova ((born 1970) is an Uzbek singer, currently lives in the USA, a participant in the Russian TV show "The Voice", in which she became one of the finalists in 2013)
  • Nargiza Abdulaeva (Uzbek and Russian actress)
  • Nargiz Asadova ((born 1980) Russian journalist, political columnist for Kommersant. Vlast magazine, broadcasts 48 minutes and Minority Opinion on the Ekho Moskvy radio station)
  • Nargiz Umudova ((born 1989) Azerbaijani chess player, is a member of the Azerbaijani women's national chess team, in 2007 received the status of international master among women)
  • Nargis, Nargis Dutt ((1929-19891) pseudonym, real name - Fatima Abdul Rashid; Indian actress, starred in about 50 films. Was a laureate of the Filmfare Awards and the National Film Awards, winner of one of the highest government awards for the development of the art of India.)
  • Nargiza Salmanova (Uzbek actress)
  • Nargiz Fakhri ((born 1979) American actress, fashion model, top model)
  • Nargis Bandishoyeva ((1966-1991) Tajik singer)

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