The Meaning Of The Name Naila (Naya)

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The Meaning Of The Name Naila (Naya)
The Meaning Of The Name Naila (Naya)

Short form of the name Nail. Naya, Nailchik, Nailik, Nelya.

Synonyms for the name Nail. Nayle, Nayl, Neil, Neil.

The origin of the name Nail. Nail's name is Tatar, Muslim.

The name Naila is of Persian origin and means "one who succeeds." From the Arabic language, the name Naila is translated as "gift", "reward", there is also a translation option "donee, receiving gifts". The name Nail is the female form of the male name Nail.

Girls with this soft name Naila grow up very calm and balanced, although the transitional age can also affect their character. They do not like changing places and when they are punished for something.

Winter representatives are distinguished by emotionality, adherence to principles and perseverance. They are proud natures with a strong will. They love attention and can stand up for themselves and others. They have a sharp critical mind, are always picky in everything and pay attention to health.

Autumn girls are very organized and persistent in everything. They are incredulous, judicious, and of average ability.

Girls born in the summer are straightforward. They are sincere and demand it from others. Hypocrisy and lies are unpleasant for them. They have a developed imagination, a wonderful memory and are devoid of insolence. We are always ready to help our loved ones, even at the expense of our time. They are very neat, hardworking, independent natures, very tactful in communication.

Spring representatives are a little insecure and usually become exemplary housewives, caring mothers and obedient wives. In her work, Naila is usually devoted to her vocation and high goals set. Generously uses all his natural talents in his work. As an employee, Nailya is very diligent, but cannot stand useless ("monkey") work. Among employees, he usually enjoys authority, due to his fairness and integrity. In order not to lose the gained trust and loyalty, she should continue not to deviate from her moral principles and lofty ideas. She must always respect the rights and dignity of others and avoid showing disrespect, selfishness, and arrogance. She shouldn't demand more from people than they can do.

Family is very important in Naili's life. Outwardly, it may seem practical and dry, but inside it hides a very soft and romantic nature. Family life helps her to achieve physical and spiritual comfort. She needs to share her experiences, knowledge and feelings with someone. Her peacefulness, kindness and subtle mental organization make her an exemplary wife and caring mother.

In communication, Naila always achieves the respect and love of others, while maintaining her dignity. She is very picky in her choice of friends. She is always tactful and responsive. Her subtle perception of beauty and artistic talents make her an interesting conversationalist and storyteller.

Naili's birthday

Nailya does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Naila

  • Nailya Yulamanova (Russian athlete - marathon)
  • Nailya Akhunova (Kazan poetess)
  • Nailya Fatekhova (singer and composer who has created many interesting author's Tatar and international stage programs, popularizing Tatar culture and strengthening the multinational world)
  • Nailya khanum Ziganshina (Chairperson of the Union of Muslim Women of the Republic of Tatarstan)
  • Nailya Bekmakhanova (leading researcher at the Center for the History of the Peoples of Russia and Interethnic Relations at the Institute of Russian History of the Russian Academy of Sciences; is the author of 10 monographs and more than 300 articles (in Russian, Kazakh, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Czech and other languages); the main scientific works are devoted to history of the peoples of Russia and Central Asia in the XVIII-XX centuries, including Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Scientific research covers the problems of socio-economic and political history, international relations, historical geography, demography, cartography, history of law, historiography, source study.)
  • Nailya Galyautdinova (People's Artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan, TV and radio announcer of the State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company "Bashkortostan")

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