The Meaning Of The Name Naim

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The Meaning Of The Name Naim
The Meaning Of The Name Naim

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Synonyms for the name Naim. Noemi, Naomi.

The origin of the name Naim. The name Naim is Muslim, Egyptian.

The name Naim has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Naim is an Arabic name that means "happiness", "abundance" and "peace", "sweetness", "pleasure". There are also translation options for "noble", "mercy".

According to the second version, the name Naim is an Egyptian name that has the translation “benevolent”.

According to the next version, the name Naima is a variant of the female name Noemi (Naomi).

Naima grows up to appreciate independence and freedom. She rarely pays attention to advice from people around her. The girl is used to checking everything on her own experience. She was not used to thinking about anything for long. Her priorities are exclusively actions. Spending time idle is not her style at all.

The owner of this name has a great craving for travel and various kinds of adventures. She is an adventurer and gambler by nature. In each of her more or less significant actions, there is excitement and a thirst for risk. In addition, Naima does not like to take responsibility and avoids it with all her might. Best of all, a girl can realize herself in trade. In this area, she has practically no equal.

For Naima, such features are characteristic of a sharp mind, inner strength. She knows how to fight back the interlocutor. Always trying to understand the situation.

In work, she will establish herself as a diligent employee. She hates meaningless tasks. Responsibly refers to the instructions of the management. Naima wants to fulfill herself. She needs to constantly do something. The acquisition of spiritual and physical comfort for her plays an important role.

Despite the fact that Naima always looks very practical from the outside, she is a very gentle and romantic person. It contains kindness, peacefulness and sensitivity. The owner of this name is always ready to help and take care. She often shows shyness.

Naima's birthday

Naima does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Naima

  • Natalie Pitz, aka Naima ((born 1981) German model and singer)
  • Naima Mora ((born 1984) American model and singer. Winner of the fourth season of America's Next Top Model.)
  • Naima Neflyasheva (senior researcher at the Center for Civilizational and Regional Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, journalist, blogger)
  • Naima Eriksen (actress)

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