The Meaning Of The Name Mirra

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The Meaning Of The Name Mirra
The Meaning Of The Name Mirra

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Mirra

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Mirra
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Short form of the name Mirra. Mirasha, Mirochka, Mirusya, Mirka.

Synonyms for the name Mirra. Mira, Miropia, Myrtle, Myrte.

The origin of the name Mirra. The name Mirra is Russian, Jewish, Orthodox.

The name Mirra has different versions of its origin. According to the most widespread version, the name Mirra in Hebrew means "myrtle tree". The name Mirra is the feminine version of the male name Miron (Muron), which has the translation “myrrh”, “myrrh”, “fragrant resin”. The Orthodox version of the name is Myropia.

Also, the name Mirra is very often identified with the name of Mira, considering that Mira is one of the variants of pronunciation and spelling of the name Mirra. The name Mira has different versions of its origin.

In childhood, demanding firmness from Mirra is an empty matter. Gradually, the girl herself discovers this quality in herself and takes it for granted. Even as a child, she begins to love “growling” sounds, which, as children understand, indicate growing up. This is very flattering to the girl. At an early age, Mirra begins to show character. It combines perseverance with seriousness and the desire for balance. Mirra thinks that even her name speaks of the responsibility and adulthood of its owner. At the same time, Mirra always remains kind and responsive.

Mirra is a very deep person. In her character there is absolutely no inclination to aggression. However, excessive firmness and the desire to keep everything to yourself over the years can make a girl irritable. In order to avoid such unpleasant consequences, Mirra should channel her impulses into a creative channel. She can write poetry or learn to relieve tension with humor.

A girl with this name has many chances to achieve success in life. She is hardworking and responsive. Perhaps she lacks a little lightness and a sense of humor, but everything is in her hands. She has been plastic since childhood, endowed with good musical abilities. Often, Mirra's parents send the girl to a music school, where she achieves good success. Mirra, especially born in winter, is hardworking and persistent in achieving goals.

With the arrival of the first feelings for Mirra, a difficult period begins. The balanced firmness inherent in her character makes the girl restrain her emotional impulses. Mirra strives to always keep herself in hand. Mirra does not always manage to curb her feelings. One way or another, constantly restrained, they threaten to turn into passions, which is undoubtedly dangerous. So, Mirra, born in the summer, only outwardly looks slow and infantile, but inside they have a real volcano. Falling in love, she gives all of herself to this feeling. She expects the same from her partner. Summer Mirra, in addition, is very jealous, although she does not cross known boundaries in this.

Mirra is monogamous by nature. At the same time, she is a very passionate nature, but she directs her feelings to only one person, while not forgetting about caution. Mirra gets married no earlier than twenty years. As a spouse, she will choose a calm, balanced young man with whom she will feel comfortable.

Mirra does not strive to be a leader in the family. She becomes a good housewife, cooks well, especially if this is not overshadowed by her seriousness. Mirra's children are most often male. A woman with this name has only one small weakness: she likes to chat with her friends for a long time.

Although she is more like her father in character and outwardly, she always remains closer to her mother. She is vulnerable and compassionate, sometimes squeamish. True disgust will not prevent her, for example, from picking up a small homeless kitten and taking him to her, not listening to the protests of loved ones. Responsibility and loyalty to the word attract people to Mirra.

Few people are as reliable as Mirra. If a girl has promised you something, then be sure: she would rather break than refuse to fulfill the promise. She expects the same from others and very disapproves of someone else's non-obligation. Friends should remember that a kind and sympathetic person is hidden behind a strict and serious appearance. However, Mirra, especially one born in December, is very intractable, does not tolerate any objections.

Although others may not see anything on Mirra's face, it should be remembered that she is an introvert living a rich inner life. Often this is a believer. Mirra lets everything that happens "through herself", deeply empathizing with her loved ones.

Myrra's birthday

Mirra celebrates its name day on December 15th.

Famous people named Mirra

  • Maria Lokhvitskaya (1869 - 1905) by her husband - Zhiber; Russian poetess, signed with the pseudonym Mirra Lokhvitskaya, sister of Teffi and N. A. Lokhvitsky. By the end of the 1890s, having reached a creative peak and mass recognition, shortly after her death, Lokhvitskaya was practically forgotten. In the 1980-1990s, interest in the poet's work revived; some researchers consider her to be the founder of Russian "female poetry" of the 20th century, who opened the way for A. A. Akhmatova and M. I. Tsvetaeva.)
  • Mirra, Smyrna (character of ancient Greek mythology, daughter of the king of Cyprus Kinyra and Kenkhreida, mother of Adonis (father and grandfather at the same time - Kinyr), turned into a myrrh tree)
  • Mirra Saavedra (famous Mexican actress. In 1979 she first starred in a Mexican film. In total, Mirra Saavedra starred in more than a hundred films and TV series.)
  • Mirra Alfassa ((1878-1973) also known under the pseudonym Mother; spiritual companion of Sri Aurobindo. Together with him, she founded Integral Yoga, which later developed into “supramental yoga.” She is also the founder of the international city-community of Auroville.)
  • Mirra Gordin ((born 1925) Soviet and Russian linguist, Doctor of Philology, Professor of the Department of Phonetics and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages, Faculty of Philology, St. Petersburg State University. Specialist in general phonetics and phonetics of the French language, history of phonetic teachings. One of the followers of the doctrine L. V. Shcherba about the phoneme.)

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