The Meaning Of The Name Mila

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The Meaning Of The Name Mila
The Meaning Of The Name Mila

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Synonyms for the name Mila. Milena, Milana, Militsa, Milla, Milada, Milusha, Milomir, Milovzor, ​​Milolik, Miloslav.

The origin of the name Mila. The name Mila is Russian, Slavic.

The name Mila is a Slavic name derived from the root "mil", therefore this name is translated as "sweetheart". In modern times, this name is not only an independent, but also a related name for many one-piece female names - Milena, Milan, Milica, Milusha, Milada. Often the name Mila also becomes an affectionate reference to two-part Slavic names - Miloslav, Milolik, Milomir, Milovzor and others.

The name Mila is often used as a short reference to some female names that have a combination of “mila” in the name - Lyudmila, Tomila, Camilla, Miloslav, Radmila, Dobromila and others. But there are also several male names, to the owners of which you can also find Mila's affectionate appeal - Milan, Dobromil, Vsemil, Milutin and Miloneg.

The Slavic name Mila is spelled through one letter "l", so it should not be confused with the name Mila, which is identical to the name Milica used in Bulgaria, as well as in the former republics of Yugoslavia, more often in Croatia and Serbia.

In the United States, it has become quite popular to call girls by the full name Mila, where it is not perceived as a short form. But this does not always have to do with the Slavic origin of the name. In the United States, this name may have come from an abbreviation of the name Mildred.

Nice, sociable and friendly girl, I am pleasant to talk to, but somewhat shy and modest. She is often torn between caring for the needs of others and wanting to be recognized as the best. Cheerful and full of enthusiasm, she is also usually quite impatient and moody.

This girl with a sharp and critical mind, excellent memory, an intellectual. She has a knack for foreign languages ​​and knows exactly how to use her charm and her own powers of persuasion to achieve the results she desires. She is quite curious.

As a child, Mila is a very emotional girl, strongly influenced by her family. She has a rich imagination, she can invent various horror stories herself. She can become an introvert, especially if she doesn't get enough love for her. Later, Mila will spend hours talking on the phone with her friends.

Mila will be the center of attention at a party with friends, she will prove herself as a wonderful hostess: thin, smart and mischievous. Romantic life and motherhood are very important to Mila. But this girl will not necessarily be torn between family and career, she will find a compromise.

The professions that Mila chooses are based on interpersonal and communication skills (sales, sales, public relations, press service, advertising), as well as teacher, lawyer, secretary, writer.

Mila's birthday

Mila does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Mila

  • Mila Wellerson ((1910 - 1972) full name - Mildred; American cellist)
  • Mila Kunis (pseudonym, real name - Milena Kunis; American actress. Known primarily as the heroine of the television series "Show of the 70s", the films "The Book of Eli" (Solara) and "Black Swan" (Lilly), as well as Meg Griffin's "voices" from the animated series Family Guy.)
  • Mila Jovovich (misspelled spelling; correct - Milica Jovovich, better known as Milla Jovovich; American actress of Montenegrin-Russian origin, musician and model)
  • Mila Nitich (real name - Lyudmila Nitichuk; Ukrainian singer)

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