The Meaning Of The Name Mehri

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The Meaning Of The Name Mehri
The Meaning Of The Name Mehri

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Synonyms for the name Mehri. Mihri, Mehr, Mihr, Mahri, Myahri, Mehriyor, Mihrimah, Mehribanu, Mehrubon, Mehrangiz, Mehrona, Mehrishah, Mihran, Mahriba.

The origin of the name Mehri. The name Mehri is Muslim.

The name Mehri is used among Muslims. Has Persian roots and means "love", "affection" - "beloved", "kind". There is a version of the interpretation - "sun", "solar". The name Mehri can be both feminine and masculine. Has recording variations - Mihri, Mehr, Mihr, Mahri, Myahri.

Often the name Mehri (Mihri) is part of female and male two-part names (Mehriyor, Mihrimah, Mehribanu, Mehrubon, Mehrangiz, Mehrona, Mehrishah, Mihran, Mahriba and others).

The owner of the name Mehri is a rather reserved person, often shy. However, this does not prevent her from expressing herself, communicating; she often compensates for her doubts or concerns about external behavior of obvious ease. In fact, Mehri has a double temperament: active, dynamic, radiating happiness, carefree. For her, action and change are necessary, she has an incessant need for discovery and adventure. But sometimes Mehri looks like a haggard, a little gloomy and pessimistic person.

Skepticism makes her quite sarcastic and derisive. She may also be tempted to take the easy path, she seeks, above all, for autonomy and freedom. Mehri can be called an original, "unique" creature precisely because she does not like to follow the same path as others, which can sometimes lead her to a certain marginality.

This girl needs to be brought up with a certain rigor, to instill in her ideas of work and discipline, and to correct her tendency to the easy paths. Often her behavior will be unstable, erratic, impatient. She will constantly be attracted to entertainment activities, so it would be wise to closely monitor her studies and involvement in various "difficult" processes, such as sports or drawing, dancing. Despite these difficulties, Mehri is an astute and inquisitive girl who strives to find what interests her.

Her aspirations lead Mehri to movement, action, often realized in sports or adventures, since the unknown is especially attractive for her and stimulates her imagination. She is attracted to the field of intellectual research, Mehri has a penchant and interest in ethnology, archeology or philosophy, as well as the latest technology and science fiction.

Mehri loves to have fun, laugh and enjoy life's pleasures. She succeeds in love because she knows how to be seductive and charming. But often the girl feels misunderstood, since under the obvious lightness she hides the modesty of a person who hardly expresses his deepest feelings.

Mehri often changes jobs or workplaces, since she does not like monotony, and she is more likely to be attracted to professions where she can express her communication talents. Thus, she will feel particularly comfortable in trade, advertising, marketing, in the field of travel, games or sports. The ability to express her emotions and opinions in writing or orally is also very important to her (actress, journalist, lawyer, writer, teacher). Everything related to creativity, avant-garde, original approach and fresh ideas - all this is close and understandable for Mehri.

Birthday Mehri

Mekhri does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Mehri

  • Mihri Myushfik Hanım ((1886-ca.1954) Turkish artist. Famous for her portraits of famous people, including Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and Pope Benedict XV.)
  • Mehriban Arif kizi Aliyeva ((born 1964) Azerbaijani statesman, political and public figure. Since 2017 - First Vice President of Azerbaijan.)
  • Mehri Geldyeva ((born 1973) Soviet and Turkmen chess player, grandmaster of 1998)
  • Mihrengiz Kadyn Efendi ((1869-1938) the third wife of Mehmed V and mother of Omer Hilmi. Since 1924, together with other members of the dynasty, she was in exile. She began to live in Alexandria.)
  • Mihr Ali (Persian artist, worked in 1795-1830. He became a court painter under Fath Ali Shah in 1803. The portraits they painted are now in many world museums. Mihr Ali was also engaged in decorating the walls of the palace in Isfahan.)
  • Mihret Topchagich ((born 1988) Austrian footballer)
  • Mihran Hakobyan ((born 1984) is a sculptor. He is the author of the world's first monument to the Internet encyclopedia "Wikipedia", located in the city of Slubice (Poland). He works with wood, stone, bronze, synthetic rubber. His hobby for animation earned him the Moscow Audience Award. Film Festival "Short Film Fund" in 2013 - for the animation "Umbrella".)

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