The Meaning Of The Name Martha

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The Meaning Of The Name Martha
The Meaning Of The Name Martha

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Short form of the name Martha. Martochka, Marochka, Mara, Mark, Marusya, Marty, Titus, Martita, Tata, Mathieu.

Synonyms for the name Martha. March, Marchwa, Martha, Martta, Martha.

The origin of the name Martha. Martha's name is Jewish, Catholic.

The name Martha comes from the Hebrew name, which means "mistress", "mistress", "mentor". In Russia, this name sounds like Martha.

Diminutive-affectionate references Mara, Tata, Marusya can also be both independent names and references to other names.

For Martha's name, Catholic name days will be indicated. Orthodox name days - see the name Martha.

Martha is a balanced business woman. It is hard and straightforward. The owner of this name knows her own worth. She is energetic and always strives for the set goal. Martha is often selfish. She feels the specialness of her name. In Russian, her name has a foreign connotation. The Russian-language version - Martha has long lost its relevance and is rarely used.

A woman named Martha can always stand up for herself. She always looks after her interests. Martha herself is not an emotional person. Often her behavior is cold and restrained. She usually directs all her energy to the implementation of the tasks. Material wealth for her is more important than spiritual values.

The owner of such a name can be called an open and sociable person with a good sense of humor and a consistent mindset. Martha does not know how to take jokes in her address. Therefore, he often shows sensitivity. Despite her rather strange character, a woman knows how to smooth out conflict situations. This ability of hers helps her in life, contributes to the settlement of relations within the family and promotion of the career ladder.

You shouldn't be too serious when dealing with Martha. Inappropriate expression of excessive emotions can also adversely affect the relationship with this woman. She has such qualities as independence and pride. To achieve anything, do not put pressure on her. All questions with the owner of this name can be resolved only by reaching compromises. In the event of a quarrel, the conflict with her should not be delayed. It is better to immediately find out all the relations. Despite the fact that Martha has an excellent memory, she never shows cunning and deceit in relation to loved ones.

By nature, a woman with this name is strong in spirit. Her character is more dominated by masculine traits. She under no circumstances gives in to external influence on herself. Always strives to establish contacts in the team in which he is. In March, demands are manifested not only to themselves, but also to those around them. In some situations, she needs to show great tolerance and calmness. The absence of these qualities can spoil all her even the best impulses more than once.

Martha has a good reaction. She is able to reflect any attack so that the enemy will lose all arguments. Martha always shows hard work in her work. There is nothing that can make her abandon her goal. In all her endeavors, she strives to go to the end. She is able to prove herself in almost any field of activity. The owners of this name usually become medical workers, teachers, agronomists, actresses, and singers. Some run their own restaurant business.

Martha also shows good language skills. He looks at some of his colleagues as enemies. In general, she is quite a friendly person, if it does not go against her personal interests.

In Martha's actions, calculation is most often the priority. Before committing any risky act, she will see how others are doing it. Martha's moral principles are directly dependent on her environment. In life, she strives for comfort and pleasure.

Can be aggressive towards the opposite sex. Marriage is of great importance to her. She strives for a strong marriage. He sees outside women as rivals. Beware of her in anger.

Martha's birthday

Marta celebrates her name day on January 19, February 23, July 29, October 20.

Famous people named Martha

  • Catherine I (Marta Skavronskaya, Ekaterina Mikhailova) ((1684 - 1727) Russian empress from 1721 as the wife of the reigning emperor, from 1725 as the reigning empress; second wife of Peter I the Great, mother of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna. In her honor, Peter I established the Order of St. Catherine (in 1713) and the city of Yekaterinburg in the Urals was named (in 1723) The Catherine Palace in Tsarskoe Selo (built under her daughter Elizabeth) also bears the name of Catherine I.)
  • Martha Cooper (American photographer and photojournalist. Her photographs are dedicated to fine arts and anthropology. She is the most famous photographer covering the New York graffiti scene of the 70s and 80s. Has published in publications such as National Geografic, Natural History, "Audubon" and "Art News".)
  • Martha Rae ((1916 - 1994) was an American actress, singer and comedian who achieved success in Hollywood films during the 1930s and 1940s, and later on television. marriages, she was married seven times.)
  • Martha Vickers ((1925 - 1971) real name - McVicar; American actress)
  • Martha Dodd ((1908 - 1990) American publicist and Soviet spy)
  • Martha Graham ((1894 - 1991) American dancer, creator of American modern dance)
  • Martha Mödl ((1912 - 2001) German opera singer (mezzo-soprano / soprano))
  • Martha Place ((died 1899) first woman to be electrocuted. She was executed at the age of 44 for the murder of her stepdaughter Ida Place.)
  • Marta (real name - Svetlana Marchenko; pop Russian singer)
  • Irina Stolyar, known as Marta ((born 1986) Ukrainian singer and TV presenter)
  • Martha Washington ((1731 - 1802) First Lady of the United States, wife of the first President of the United States, George Washington)
  • Princess Marta Bibescu ((1886 - 1973) French creative pseudonym - Marta Bibesco, nee - Marta Lucia Lakhovari, Princess Mavrocordat; Romanian and French writer, public figure of Romania, owner of the Mogosoaya Palace. Throughout her life she kept diaries of 65 volumes, total.)
  • Martha Argerich (aka Argerich) ((born 1941) Argentine pianist)
  • Martha Hayer ((born 1924) American actress, Academy Award nominee in 1959)
  • Martha Scott ((1912 - 2003) American actress)
  • Marta Meszaros ((born 1931) Hungarian film director)
  • Martha Christoffersen ((born 1989) Norwegian skier, participant of the Olympic Games in Vancouver, winner of the World Cup stages. Universal, successfully competes in both sprint and distance races.)
  • Marta Capurso ((born 1980) Italian speed skater specializing in short track speed skating)
  • Marta muda-Trzebyatowska ((born 1984) Polish film and television actress)
  • Martha Moxley ((1960 - 1975) American girl who became the victim of a brutal murder in which the Kennedy family was involved, nephew of Ethel Kennedy-Skakel - widow of the brother of 35th US President John F. Kennedy. The case of Martha Moxley's murder lasted more than 25 years.)
  • Martha Washington Jefferson Randolph ((1772 - 1836) daughter of Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States, and his wife Martha Wales Skelton Jefferson. She is regarded as the First Lady of the United States because her father was a widower. Served from 1801 to 1809 year. She has earned a reputation as an intellectual.)
  • Marta Krumina-Vitrupe ((1908 - 2010) Latvian chess player, Latvian chess champion in 1941, poet and publicist)
  • Martha Helen Stewart ((born 1941) American businesswoman, television presenter, and writer, made famous and fortune by home economics advice)
  • Martha Harnecker (Chilean journalist, sociologist and Marxist theorist. Advisor to the Cuban and Venezuelan governments, as well as a number of left-wing radical organizations in Latin America.)
  • Marta Semule ((1904 - 1985) milkmaid of the Kopdarbiba collective farm in the Gulbene region of the Latvian SSR. Twice Hero of Socialist Labor (1953, 1958).)
  • Martha Abba ((1900 - 1988) Italian actress)
  • Martha Wang Lo Mande ((1812 - 1861) saint of the Roman Catholic Church, martyr)
  • Martha Toren ((1926 - 1957) Swedish actress)
  • Marta Etura ((born 1978) Spanish film and television actress)
  • Martha Husemann ((1913 - 1960) nee Martha Voltaire; actress, anti-fascist, member of the Resistance movement during World War II, member of the Red Chapel organization)
  • Marta Domakhovska ((born 1986) Polish tennis player)
  • Marta Litinskaya ((born 1949) nee - Shul; ​​Ukrainian chess player, grandmaster among women (1976). Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1990). Mathematician.)
  • Martta Johanna Koskinen ((1897 - 1943) Finnish revolutionary, participant of the civil war in Finland, and then an underground worker. The last woman sentenced to death in the country.)

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