The Meaning Of The Name Margarita (Margo)

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The Meaning Of The Name Margarita (Margo)
The Meaning Of The Name Margarita (Margo)

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The short form of the name Margarita. Daisy, Margo, Margosha, Margusha, Mara, Marusya, Maga, Maka, Rita, Ritulya, Ritunya, Ritusya, Tusya, Ritusha, Mag, Maggie, Maggie, Megi, Maggie, Greta, Gita, Megan.

Synonyms for the name Margarita. Margaret, Margaret, Malgorzata, Marketa, Margaret, Mared, Marjorie, Margita, Megan.

The origin of the name Margarita. The name Margarita is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Margarita translated from Greek means "pearl", "pearl". "Margaritos" is an epithet for Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love, who was the patroness of seafarers. And it was the pearls and mother-of-pearl shells that the sailors donated to her, asking for protection and patronage.

The name Margaret was borne by the legendary early Christian saint Margaret of Antioch, who was executed in 304, but at the moment the reliability of her existence is in doubt. In Orthodoxy, this saint was called Saint Marina, and it was the name Margarita that could become the second secular name for those women who received the name Marina at baptism.

Before the October Revolution, the name Margarita was absent in the calendar, and appeared there only in 2000, when the Orthodox Church canonized two new martyrs-nuns. Orthodox name days are: February 8, July 30, September 14, December 15.

The name Margarita was not widespread in Orthodoxy and was occasionally given in the monastic environment. After the church restrictions were lifted, girls began to be called more and more often by this name, and by 1960 the name Margarita had become one of the widespread names. At the moment, this popularity is only growing.

The name Margarita has short forms of the name, which have become independent names - Margot, Megan, Mara, Rita (Catholics have a name day for this name - May 22), Greta and Gita.

The analogues of this name are Margaret (England), Marguerite (France), Malgorzata (Poland), Marketa (Czech Republic), Margareta (Sweden, Denmark), Mared (Ireland), Margita (Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Sweden).

The main quality of the character of a woman named Margarita is straightforwardness. She will say whatever she thinks to any person, regardless of their age and status. At the same time, Margarita is straightforward and self-critical in relation to herself. Honest and courageous, impatient and capricious, Margarita has an analytical mindset and logical thinking. There is no selfishness in the character of Margot and there is absolutely no diplomacy, which is why she often has conflicts with others. Margarita gives the impression of an intelligent woman who is characterized by practicality and some self-doubt.

In her professional activities, Margot proves herself a decisive and businesslike woman. Nevertheless, work for Margarita is not the meaning of life, but simply a means of earning money. Margot will excel in administrative activities, in pedagogy and biology. Thanks to her practicality and organizational skills, Margarita can become a good leader. At the same time, Margot does not strive for power, she needs an interesting job. Success in business comes to Margarita thanks to perseverance, hard work, an original approach to business and thinking outside the box. As a rule, Margot is respected among her colleagues.

In the first marriage, Margarita, as a rule, fails due to a hasty marriage. Margot very painfully endures the first break and the second time she gets married too quickly in an attempt to prove to herself and others that she is interesting and loved. Only a man who is attractive to her will become Margarita's spouse. If the person does not like it, he will have no chance. At the same time, Margarita will fully reveal herself only in front of a truly beloved man.

Margot is not very fond of bossing. He treats cooking with indifference, but if desired, he can prepare a gourmet dinner. Margarita adores children, for the sake of them she is ready to sacrifice all other things in her life. In a male society, Margot feels like a fish in water, so her husband often has to experience pricks of jealousy. And yet, Margarita will be a devoted and faithful spouse and a very caring mother.

Margarita is a faithful and reliable friend, whose straightforwardness is forgiven by loved ones for the honesty and courage of this woman. Nevertheless, Margo has practically no close friends, since she behaves emphatically delicately in dealing with men, and just as emphatically rude in relations with women. Communicating with men, she loves to charm them, but even more loves to start a quarrel between fans. One way or another, a fragile and romantic nature is hidden behind the external sharpness and straightforwardness of Margarita.

Margarita's birthday

Margarita celebrates her name day on January 12, January 18, February 8, February 22, March 25, April 11, July 20, July 30, August 27, September 14, October 17, November 16, December 15, December 30.

Famous people named Margarita

  • Marguerite de Valois ((1553-1615) known as "Queen Margot"; daughter of Henry II and Catherine de Medici, in 1572-1599 was the wife of Henry de Bourbon, King of Navarre, who took the French throne under the name of Henry IV)
  • Margaret of Navarre ((1492-1549) also known as Margaret de Valois, Margaret of Angoulême and Margaret of France; French princess, sister of King Francis I, one of the first women writers in France, patroness of humanists)
  • Margaret Tudor ((1489 - 1541) Queen of Scots, wife of King James IV)
  • Margarita Terekhova ((born 1942) Soviet and Russian actress and film and theater director, People's Artist of the Russian Federation)
  • Margaret Thatcher ((born 1925) Prime Minister of Great Britain (Conservative Party of Great Britain) in 1979-1990, Baroness (1992); known as the "Iron Lady", the first and so far the only woman to hold this post)
  • Marguerite of Provence ((1221 - 1295) Queen of France in 1234 - 1270)
  • Rita Hayworth ((1918 - 1987) real name - Margarita Carmen Cansino; American film actress and dancer, one of the most famous Hollywood stars of the 1940s, who became a legend of her era)
  • Margaret Mitchell ((1900 - 1949) American writer, author of the bestselling novel "Gone with the Wind.". Gone With the Wind won eight Academy Awards.)
  • Margarita Voytes ((born 1936) Soviet Estonian singer (lyric-coloratura soprano), People's Artist of the Estonian SSR, People's Artist of the USSR (1979))
  • Margarita Aliichuk (Russian gymnast, member of the Russian national team (since 2005), Olympic champion (2008), multiple world champion (2007), European champion (2008))
  • Marguerite Stenelle ((1869 - 1954) French courtesan and adventurer, known, among other things, for her relationship with French President Felix Faure)
  • Margarita Pushkina (Russian poet, journalist, translator, author of lyrics to popular songs; best known for her collaboration with heavy rock bands, including Aria, Master, Kipelov, Mavrin)
  • Margarita Chkheidze (pianist, Honored Artist of Russia (2006))
  • Margarita Levieva (American film actress of Jewish-Russian origin)
  • Margarita Boyanova Troops (Bulgarian chess player, grandmaster (1985))
  • Margarita (Sadda) Rudenko ((1926 - 1976) Orientalist philologist, Kurdologist, literary critic, ethnographer. Founder of the literary trend in Kurdology (the study of Kurdish medieval literature from manuscript monuments). For the first time in the history of Russian Orientalism, she published a complete catalog of Kurdish manuscripts, she carried out the first publication of the manuscript of the Kurdish historian-ethnographer Mel Mahmud Bayazidi "The customs and customs of the Kurds", collections of Kurdish folk tales were recorded and published, a monograph on Kurdish ritual poetry was published, a number of articles and lectures on folklore, life, beliefs and traditions of the Kurds were written.)
  • Margarita Nabokova (one of the first DJs at the Europe Plus radio station (Moscow), creator of the Russian professional music library (BMRU))
  • Margarita Odu ((1863 - 1937) Margarita Donquishot, took her mother's surname in literature; French writer)
  • Margarita Pere (French radiochemist who discovered France (1909 - 1975))
  • Margarita Sayenko (Soviet and Russian playwright, critic, editor, publicist)
  • Margarita Alexandra Yeager ((1863 - 1936) served as a nanny for the children of Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna; Yeager wrote her memoirs "Six Years at the Russian Imperial Court" - about the time when she was in the Romanov family)
  • Margarita Zimmerman ((died 1934) Russian teacher, one of the founders of the first private gymnasium school in the city of Perm; the middle of the three Zimmerman sisters, who, according to local historians, became the prototypes of the heroines of the play by A.P. Chekhov "Three Sisters")
  • Margarita Weimer ((1787 - 1867) known as Mademoiselle Georges, Georgy; the famous French tragic actress, Napoleon's mistress and, according to rumors, Alexander I, toured Russia in 1808 - 1812)
  • Marguerite Asselman ((1876 - 1947) Hasselmans, French pianist)
  • Margarita Butenina ((1902 - 1953) Russian singer (soprano))
  • Margarita Bolly (Soviet intelligence officer)
  • Margaret Mead ((1901 - 1978) American anthropologist)
  • Margaret Landon ((1903 - 1993) American writer and missionary)
  • Margaret Furse ((1911 - 1974) costume designer, Academy Award winner, BAFTA and Emmy Award winner)
  • Margaret Abbott ((1878 - 1955) American golfer, champion of the 1900 Summer Olympics)
  • Marguerite Yursenar ((1903 - 1987) French writer)
  • Marguerite Gerard ((1761 - 1837) French artist, student of Fragonard)
  • Marguerite Duras (real name - Donadier; French writer, actress, director and screenwriter)
  • Malgorzata Fornalska (party pseudonym - Yasya; leader of the Polish labor movement)
  • Marketa Irglova (Czech pianist, songwriter and actress)
  • Margareta von Trotta (German actress, film director and screenwriter, one of the representatives of the new German cinema)
  • Margareta Arvidsson (winner of the Miss Universe 1966 competition, she became the second representative of Sweden to win this competition (after Hillevi Rombin))
  • Margarita Niculescu (Romanian puppet theater director (born 1926))
  • Margarita Eskina ((1933 - 2009) Russian theatrical figure, director of the Central House of Actor named after A.A. Yablochkina from 1987 to 2009)

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