The Meaning Of The Name Mara

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The Meaning Of The Name Mara
The Meaning Of The Name Mara

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Synonyms for the name Mara. Mar, Maria, Margarita, Martha, Martha, Martha, Macarius.

The origin of the name Mara. The name Mara is Slavic.

The name Mara has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Mara remained in Russian from the Slavs. The ancient Slavs had the embodiment of death, the spirit of death - pestilence, they called him - Mara, Mara-Morena, Moran, Marzhan. The Slavs always represented him in the form of a doll, stuffed animal, sometimes in the form of a tree. Madder was often associated with the arrival of spring (they spent various farewells to winter, welcomed spring). Maru has also been associated with "a ghost, a ghost"; there is another interpretation - "ghost" in the meaning of "obsession", "dreams". A deity with the name Mara, instilling fear and horror, is known not only among the Slavs, but also in Buddhism, and among the peoples of Western Europe.

According to the second version, the name Mara is a form of the male name Mar. According to the next version, the name Mara comes from the Spanish "mar", meaning "sea". Close in meaning to the name Mara is the name Marina. Also Mara is a diminutive appeal to Martha.

A very widespread version is that the name Mara is one of the forms of the names Margarita, Marianna and Maria, found in European countries, the United States and Latin America. This version of affectionate treatment is now becoming an independent name.

The owner of the name Mara is usually a creative person. She is characterized by recklessness and a positive attitude. She is a very addictive nature, so from time to time she needs to be stopped. For this, Mara simply needs an advisor and a patient mentor. This person usually becomes a close person or one of the relatives. Thanks to such support, a girl can achieve great success in life.

Without support from the outside, the fate of Mara is not so optimistic. Despite all the external resilience, the girl is very vulnerable and vulnerable. She hardly accepts any criticism in her address. In her personal life, it is very difficult with her.

Mara is always ready to help others. She knows how to take care. Shyness is often seen in the girl's behavior. Often unconsciously, the owner of this name makes mistakes. In some situations, he tries to extract his own benefit. Such actions of the girl often lead to the fact that others begin to treat her with waryness. Often Mara, without realizing it, can harm herself.

By her actions, Mara seeks to come to spiritual and physical comfort. She is never deceived by appearances. Courage, self-confidence and a desire to act push her to take unnecessary risks.

Mary's birthday

Mara does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Mara

  • Mara Santangelo ((born 1981) Italian professional tennis player. Winner of the 2007 French Open in women's doubles, winner of the 2006 Fed Cup with the Italian national team.)
  • Mara Skrivele ((born 1935) Soviet and Latvian breeder. Doctor of Agricultural Sciences. Chairman of the Board of the Latvian Association of Gardeners. Author of over 240 scientific and popular scientific works. Laureate of the competition "Sējējs" (1996). Awarded: Order of Three Stars, 5th degree, Award of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia.)
  • Mara Zalite ((born 1952) Latvian poet, playwright and public figure. Honorary member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences (1998).)
  • Mara Kana ((born 1978) birth name - Marina Nesterova; Russian rock singer, songwriter. He is the author of several songs from the album "Attack" by singer Linda, including the hit "Chains and Rings".)
  • Maria Rosaria (Mara) Carfagna ((born 1975) Italian politician, former fashion model and TV presenter, Minister for Equal Opportunities in the IV Berlusconi government (2008-2011))
  • Mara Elizabeth Wilson ((born 1987) is an American actress best known for her roles as a child, in particular films such as Mrs. Doubtfire, Miracle on 34th Street and Matilda)
  • Mara Sebrionski Dwonh ((1914 - 2001) real name - Bess Simon; American violinist. She played in various American orchestras, in the 1960s she was the first violin of the American Symphony Orchestra conducted by Leopold Stokowski, in 1969-1979 she was the second concertmaster of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra under William Steinberg and Andre Previn. As an ensemble musician she took part, in particular, in the posthumous premiere of Jaroslav Jezhek's Second String Quartet (1942).)
  • Zoya Karabanova ((1900 - 1960) stage name - Mara Craig; Russian dramatic actress and American film actress, sister of B. V. Karabanov, wife of the founder of The Bat N. F. Baliev)
  • Mara Zemdega ((born 1935) Soviet and Latvian actress)

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