The Meaning Of The Name Luce

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The Meaning Of The Name Luce
The Meaning Of The Name Luce

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Luce
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The short form of the name Luce. Lou, Lucetta, Lucetta.

Synonyms for the name Luce. Ray.

The origin of the name Luce. Luce's name is Catholic.

The name Luce is the feminine form of the male name Luca, used in Italy, it can also be written as Luce. On behalf of Luke and his analogous names, no other female names are formed.

And many related names Lucia, Lucinda, Lucy, Luciana, Lucia, Lucille, Lucilla, Luciana, which, it would seem, are also formed from the name of Luke, actually come from the names Lucius, Lucius, Lucillian, Lukyan and their analogues.

The name Luce has a Latin origin, derived from the word "lux", that is, "light". This term has many variants of meanings - "sparkling", "shiny", "bright", "bright", "reasonable", "clear" and many others.

The name Luce is not mentioned in the Catholic calendar, but the name Luke has both Catholic and Orthodox name days.

The owner of the name Luce is a rather sociable woman who easily walks through life. Eager to please, she is charming, sophisticated, has a habit of acting spontaneously. Luce is quite changeable, impulsive, has a quick character, but she also has such virtuous qualities as kindness, responsiveness, a sense of tact, and this girl is also full of enthusiasm.

To achieve what she wants, Luce is ready to go in different ways: to seduce, and stubbornly and straightforwardly beg. Obviously, the chosen method depends on what level of motivation and personal interest she has at the moment. The owner of this name is an independent woman who does not like restrictions. To feel the fullness of life, she needs a variety of pleasures, adventures, discoveries and a sense of novelty. Being oversaturated with novelty can lead this girl to depression, so she needs to know when to stop, to find a middle ground between what is truly desirable and simply interesting.

Little Luce often behaves very demonstratively, but she gets away with everything, because she knows how to caress and sincerely love her family. The internal family atmosphere affects her personality, is of key importance in the manifestation of her character traits. She can prove herself both as a responsible, independent girl, and as a rebellious, always arguing and demanding child.

For Luce, material well-being is important, but she considers money only as a way to get the necessary and desired comfort. She does not consider them the meaning of life, but without them she cannot live in comfort, run her own business and make dreams come true.

In love, Luce seeks perfection, but often experiences a feeling of dissatisfaction, because it is very difficult to find an ideal man who would combine both external and internal dignity, would be respected and in abundance. He must be smart, independent, not jealous, but not indifferent to her either.

Her professional choice will largely depend on the potential for financial success, Luce often chooses for a career in which she can financially improve her condition. Therefore, she will prefer activities related to finance, management, economics, sales, politics, publishing.

Birthday Luce

Luche does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Luce

  • Luce Defolte ((born 1966) Canadian singer)
  • Luce Fabbri ((1908-2000) Italian anarchist, writer and publisher)
  • Luce D'Eramo ((1925-2001) Italian writer)
  • Luce Cadiu (French actress)
  • Luce Cola (French actress of the early 20th century)
  • Luce Irigaray, Lucy Irigaray ((born 1930) Belgian feminist, moved to France at the age of 30. She was engaged in psychoanalysis, psychology and philosophy, also a sociologist and linguist.)
  • Luce Caponegro ((born 1966) Italian actress and TV presenter)
  • Luce Klein (French actress)
  • Luce Bonifassi (Italian actress)

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