The Meaning Of The Name Lyubava

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The Meaning Of The Name Lyubava
The Meaning Of The Name Lyubava

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Lyubava

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Lyubava
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The short form of the name Lyubava. Lyubavka, Lyuba, Lyubakha, Lyubanya, Lyubasha, Lyubusya, Busya.

Synonyms for the name Lyubava. Love, Lyuba.

The origin of the name Lyubava. The name Lyubava is Slavic.

The name Lyubava is a Slavic name, derived from the Old Russian verb "love" ("love"), therefore it means "beloved" or "the one that loves".

According to another version, the name Lyubava is a short form of many Slavic names - Lyubomyr, Lyuboslav, Lyubognev, Lyubomudr and others, and after the Baptism of Rus it was preserved among the Russians precisely as an affectionate appeal.

After the Baptism of Rus, Slavic names began to fall out of use, being replaced by Christian names. For this reason, the name Lyubava could be transformed into the name Love (literal translation of the Greek name Agape), and the address Lyubava continued to be used as an affectionate address.

According to the next version, the name Lyubava is of German origin. The name got into the Russian language from the Varangians, Scandinavians. There is an ancient Germanic name Leuba (Leoba, Lioba), which in Russian could sound like Lyuba, Lioba, and later be transformed into Lyubava. The name Leuba means “sweet”, “beloved”.

Lyubava is quite a sociable and adaptable girl, but restrained at the same time. She is neither overly introverted nor highly extroverted: self-expression is second nature to her.

She loves to talk and exchange various information, both necessary and completely empty. At the same time, Lyubava can behave a little wary, for her personal integrity is very important. However, she is an outspoken and straightforward girl. She looks for opportunities to confirm that the friendship will be real before moving on to a more intimate and personal relationship. However, once the trust is earned, Lyubava will greatly value this friendship.

Lyubava is a cheerful and optimistic girl with an amazing sense of humor, she knows how to have fun and usually has an influence on her peers. She is a curious and inquisitive girl, but the disadvantage of this is that her energy can become quite diffuse. She quickly moves from one activity to the next, not always completing what she started.

This girl's parents should watch out for this volatile and superficial trend. It would be useful for Lyubava to participate in creative or theatrical activities, as well as to study foreign languages.

Lyubava is an intelligent girl, her mind is created for analysis and research. She loves anything that is unusual or avant-garde. Romantic and elusive, she can be secretive and mysterious, hot-tempered and passionate the next second. Lyubava can do everything only to turn on his heels and leave in the opposite direction, apparently no longer interested in what is happening at the moment. Maybe she is afraid to get carried away too much and love too much, thereby, Lyubava leaves herself vulnerable to emotional experiences and suffering.

Since communication appears to be an area of her passion, Lyubava can pursue a career in teaching, marketing, in areas related to languages, singing or acting, literature or journalism. In addition, specialized or technical professions in the field of information technology may also be of interest to this girl. Professions associated with rapid changes (travel, advertising, one-time projects) are suitable for Lyubava.

Lyubava's birthday

Lyubava does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Lyubava

  • Lyubava Dmitrievna ((about 1104-pos. 1167) the second wife (from 1122) of the Grand Duke of Kiev Mstislav Vladimirovich, was the daughter of the Novgorod mayor Dmitry Zavidich)
  • Lyubava Greshnova ((born 1988) Ukrainian actress, TV presenter)
  • Lyubava Vasilkovna (since 1209 became the second wife of Vsevolod Yuryevich the Big Nest, who became the Grand Duke of Vladimir in 1176. The historian VN Tatishchev named her after Lyubava. Before marriage, she was the daughter of Vasilko Bryachislavich of Polotsk-Vitebsk, Prince of Vitebsk.)
  • Lyubava Malysheva ((born 1978) is a Russian performer, writer, a prominent representative of "informal" cultural trends.

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