The Meaning Of The Name Louise

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The Meaning Of The Name Louise
The Meaning Of The Name Louise

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Louise

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Louise

Short form of the name Louise. Luizka, Lisa, Lou, Lizig, Lulu, Lilu, Lula, Iza, Louison, Liusita, Lucha, Gina, Louis, Lisa, Luke, Luz, Lolo.

Synonyms for the name Louise. Louise, Lovisa, Luis, Louise, Louviz, Lois, Luis, Luigia, Luigina, Luiz, Luis, Lizig.

The origin of the name Louise. The name Louise is German, English, Catholic.

The name Louise has several versions of the origin. According to the first of them, Louise is the female form of the male name Louis (Louis, Louis), meaning “famous battle”, “glorious warrior”.

According to the second version, in translation from the Hebrew language, the name Louise means "God helped", it is believed that in Russia it comes from the name of Elizabeth. Louise is a short form of the name Elizabeth, like Eliza and Lisa, which has recently become an independent name.

It is also likely that the ancient Irish god of light Lug, also called Ludge, Lew, became the prototype for the name Louise. Therefore, this name means "shining", "light" (Germanic, Celtic).

A woman with this name is very patient and unhurried. As a rule, she perfectly adapts to the changing circumstances in life. Sometimes Louise is characterized by cunning and resourcefulness. She constantly achieves what she has planned, although for this she has to go a longer way. This woman has such wonderful qualities as kind-heartedness, responsiveness to someone else's trouble.

However, life often presents her with unpleasant moments at all, and not everything goes smoothly for her. Louise herself quite often needs the understanding and sympathy that she finds from her many friends. Louise is generous and welcoming. Sometimes she can be very touchy, but not at all vindictive and not vengeful.

As for the choice of work, in work Louise seeks shelter from possible responsibility. She always strives for success in order to once again prove to herself that she is capable of overcoming her inherent complexes. She always has a specific goal: to take the position of a leader. However, Louise achieves her professional goals with great difficulty.

She usually marries for love, but the first marriage is often not very long. After that, the disappointed Louise does not seek to remarry, but lives in a civil society. A man who claims to be the husband of this woman must be a serious, firmly on his feet, not having bad habits. He should also have a good sense of humor and be cheerful. This woman is usually born to boys.

Louise is a very good hostess. She does not tolerate disorder, both at home and in relationships with people close to her, as well as in the distribution of household chores. She has a sweet tooth, so she really loves to bake, and she does it pretty well. Sometimes she is quite strict with children, but at the same time she always shows them that they are the most dear people to her. If she punishes them, then Louise herself suffers greatly from this.

Louise, born in winter, is a bit irritable. If she quarrels with someone, she will sulk for quite a long time. Such a woman strives to adhere to very strict moral principles. Therefore, he will never forgive the betrayal of men. Autumn Louise is always balanced, obligatory and true to his words.

Luisa's birthday

Louise celebrates her name day on February 1, March 15, May 1, July 24, September 18.

Famous people named Louise

  • Saint Louise de Marillac (Catholic saint, associate of Saint Vincent de Paul, co-founder of the Congregation of the Daughters of Charity)
  • Madonna ((born 1958) real name - Louise Veronica Ciccone; American singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, actress, director and screenwriter, known to most for her video clips, stage performances, as well as the use of political, sexual and religious images in her "Madonna" is the real name of the artist, deservedly bearing the title of "Queen of Pop".)
  • Louise Reiner ((born 1910) is a German actress who won two Academy Awards. She is the earliest surviving winner of these awards. She is also the oldest surviving Oscar winner.)
  • Louise Taylor (American archer, 1904 Summer Olympics champion)
  • Louise Vosgerchyan ((1922 - 2000) American pianist and music teacher)
  • Louise Lecavalier (Canadian dancer and choreographer, representative of "modern dance")
  • Louise Charlene Labet ((about 1524 - 1566) French poet)
  • Louise Leveque ((1703 - 1745) French writer)
  • Louise Nevelson (American sculptor, emigrant from Russia (1899-1986))
  • Luiza Noskova (Cherepanova) (former Soviet and Russian biathlete, Olympic champion in the 1994 4x7.5 km relay, world champion in the 7.5 km team race, Honored Master of Sports of Russia in biathlon (1994))
  • Louise Casati ((1881-1957) nee Louise Amman; Italian rich woman, beauty, muse of poets and artists, patroness of the arts. Louise became the first Catholic in the world to receive an official divorce.)
  • Louise Brooks ((1906 - 1985) American dancer, model, silent film actress)
  • Louise of Lorraine-Vaudemont ((1553 - 1601) representative of the House of Lorraine, wife of Henry III of Valois and French queen from 1575 to 1589)
  • Louise-Françoise de Labaume-Leblanc (Duchess de Lavaliere and de Vaujour, favorite of Louis XIV)
  • Louise Dresser ((1878 - 1965) American actress. In 1928, Louise became one of the first three actresses to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in His Country.)
  • Louise Caterina Breslau (Swiss artist of German origin)
  • Louise Abbema ((1853 - 1927) French painter, sculptor and Belle Epoque designer, openly lesbian)
  • Louise d'Orléans (French princess, after marriage queen consort of Belgium)
  • Louise Dumont ((1862 - 1932) German actress and theatrical figure)
  • Louise of Hesse-Kassel (Queen of Denmark (1863), wife of King Christian IX of Denmark, grandmother of Emperor Nicholas II of Russia)
  • Louise Mountbatten (Queen of Sweden (1950 - 1965), second wife of King Gustav VI Adolf)
  • Louise Rosalie Dugazon ((1755 - 1821) French opera singer (mezzo-soprano), mother of Gustave Dugazon)
  • Louise May Alcott (American writer, famous for her novel Little Women, published in 1868, which was based on the memories of her growing up with three sisters)
  • Louise Agnes Lake Tack (Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda since 17 July 2007, first woman to hold office; succeeds James Carlyle)
  • Louise Costello ((1799 - 1870) English writer, sister of Dudley Costello)
  • Louise Mosendz (Russian theater and film actress of Ukrainian origin)
  • Louise of Bourbon-Sicilian ((1804 - 1844) Princess of the Two Sicilies and the Infanta of Spain, married Duchess of Cadiz)
  • Louise Rene de Keroual (favorite of Charles II, political adventurer)
  • Louise Michel (French revolutionary, teacher, writer, poet. Founded and headed the libertarian school. Together with Georges Sand, she was one of the few women of the 19th century to wear men's clothes because of their feminist views.)
  • Louise Margaret of Lorraine (daughter of Heinrich de Guise and Catherine of Cleves, heiress of the principality of Chateau Renaud

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