The Meaning Of The Name Lyra

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The Meaning Of The Name Lyra
The Meaning Of The Name Lyra

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Short form of the name Lear. Lirka, Lirusya, Lirusha.

Synonyms for the name Lear. Liora, Illyrica.

The origin of the name Lear. Lear's name is English, Greek.

The name Lear literally means "turtle" in translation from Greek. Initially, only a musical instrument was called that - the lyre, which was made from a tortoiseshell. Later, the name Lear appeared, which is given the meaning of "melodic", "with a beautiful sound." Lyra is a name that appeared among the British, which characterizes the owner of this name as the goddess of the arts.

It is believed that the name Lyra is a short form of the female name Illyricum, translated from the Greek language, meaning "from Illyria." Also, the name Lyra is a short form or diminutive to the name Lyora.

Since childhood, Lyra has been distinguished by calmness, peacefulness, a tendency towards harmony and order. She tries to ennoble everything around her. She always starts with herself. But the main thing for her is not the external manifestation, but the inner world. She is characterized by selflessness, a sense of duty and a fair attitude towards everyone equally.

Also one of the important traits of Lyra is bravery. Manifesting in Lyra already in childhood, this feature surprises others a lot. She is able to defend her point of view, she has strong convictions. Playing with friends, Lyra acts as a real leader and ringleader, gathering other guys around her. She tries to delve into the essence of the problem, is not afraid of difficulties, seeks to act and is not deceived by hopes and visibility. At the same time, Lyra, being carried away, is capable of stupid risks.

With age, Lyra can become wise, but most often it is in the everyday plane, in terms of communication. She is humane and knows how to sympathize with other people's grief. Usually Lyra is in control of herself, she always uses her strengths. But it happens that the owner of this name shows excessive sacrifice, is overly carried away by something completely different from what she herself needs.

Lyra can be very stubborn, her self-righteousness can alienate those around her. She can deliberately hesitate to annoy someone. At times, Lyra can be very unhappy with her life, demonstrate this to arouse sympathy for herself, she can show selfishness, play on emotions. Lyra is a very good psychologist, and she is usually good at manipulating people.

In critical situations, Lyra can be angry or sad. It happens that this is of serious importance to her. By working on herself, Lyra can get rid of these unwanted traits.

Lyra may need the support and security she receives from loved ones. Lyra is a rather sensitive girl, kind and peaceful. Lyra tries to hide her spirituality, romance and belief in a dream so that they are not ridiculed. She would be very worried if this was how her feelings were treated.

Lyra often gets married late. Lira is characterized by constancy of feelings, affection. She is very upset if she quarrels with friends or if there is a long separation ahead. Lyra is very economic, tidy, in her house there is always complete order. She is hospitable, loves home gatherings and tea drinking. Lyra loves children very much, and children often love her in return.

Lyra belongs to the category of people who perceive beauty very subtly. She may have her own, different from others, concepts of beauty, but she will follow them relentlessly. Lyra can become an outstanding artist. Lyra often chooses a career as a poet or actress. Sometimes Lyra can be a filmmaker or biologist, having felt the call to do so in early childhood. But still, the owner of this name prefers professions related to communication or creativity.

Lyra's birthday

Lyra does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Lyra

  • Lira Abdullina ((1936 - 1987) poetess)
  • Lyra (a South African singer whose name translates from her native tongue as “love.” Lyra speaks five languages. She is an award-winning Afro-soul vocalist performing in a genre characterized as a fusion of different genres, namely “fusion of soul, funk, elements of jazz and Africa. ")

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