The Meaning Of The Name Lilith

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The Meaning Of The Name Lilith
The Meaning Of The Name Lilith

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Lilith
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Short form of the name Lilith. Lily, Lee, Lita.

Synonyms for the name Lilith. Leila, Layla, Liliana, Lilia.

The origin of the name Lilith. The name Lilith is Jewish, Armenian.

The name Lilith has several versions of its origin. According to the first of them, the name Lilith was borne by the very first wife of Adam, mentioned only in early Christian works, but not in the Bible. From Hebrew, the name Lilith is interpreted as "night", "night silence" (from "Layla" - pronunciation as "Leilit / Lilit", ie "night".) In this context, the name Lilith is identical in the meaning of the name Layla (Leila) …

The "nocturnal" meaning of the name Lilith also emphasizes the fact that in Hebrew the word "lilith" refers to one of the types of owls, or rather a tawny owl, therefore, Lilith is always depicted with an owl.

According to the second version, the name Lilith may have been borrowed from the Sumerian-Akkadian mythology, where "lil" (Sumerian) meant "air", "wind". And when mixed with Akkadian "lilu" ("night"), the interpretation of the name Lilith as "night ghost", "spirit", "ghost" was obtained. The names will be close in meaning - Leila, Layla, Kara, Kiara (Tsiara, Ciara), Melania.

According to the third version, the name Lilith appeared as one of the forms of the names Liliana and Lily. In this case, the name Lilith means "lily". The names will be close in meaning - Lily, Liana, Susanna.

It is possible that the old name began to be associated with newer names for that time, again found a new life and application. Lilith became not only affectionate, but also continued her life as an independent name.

The name Lilith is widely used among Armenians, but a girl with this name is credited with the features of a beauty and a good housewife.

The owner of the name Lilith is often a shy person, reserved, but in fact she lacks self-confidence. Often an introvert, this girl is very sensitive to criticism, which results in strong emotions and leads to suspicion; in order to avoid this, she tries to minimize any contact.

The girl has a great imagination and good intuition, but Lilith often tends to retreat, think for a long time before acting, so she will move slowly but surely through life. She does not like attention to her person, she feels awkward when she has to be in sight. Nevertheless, the girl knows how to keep her emotions and feelings under control, although this is not always easy.

Work can transform this girl. In a work environment, Lilith can show stubbornness, perseverance, will strive to succeed and pay attention to detail. Perhaps it's a matter of motivation, but in ordinary life, Lilith prefers to take a passive position.

As a child, little Lilith is extremely vulnerable and very withdrawn. Her whims are a manifestation of anxiety associated with her character trait. She needs a quiet life, away from the hustle and bustle. At school, Lilith often dreams, and only the kindness of the teachers, and not their strictness, will help the girl to study better.

Lilith is very anxiously looking for friends, carefully chooses them, because she equates relationships and communication with them with love, which she needs, like oxygen. After all, only those whom she loves can be real catalysts for Lilith, only they can stimulate and encourage her. With her some isolation, the owner of this name does not appreciate loneliness, she likes to be with friends more. Restrained and secretive, she knows how to listen carefully, and she likes it when she follows the advice she gave.

In personal relationships, Lilith often listens to her spouse. They are real companions who know how to find compromises, and even personal desires, will not distract them from a common goal.

Often, Lilith goes into the profession after she devoted a lot of time to her family, spouse, and children. She is suitable for professions related to listening, caring for others, counseling, professions where you can safely develop (civil servants, secretaries). Professions related to sports, teaching children, nature and animals will also be close to her.

Birthday Lilith

Lilith does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Lilith

  • Lilit Galoyan ((born 1983) Armenian chess player. She represented Armenia at many international chess competitions, including five chess Olympiads.)
  • Lilit Mkrtchyan ((born 1982) Armenian chess player, member of the Armenian women's Olympic team)
  • Lily ((born 1987) pseudonym, real name - Lilit Hovhannisyan; Armenian pop singer, also a fashion designer)
  • Lilita Ozolina ((born 1947) Soviet and Latvian actress, was engaged in social activities)
  • Lilit Galustyan ((born 1962) Soviet political scientist, public figure and publicist, also translator)
  • Lilita Berzina ((1903-1983) full name - Lilia Priede-Berzina; Soviet Latvian actress, winner of the Stalin Prize II degree (1947) and many other awards. Hero of Socialist Labor.)
  • Lilith Saintcrow ((born 1976) American writer (fantasy, romantic mysticism))
  • Lilit Mazikina (Russian journalist, actively popularizes gypsy culture)

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