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Lily's Name Meaning
Lily's Name Meaning

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Short form of the name Lily. Lee, Lilu, Lilike.

Synonyms for the name Lily. Lily, Lila, Liliana, Lilia, Lilith, Leah, Leila, Liana, Lilly.

The origin of Lily's name. Lily's name is Muslim, Catholic, Indian.

Lily's name was originally a short form for many female names beginning with "lily" (Lily, Liliana, Liana, Lilith). Over time, in Europe, the name Lily became an independent name. Most often, as an independent name, it began to be used in the UK, Australia, USA and France.

But Lily is also often used as an affectionate reference to the names Alice, Caroline, Eliana, Melissa, Evangeline and others.

Lily's name can also be found among Muslim women, but in this case, Lily's name appeared as the original short form of the name Leila.

In some cases, Lily's name is identical to the names Lilya and Leela, they are considered related and interchangeable names. All of these names in modern times have become independent and independent, but continue to be used as affectionate addresses. But there is still a preference for which short form is used with which name. The name Leela is more often used when referring to the owners with the names Lilia, Delilah and Leona, and Lilia is used by Liliana, Elizabeth, Lydia, Leah, Rachel and, of course, Lilia and Leila.

The name Leela is also an Indian name, translated from Sanskrit as "divine play", "fun", "beauty".

The owner of the name Lily is quite sensitive and emotional nature, for which emotional comfort is very important. Feeling loved, she can give her love as well, as soon as this connection is broken, then Lily loses self-confidence, the beautiful world turns gray, and life becomes joyless. Lily loves communication, large companies, hospitable and cordial hostess.

She may have to learn how to navigate a changing world, given her indecision and impressionability, learn to filter and pay attention only to those things that can affect her personally. Lily is a perfectionist, with a certain amount of fussiness, not indifferent to beauty, its manifestations in aesthetics and art. Family harmony and sensual comfort are essential for her emotional well-being. Emotional stress can have a significant impact on her balance, make her withdrawn.

Her life motivation is based on feelings and inner harmony. Therefore, care must be taken in expressing love, especially if Lily is still a child, it is necessary to find a balance so as not to overdo it and not to underdo it. It is also extremely important to teach her independence and responsibility in a balanced way, so as not to leave the girl addicted and not to provide too much freedom.

You should also not give her the opportunity to feel obligated in all aspects in relation to her parents, because then in the future, the parents themselves will suffer from the overprotection of their own daughter. Indeed, for Lily it will be necessary - to monitor the well-being of her own parents, to take part in all their affairs, to actively intervene and regulate any actions.

Lily is a creative person, she can see art even where the majority will not notice. But it is difficult to call her creative, coming up with something completely new is not her job. Singing well, playing roles beautifully, clearly drawing details - her strength is in honing her own skills. She is not scattered on many things at once, she chooses one.

The owner of the name Lily is an adherent of the "path of least resistance", she is not a fighter for rights, she prefers to solve problems step by step when they arise, rather than take her swoop and come up with the only correct solution right here and now. Deep down, Lily, far from materialism, tends to live her life in accordance with her spiritual values. Therefore, Lily will definitely have her own way so that she can escape from reality, in which sometimes there can be a lot of pain, worries and problems. Often these can be travels that add positive emotions to her, break the monotony of life and give her fresh breaths of air.

This emotional focus of life can make Lily a very romantic person who believes in a prince on a white horse. Once finding him, she is ready to idealize her lover, which usually leads to disappointment when she discovers that this man is far from the perfection that she expects. On the other hand, starting a family is of the utmost importance to her, so she can hesitate a lot at a fateful moment. For her, this will be a rather difficult decision, Lily can become patient and understanding if she loves selflessly.

Her family life is likely to be the number one priority, although she may succumb to temptation and pursue a career in a creative environment, in the field of medicine, healthcare, zoology or ecology, as well as professions that require attention to detail.

Lily's birthday

Lily doesn't celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Lily

  • Lila Naidu ((1940-2009) Indian actress, won the Miss India title in 1954)
  • Leela Chitnis ((1909-2003) Indian actress)
  • Leela Downs ((born 1968) Mexican singer, composer, sings in many languages, but more often in Spanish and English. Winner of the 2013 Grammy Award for Best Mexican Album and two Latin Grammy Awards.)
  • Leela James ((born 1983) American soul and R&B singer)
  • Lili Bganba ((born 1937) Abkhaz economist, public figure)
  • Lily Cooper ((born 1985) English singer and actress, also TV presenter, fashion designer)
  • Lily Cahill ((1888-1955) American theater actress, starred in silent films)
  • Lily Mo Shin ((born 1999) English child actress)
  • Lily Monori ((born 1945) Hungarian actress)
  • Lily Owsley ((born 1994) English field hockey athlete, 2016 Olympic gold medalist as part of the team)
  • Lily Darvas ((1906 / 1902-1974) Hungarian and later American actress)
  • Lillian "Lily" Sobieski ((born 1983) American actress)
  • Lily Chukasyan ((1921-2012) American opera singer (contralto), world famous, performed at the Metropolitan Opera in New York for over 20 years)
  • Lily Rabe ((born 1982) American actress, was nominated for a "Tony" in 2011)
  • Lili de Alvarez ((1905-1998) Spanish tennis player, three Wimbledon Cup winners, also journalist and writer)
  • Lily Ann Taylor ((born 1967) American actress)
  • Lily Laskin ((1893-1988) French harpist, who played for more than 30 years in the "Comedie Francaise", concentrated a lot. She was a teacher. An international harp competition was established in her name.)
  • Lily Mae Loveless ((born 1990) British actress)
  • Lily Boulanger ((1893-1918) French composer)
  • Lily-Rose Melody Depp ((born 1999) American actress and model, her parents are famous world actors)

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