The Meaning Of The Name Lika

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The Meaning Of The Name Lika
The Meaning Of The Name Lika

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Lika
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Synonyms for the name Lika. Angelica, Angelica, Lydia, Leocardia, Glyceria, Sylvia, Felicia, Elikonida, Milolika, Svetoolika, Chilika, Malika.

The origin of the name Lika. Lika's name is Russian.

Most often, the name Lika is a short form of some female names (Angelica, Lydia, Leocardia, Glyceria, Sylvia, Felicia, Elikonida, Milolika, Svetoolika, Chilika, Malika) and male names (Polycarp, Glycerius). Recently, the name Lika has been used regardless of its full forms and has become an independent name.

Lika is growing up as a calm and balanced child. Every year diplomacy develops more and more in it. She often becomes one of the main instigators of intrigue. She has a passion for adventure and travel. Lika has great intuition and a good sense of humor. The girl has charm and unique charm. It's almost impossible to outsmart her. Thanks to her discretion, she comes out victorious in any situation. He disdains people who abuse effective postures and pompous expressions in communication.

From the outside, she seems to be an extremely conservative and cowardly person. Such characteristics often scare away fans. In fact, Lika is very sensitive. She always has pets at home, which she loves very much.

As a person, Lika is most often a positive person who has the ability to always look at things objectively. In a dispute, she is always ready to listen to the enemy. If his arguments seem convincing, he will agree with his point of view. She also has her own opinion, from which the girl, if necessary, will not give up. At work, she creates a welcoming, harmonious atmosphere.

It should not be forgotten that a girl with such a name can also be a negative character. Then she can be described as a two-faced person, capable of the most vile atrocities. This type of person should not be trusted. A very high probability of betrayal.

In life, Lika values independence and freedom. In his actions he relies more on his own experience than on the advice of others. Lika is a charming girl. No one will deny her the presence of charm. She loves adventure and travel, and is often involved in all sorts of intrigues. The girl has a great sense of humor and good intuition.

Calmness and balance help Lika in her work. In addition, the girl is quite diplomatic. She has a fine sense of beauty and is not devoid of artistic and artistic talents. It is very important for Lika to find her true purpose in life. There is always a desire to share her knowledge with others.

Lika's life credo is “all or nothing”. In achieving the goal, the girl is greatly helped by endurance, which comes from the strength of her spirit. She readily takes on a new business, and, as a rule, brings it to the end.

Lika has a subtle spirituality and sensitivity. Often she hides her romantic soft nature behind a screen of practicality. A girl with this name usually marries successfully and is happily married. She easily becomes a good housewife, loving wife and caring mother.

The face is kind and peaceful. She is shrewd, but knows how to keep secrets. It is very important for her to experience physical and spiritual comfort in communication.

The owner of such a name is always happy in marriage. She makes a faithful wife and an excellent mistress of the house. She has a well-developed culinary ability. She loves her children very much and takes care of them.

Birthday Liki

Lika does not celebrate a name day.

Famous people named Lika

  • Lika Kavzharadze ((born 1959) Soviet and Georgian actress. She became famous for the role of Marita in Tengiz Abuladze's film "The Tree of Desire".)
  • Ailika (Lika) Kremer ((born 1977) Soviet and Russian actress and TV presenter)
  • Lika Kashirina ((born 1986) full name - Angelica, real name - Aslanyan; Russian theater and film actress)
  • Lika Yalinskaya, Angelica Agurbash ((born 1970) nee - Yalinskaya; Belarusian singer, actress, model and TV presenter, currently performing on the Russian stage)
  • Angelica (Lika) Rulla ((born 1972) Russian actress and singer, soloist of musicals)
  • Lika (Liana) Nifontova ((born 1963) actress, People's Artist of Russia)
  • Lydia Mizinova, Lika Mizinova ((1870 - 1939) married - Sanina; Russian singer, actress, translator, memoirist, literary and theater critic, close friend of A. P. Chekhov, prototype of Nina Zarechnaya in the play "The Seagull")
  • Lika Gulliver (photographer, wife of Andrei Lysikov, Russian poet and musician, better known under the pseudonym Dolphin)
  • Lika Star (real name - Lika Pavlova; singer, DJ, master of sports (swimming))
  • Lika Dlugach (TV presenter)
  • Lika Roman ((born 1985) Ukrainian model, winner of the Miss Ukraine 2007 contest, represented her country at the Miss World contest in the same year)

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