The Meaning Of The Name Lethe

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The Meaning Of The Name Lethe
The Meaning Of The Name Lethe

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Synonyms for the name Lethe. Lita, Laeta, Letizia, Leticia.

The origin of the name Lethe. Summer's name is Catholic.

The name Summer was used by Americans until the early 60s of the twentieth century. In 1900, it occupied the 348th line of the rating and was constantly losing ground. For the past 50 years, Lethe's name has not been one of the 1000 most popular names in the United States.

The name Lethe is of Latin origin. It comes from "laetus" meaning "abundant", "fat", as well as "cheerful", "contented". In the modern interpretation it sounds like “pleasant”, “happy”, “contented”, “joyful”. Catholics have several saints called Letters (Leto) - African Letters, Aurelian Letters.

The female version of the name Lethe came from this male name. There are possible variants of writing the name as - Leta, Laeta - and in this case, different pronunciations of the name are also possible - Leta, Lita, Laeta. The name of Summer is not mentioned in the Catholic calendar.

There is a possibility that the name Lethe came from the name of Letizia, which can be written in various variants - Laetitia, Letitia, Leticia. In ancient Rome, there were several generic names derived from "laetus", and from it such names as Letizia, Letilla (Letilla), Leta (Leta) appeared. These names can be complementary to each other and be affectionate.

In this semantic meaning, the name of Leta is identical to the names of Felicia, Said, Zita, Beatrice. You can also say that the name Letizia does not have a paired male name - it is an exclusively female name.

Also Lethe is a short form of addressing some names. For example, to the names Violetta, Nicoleta, Aleta, Aletta.

The owner of the Leta name is a rather original and unique woman. Quite often, her appearance is in stark contrast to her true appearance. The striking difference between the obvious non-stop activity and its real desire for truth and authenticity can lead to the fact that it manifests itself and becomes too noticeable for uncoordinated actions. When Leta does completely opposite and contradictory things in relation to each other, and she only remembers that captures her completely and completely at the moment.

This woman wants to embrace everything at once, capturing all the opportunities that life gives her. When she is thriving, when she is in tune with her emotions, she feels as if she is reigning, when everything is under her control. Paradoxically, haste and reflection coexist with her as part of her personality, sensitive to mood swings. Leta is confident that she is capable of the most noble deeds, showing herself as a charming, productive and witty girl. But if attention to her is insufficient, then it is possible that the girl will become withdrawn, striving for loneliness and avoiding contact with people.

As a child, Leta is a rather lively and active girl, often doing many things spontaneously, not realizing the reasons for her actions. More often a girl is an introvert, inclined to secrecy, restraint, loves to think about the great mysteries of life, she has a craving for philosophical thinking. She has a vivid imagination, which exposes her to sudden outbursts of euphoria or anger, which are usually accompanied by feelings of despondency. Parents should make sure that harmony prevails in the family, encourage their daughter more, give her love and show family affection.

The owner of the name Leta is interested in the sciences of a humanitarian nature, psychology, astrology, graphology. In this case, she is likely to see her mission accomplished through her personal and romantic relationships, friendship and communication. However, if she feels misunderstood or unloved, she will seek loneliness, prioritizing her own needs for spiritual balance.

The career of such a girl will be unusual, have a specialized character. If she gives preference to the technical or scientific (information) sphere, then she will choose non-standard specifics for herself, where she can apply her vision - innovation in fashion, mobile power, unusual architecture. Otherwise, it could be professions related to marketing, travel, advertising, journalism or dance, where others may like her efforts. She is equally inclined to take an interest in social studies or consulting work.

Birthday Leta

He does not celebrate the summer name day.

Famous people named Lethe

  • Leta Hollingworth ((1886-1939) surname before marriage - Stetter; American psychologist, an innovator in her field. She made significant contributions in three areas: psychology of women, clinical psychology and educational psychology. She developed an experimental program for teaching gifted children, experimentally refuted the thesis about inferiority of women. Known for her work with exceptional children - both with reduced and increased levels of mental development.)
  • Leta Pier ((1964-2012) Swiss artist, winner of various awards and prizes)
  • Letha Powell Drake ((born 1938) is an American television presenter, television producer, screenwriter. She is a television personality who was a kind of celebrity on television in the city of Lincoln (USA, Nebraska). Throughout her career, she participated in and produced more than 10,000 television Show. Continues his professional activity. He is also one of the founders of the Parade Celebration of the Star City. Actively participates in social activities - Member of the Screen Actors Guild, works on the boards of colleges, universities, helps hospitals, deals with youth problems.)
  • Leta Lindley ((born 1972) American professional golfer)
  • Letha Miller (American performer)
  • Leta Mayorova (Russian dressmaker)
  • Leta Fisher (American manager of the Omidyar Network in Silicon Valley)
  • Laeta Elizabeth Kalogridis ((born 1965) is an American screenwriter and executive producer. She wrote the scripts for the films Alexander (2004), The Night Watch (2006, English version), Pathfinder (2007), Isle of the Damned (2010), Terminator Genisys (2015), Alita: Battle Angel (2018).)

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