The Meaning Of The Name Lada

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The Meaning Of The Name Lada
The Meaning Of The Name Lada

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Lada
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The short form of the name Lada. Ladochka, Ladusya, Lada, Ladusenka, Ladusechka, Laduska.

Synonyms for the name Lada. Ladislava, Vladlena, Hellas, Vlad, Milada, Pallas, Vladislav.

The origin of the name Lada. The name Lada is Russian, Slavic, Orthodox.

The name Lada is a Slavic name, meaning "sweetheart", "wife". In Slavic mythology, Lada was the goddess of love and beauty. In the Old Russian language, the word "lada" meant "spouse", this is the interpretation given to this word in "The Lay of Igor's Host." In Great Russian songs, "lada" is used in the feminine gender ("I'm looking for a sweet fret for myself") or as a neuter gender ("my lad is jealous"). Later he was also interpreted as "spouse", "sweetheart, sweetheart."

Most likely, "fret" is related to such words as "fret", "okay" in the meaning of "good, kind". In modern times, they continue to use the words "frets" when they say that they have solved some important matter, and in ancient times, the "ladnik" was called an agreement on a dowry. In ancient times, the following words were also used, now out of use in Russian: frets - engagement, okay - matchmaker, ladkanya - wedding song.

The first mention of the name Lada (as a proper name) was in N. Tupikov's dictionary of ancient Russian names. The name Lada was indicated as a man's name or as a nickname - Lada, Lada and Latka, and in M. Moroshkin's Namebook the female name Lada, used in the Czech Republic, was recorded.

The goddess Lada was known to many European peoples. In the XII century BC. Greece was conquered by the Dorians, and after this conquest, the cult of Lada appeared among the Greeks, where the name of the goddess meant "mistress". Since then, Lada has firmly settled in ancient Greek mythology. The cult of Lada was bifurcated, two incarnations of it appeared, two goddesses. First of all, it was the Titanide Leto (in Rome she was called Latona), the mother of Apollo and Artemis. Then she began to appear in the form of Zeus's beloved - Leda, who gave birth to the Dioscuri twins.

Есть что-то общее между персонажами Лето, Леда и славянской богиней Лада. Первое сходство – все три богини были связаны с культом белого лебедя, которое было священным животным Лады, имя которой означало, кроме прочего, «лебедушка». Чтобы соблазнить Леду, этот образ использовал Зевс, когда явился к ней в виде белого лебедя. Литовцы приносили в жертву Ладе белого петуха как замену лебедя. Второе сходство – обе гречанки, Лето и Леда, родили божественных близнецов, а у Лады тоже была двойня – Лель и Полель.

Preserved information that in pre-Christian times in the lower part of Kiev, in Podil, there was a majestic temple of Lada. It was built according to the traditions of that time: from a “living” material - wood, which was completely covered with silver plates. The mythologists of the late 18th and first decades of the 19th century (Popov, Chulkov, Kaisarov) did not doubt the existence of the goddess Lada, accepting without verification the testimony of Innocent Gisel about her in his Synopsis, which drew his information about the pagan gods from the books of Polish historians Kromer and Stryjkovsky …

The name Lada has become an independent name, but it is often used as an abbreviation for various names. The name Lada is a diminutive form of not only female names (Vladlena, Hellas, Vlada, Milada, Pallas, Vladislav), but also male names (Vladimir, Laodicea, Virilad, Pallady, Elladius). The name Lada is often considered a short form of the name Ladislav.

It so happens that Lada in the family is a long-awaited child, so her parents cherish and cherish her. They are ready to put all the treasures of the world at her feet, to move all mountains on the way. From childhood, Lada gets used to this state of affairs - all the best for her - and cannot change her attitude towards it. And having matured, she will be stubborn and, at times, even very cruel to achieve her goals.

Perseverance and determination are excellent qualities, but vindictiveness, capriciousness, intractability are the other side of the coin. It is very difficult and difficult to communicate with Lada if your paths diverge. But you will be charged with such colossal energy and strength from her if you do a common cause.

Lada has a deep sensuality and emotionality. There are no half measures for her: if you love - then to the grave, if you hate - then to the end. Such a woman always remains a child who needs attention, love and understanding.

Frequently, Ladas are very adventurous, this is how they can attract the attention of other people and get a share of fame.

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Birthday Lada

Lada celebrates its name day on September 22.

Famous people named Lada

  • Lada (Slavic goddess of beauty, love and marriage, personifying both happy and unrequited love)
  • Lada Volkova ((born 1972) pseudonym - Lada Dance; popular pop singer)
  • Lada Zadonskaya (athlete, member of the Russian Olympic speed skating team at the Turin Olympics)
  • Lada Luzina ((born 1972) real name - Vladislava Kucherova, Luzina - mother's surname; Ukrainian Russian-speaking writer. Tops the list of the most successful writers of Ukraine 2011-2012. Became known as the most controversial journalist in Ukraine. In 2002 she released her first book "My Lolita. "Most of Lada Luzina's books are illustrated with graphic drawings by the author. Head of the Kiev Witch Club.)

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