The Meaning Of The Name Lana

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The Meaning Of The Name Lana
The Meaning Of The Name Lana

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Short form of the name Lana. Lanochka, Lanulya, Lanushka.

Synonyms for the name Lana. Svetlana, Ruslana, Milana, Alana, Milena, Roxalana, Iolanta, Evlampia, Melania, Belyana.

The origin of the name Lana. Lana's name is Slavic, English, Catholic.

The name Lana has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Lana is a Slavic name. The word "lang" in the Old Russian and Ukrainian languages ​​means "wide field", therefore the name Lana is interpreted as "fertile". From the same root, the ancient word "Lanits", meaning "cheeks", came from.

"Lan" in Old Russian means "land", it is the Ukrainian word "lan" that just means arable, and in a broader sense - fertile, fertile land or land of habitation, since people did not settle on barren lands. Hence such names as Ruskolan - Russian land were formed; Mediolan - middle land; Scotland is the land of pastoralists, distorted in our country to the name of Scotland; England - the land of the Ingles, distorted into England, etc.; a peasant - living on the earth, a village - a place of residence on the earth.

There are reasons to consider the word "lan" as a princely name.

According to the second version, the name Lana is the female form of the male name Alan, which has different versions of the origin.

According to the third version, the name Lana is an Irish name meaning "peaceful". According to the next version, the name Lana comes from the Celtic "alun", which means "consent", "harmony".

From the Italian language the name Lana will be translated as “fluffy”, “soft”, from the Latin language the name Lana is interpreted as “pretty”, “peaceful”.

Most often, you can hear the name Lana as a diminutive appeal to the names Svetlana, Ruslan, Milan, Alan, Milena, Roksolana, Iolanta, Evlampia, Melania, Belyana. But the name Lana is independent and is also used independently of the above names.

There is an opinion that the name Lana in the Slavic language means "sweet", "feminine", "okay", but, most likely, the name Lana is identified with the name Lada, which is an independent name and is not related to Lana. They also give the meaning "white", which is more suitable for the Slavic name of Belian, Belianitsa.

There are translation options for Lana's name - “golden fleece”, “pride”, “floating, afloat”.

Lana's name day - see corresponding full female name.

Lana is a rather friendly, smiling person. She comes across as an unreliable person, but in fact she is a loyal and devoted friend. This girl is very touchy, at times, she herself cannot even explain why and what she was offended, so you should be very careful with her. Outwardly, she may seem withdrawn, cold, rude, but inside she has a kind and sympathetic heart, she will always offer help, express sympathy and support.

Lana has a male mindset, she is practical in her everyday life. But at heart she is a romantic, does not like loneliness and always tries to be in the company. This girl knows how to charm others, but to get to know her for real, you will have to try very hard and spend more than one year. She can pretend to be weak in order to gain your trust, especially if you are a strong man who will not mind giving support and lending a strong shoulder.

Lana is often characterized by prudence and courage. In her style, these qualities are manifested quite often. Of course, in different situations, Lana's character manifests itself in different ways, she is subject to frequent mood swings. Lana uses her strengths effectively without even realizing them.

Lana is a freedom-loving woman, has an independent character. Likes to command, makes decisions quickly and without hesitation. The owner of this name gravitates towards stability, rarely changes jobs, preferring a proven place to risk. She is a hard worker.

Lana is a creative person. Loves music, poetry, she has a well-developed artistic taste. She embodies her love in the interior, writing poetry, dancing and clothes. She has her own opinion, not burdened by stereotypes.

It happens that Lana's indecision, laziness prevent her from achieving her goals. She will blame herself for all mistakes, but she will not be in a hurry to fix them, preferring to do something else. Lana doesn't always follow through. Many of her endeavors, in which she puts her soul, turn out to be successful.

Lana is in no hurry to marry. Having married, she tries to command her husband, which will not please any man, but not every strong man is able to subdue her. Lana does not like sycophants and henpecked. Lana is in love, in marriage it can be unfaithful. A good hostess, Lana appreciates the cleanliness and comfort in the house. She is generally welcoming. Lana loves children, and children often love her back.

Lana can become a very successful poet, singer, artist. It happens that Lana chooses a career as a director or an actress. With the effort, Lana can become a reporter or travel columnist, although these professions are not the most popular with the owners of this name.

Lana's birthday

Lana doesn't celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Lana

  • Svetlana Alliluyeva ((1926 - 2011) nee - Stalin, in exile - Lana Peters; Soviet philologist-translator, candidate of philological sciences; memoirist. She became widely known as the daughter of IV Stalin, about whose life she left a number of works in the genre of memoirs. In 1967 she emigrated from the USSR to the USA.)
  • Lana Turner ((1921 - 1995) real name - Julia Jean Milfred Frances Turner; one of the most glamorous and sensual stars of classic Hollywood)
  • Lana Gorbunova (TV journalist, former correspondent and economic columnist for Channel One. Since 2009, producer of the Star Puppet Parade for Children charity project, co-organizer of the project to recreate the collection of dolls and toys for children of the imperial family of the Tsarskoye Selo State Museum of Fine Arts)
  • Lana Jean Clarkson ((1962 - 2003) American actress and fashion model)
  • Lana Lane (American singer. Sings in her own band "Lana Lane", performs backing vocals in the progressive group "Rocket Scientists". Also took part in the "Ayreon" project, the rock opera "Genius" and the albums of Eric Norlander. Fans call her "Queen of Symphonic Rock".)
  • Lana Azarkh ((born 1922) Russian artist, production designer of animated films)
  • Lana Gogoberidze ((born 1928) Georgian film director, People's Artist of the Georgian SSR (1979))
  • Lana, Lana Del Rey ((born 1986) pseudonym, real name Elizabeth Grant; American singer. In June 2011, she signed to Stranger Records, the label that released her debut single, Video Games. This song and video, self-created by Lana Del Rey, instantly made the artist famous. In October 2011, Lana Del Rey won the Q award for "Next Big Thing."
  • Lana Parrilla ((born 1977) American film and television actress)
  • Svetlana Garon, Lana Garon (theater critic, theater critic, essayist)

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