The Meaning Of The Name Claudius (Klava)

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The Meaning Of The Name Claudius (Klava)
The Meaning Of The Name Claudius (Klava)

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Short form of the name Claudius. Klava, Klavdiyushka, Klavdya, Klavdyuha, Klavdyusha, Klavdyunya, Laying, Klanya, Klakha, Klasha, Klasya, Ava.

Synonyms for the name Claudius. Claudia, Claude, Claudia.

The origin of the name Claudius. The name Claudius is Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Claudius is the feminine form of the male name Claudius. The name comes from the Latin root "claudus" meaning "to limp." In ancient Rome, this was a generic name.

The name Claudius got into the Russian language through Byzantium, and they began to baptize children with it, after which the name spread in Russia. The name Claudius was widespread both among the nobility and among the merchants and peasants. Interest in the name was abruptly lost in the 20s of the 20th century, and at the moment is not included in the 100 most popular names in Russia, rather, this name can be considered rarely used.

Affectionately Klavdia can be called Klava. Sometimes the address Klash is also used, which is also used as jargon, to a greater extent to denote a rustic, short-sighted person - "redneck". In other languages, there are analogues of this name - Claude (in French, where it also acts as a male name), Claudia (in German) and others.

By temperament, Claudia is rather a phlegmatic. A woman with this name is characterized by poise, calmness, hard work. She is always quick to adapt to changing environments and circumstances. Confidence in herself and in her charm distinguishes Claudia from other women. But at the same time, she lacks the necessary intuition, and her imagination is poorly developed. She is not at all inclined to curiosity, although her thinking has an analytical bias. This woman has a pretty good memory and is able to remember everything that happens around her in great detail. Claudia often has a high opinion of herself.

Если возникают какие-нибудь проблемы, она никогда не станет отягощать ими своих родных и окружающих ее людей. Однако сама всегда выслушает человека, который столкнулся с неприятностями в жизни. Стойко переносит любые неудачи, встретившиеся ей на пути. Часто из-за отсутствия чувства такта или дипломатичности Клавдия говорит прямо то, что думает, не переживая при этом о каких-либо последствиях. По прошествии нескольких лет, чаще к старости, такая черта характера, как правило, исчезает.

Claudia is an absolutely uninhibited woman, but she will not violate well-known moral standards. Claudia is predisposed to often change jobs, and, as a rule, she fulfills the duties associated with her position only out of a sense of duty. She is absolutely not attracted to career growth, and she does not strive for it. She doesn't like to be lonely at all, so communication with different people is just a necessity for her. We can say that for Claudia it is like air.

The woman who bears this name is a very impressionable person, and she takes the betrayal of a loved one to heart and experiences very hard. No one has the right to advise Claudia about choosing a future husband, as she prefers to do it on her own. As for family life, here she is a good wife, a caring and loving mother, and also an excellent housewife. She always strives to be economical, therefore, even in household trifles, she is very prudent and thrifty. Claudia is able to earn good money and, of course, provide for her family in material terms.

Claudia's birthday

Claudia celebrates her name day on January 6, April 2, May 31, November 19.

Famous people named Claudia

  • Claudia Proculus (according to apocryphal sources and church tradition, the wife of Pontius Pilate, the Roman ruler of Judea. In the Greek, Coptic and Ethiopian churches, she is canonized.)
  • Klavdia Plotnikova-Andzhigatova ((about 1893 - 1989) a representative of the Kamasin people, the last speaker of the Kamasin language)
  • Klavdia Barkhatova ((1917 - 1990) Soviet astronomer)
  • Klavdiya Koroleva ((1907-?) Train dispatcher, initiator of the organization of work on a tight schedule of locomotive turnover in railway transport, laureate of the Stalin Prize of the third degree. In 1942, Klavdiya Koroleva was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor)
  • Klavdia Boyarskikh ((1939 - 2009) famous Soviet skier, three-time Olympic champion, multiple world and USSR champion, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1964))
  • Klavdia Elanskaya ((1898 - 1972) Soviet theater and film actress, People's Artist of the USSR (1948), laureate of the Stalin Prize of the first degree (1952); her roles are Katyusha Maslova in Resurrection, Olga Three Sisters, etc.)
  • Klavdia Shulzhenko ((1906-1984) pop singer-songwriter, theater and film actress, People's Artist of the USSR (1971))
  • Klavdiya Alyoshina ((1912 - 1993) Soviet swimmer and coach, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1937), Honored Coach of the USSR (1956 - among the first ZT USSR))
  • Klavdia Nazarova ((1920 - 1942) Hero of the Soviet Union, organizer and head of the underground Komsomol organization in the city of Ostrov, Pskov region)
  • Claudia Baryl (Ukrainian artist)
  • Klavdia Kantsyreva ((1847 -?) Russian ballerina, artist of the Petersburg Imperial Theater)
  • Klavdia Kudryashova ((born 1925) Russian Soviet opera singer (mezzo-soprano), People's Artist of the USSR (1970))
  • Klavdia Korshunova (Russian film and theater actress)
  • Archduchess Claudia Felicitata (Claudia Felicitas) ((1653 - 1676) Empress of the Holy Roman Empire, second wife of Leopold I)
  • Klavdiya Aleksevich (Aleksovich) ((1830-1916) the first Galician-Russian writer, public figure and teacher)
  • Klavdia Kobizeva ((1905 - 1995) Moldavian Soviet sculptor, People's Artist of the Moldavian SSR (1965))

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