The Meaning Of The Name Kare

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The Meaning Of The Name Kare
The Meaning Of The Name Kare

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Kare
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Synonyms for the name Kare. Carita, Macarena, Carol, Caroline, Carey, Kerra.

The origin of the name Kare. Kara's name is English.

The name Kare is a new feminine name found most often in Europe. Belongs to the category of rare names. In the original, it may have different recording options - Care, Cure, Kare - and, depending on the language of use, it is read in different ways ("caret", "kare", "kere", "kure", "kure", etc.) …

As a female name, it has been used quite recently, since the middle of the twentieth century. And according to the first version, it is an artificial name that appeared from the word "care", meaning "care", "care", respectively, and the translation is "caring."

According to the second version, the name Care (also written as Cura) is the name of the Roman goddess who created the first man and whose name means "care". This version was suggested by the Roman writer Gaius Julius Gigin, who transferred the human property - care - into the image of the goddess. It is possible that the name was taken by the writer from the Latin "caritas" (selfless, merciful love), transformed into the modern concept of "care."

Also, this concept was retained in similar and close in meaning female names - Karita, Kara. In terms of meaning, the name Kara will be close to the names Agapia, Love, Care, Eleanor, Zinaida and others - “love”, “dear”, “respected”.

It is possible that the female name Kara came from the English surname Care, which in Russian is equivalent to the surnames - Zabotin, Caring, Zabotkin. Also, the name Kare is an affectionate appeal to some female names - Karita, Macarena, Carol, Caroline, Carey, Kerra.

There is also a male name of Scandinavian origin - Kore (Kåre), which can be read as "kare", "kere", "kore", but it comes from the Old Norse name Kári (Kari, Kauri, Kuri), which means "curly". As a male name, Kare is widespread in the Scandinavian countries.

The owner of the name Kare is quite impulsive, hates restrictions, for her the concept of "freedom" is more than just a word. She is good at adapting to the environment, inquisitive, cunning and quick in making decisions. Routine is her main enemy, and Kara seems to slip easily through life, which makes her somewhat naive about potential dangers.

This girl prefers to be strong rather than vulnerable. Energetic and imposing, and somewhat selfish and impatient, she sets out to become a winner in the game of life, and she does not understand why she must wait for this long. She is charismatic and can become very arrogant if she definitely knows how to secure and improve her life.

These strong qualities can turn into her weakness, because of this, Kara can be restless, unstable and aggressive, she sometimes lacks stealth and common sense. She likes to live a beautiful, bright, fast life, figuratively and literally, although luck is usually on her side most of the time.

As a child, this girl gives the impression of an angel, but she actually prefers not to sit still, but to participate in everything - skiing, climbing trees, racing bicycles. Love for adventure, new achievements and well-deserved victories will be in Kara's mind from the moment this happens to her for the first time. Here, upbringing must be solid, and her parents are strongly encouraged to convey to the child clearly delineated boundaries of what is permissible, which she should not cross under any circumstances, but to know that sometime in life an emergency may happen.

Kare loves movement, speed and travel. She craves adrenaline in her blood and can enjoy the risk. She takes great pleasure in her accomplishments and adores the glory of victory. This can bring her success in the professional arena. Provocative and individualistic, she is the law for herself. The love life of this girl is stormy and passionate. Often falling in love in the blink of an eye, she again can quickly and suddenly leave her admirer without batting an eye. Kare is a seductive heartbreaker, but you shouldn't take it personally, it's just one of her character traits, her lifestyle. She needs the admiration of others, to see that she is desirable, because this is what allows her to remind her for herself that she exists.

The spirit of freedom that sits in her does not allow her to take orders from the hierarchical boss, so she builds her career that would stimulate her mind and keep her active, because she likes to be on the move, and easy victories are too boring for her. Kara can choose one of the free professions, most often this is a creative direction (actress, artist, singer, writer), but sports are also possible. If Kara chooses a career as a civil servant, she may change jobs frequently and is more likely to work in the transportation or tourism industry.

Birthday Kare

The square does not celebrate its name day.

Famous people named Kara

  • Kare Kauks ((born 1961) Estonian singer, won music competitions in 1987 "Jurmala-1987" and "Tartu-87")
  • Care Santos ((born 1970) real name - Macarena Santos Torres; Spanish writer, writes in Spanish and Catalan)
  • Kura Okllo ((died 1539) spelling of the name - Cura Ocllo; wife-sister (half-life) of the Inca emperor Manco II in 1533-1539)