The Meaning Of The Name Camila

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The Meaning Of The Name Camila
The Meaning Of The Name Camila

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Synonyms for the name Camila. Camilla, Kamila, Kamola, Komila, Kamala, Komola.

The origin of the name Camila. The name Kamila is Tatar, Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Kamila is of Arabic origin, which means "perfect in every way, the best." Camila is the female form of the male name Camil. There are other forms of the name Kamila - Komila, Komola, Kamala, which are more often used in countries such as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan.

Also Camila is one of the spellings of the name Camille.

Camila is growing up as a mobile girl. She has a kind and sympathetic character, treats her peers and parents with affection and sympathy. Camila is resourceful, does not give up after failures. The girl is subjective, she sees any situation entirely. Camila has a good memory. A woman with this name can be careless, but at the same time is always ready to help loved ones. For the sake of helping those in need, Kamila easily spends money.

"Winter" Camila is more emotional, she is selfish and a little stubborn. The girl has a choleric temperament. She will definitely complete the business she has begun.

Camils ​​born in autumn are the most sensitive. Disappointments in life strongly affect the girl; under their influence, she can withdraw into herself. Kamila finds a couple easily, she gets married early. The wife from Camila turns out to be faithful and caring.

Camila prefers to be in an intelligent society. The girl is by nature non-conflicting. Although she is emotional, she successfully hides her feelings from strangers. Camila does not tolerate lies, tries not to give empty promises. The "autumn" girl is straightforward. Although Kamila is simple and open to people in communication, she becomes proud in the circle of strangers.

Kamila's birthday

Kamila doesn't celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Camila

  • Camila Antonia Amaranta Vallejo Dowling ((born 1988) activist of the student and communist movement in Chile, student of the Faculty of Geography. President of the Student Federation of Chilean Universities; the second Chilean to lead the country's student community after Marisol Prado (1997 - 1998) over a 105-year period of existence FECh. Part of the Chilean Communist Youth, the youth wing of the Chilean Communist Party.)
  • Kamila Raidlova ((born 1978) famous Czech skier, participant of three Olympic Games, winner of the World Cup stage. She specializes in distance racing.)
  • Kamila Gaikova ((born 1987) is a Czech ice dancing figure skater. She is a five-time Czech champion in figure skating with her partner, David Vintsour. In addition, the couple won twice at the Pavel Roman Memorial tournament, and were twice bronze medalists. " Memorial Ondrej Nepela "and once became the third in the tournament" Golden Horse of Zagreb. "At the European and World Championships, she occupied, mainly, low places. Took part in the Olympic Games in Vancouver.)
  • Camila Bordonaba ((born 1984) Argentine actress and singer. Known primarily for her leading roles in the popular youth telenovelas "The Children" (1996 - 2001) and "The Spirit of Rebellion" (2002 - 2003). Together with other main characters of the last series was a member of the pop group Erreway.)
  • Camila Manyaesh Sampayu, better known as Camila Pitanga ((born 1977) Brazilian film actress and fashion model)
  • Camila Brunelli ((born 1957) historian and Germanist)
  • Camilla Rosemary Mountbatten-Windsor ((born 1947) Duchess of Cornwall, second wife (from 9 April 2005) to Charles, Prince of Wales, heir to the British throne)
  • Kamila Skolimowska ((1982 - 2009) Polish hammer thrower, the first Olympic champion in hammer throw in the history of the sport (2000). She won the Games in Sydney at the age of 17. Daughter of Robert Skolimowski, winner of the World Weightlifting Championship.)

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