The Meaning Of The Name Iraida

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The Meaning Of The Name Iraida
The Meaning Of The Name Iraida

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Iraida
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The short form of the name Iraida. Raida, Ida, Ira, Irochka, Iraidka, Irunya, Irusya, Raya.

Synonyms for the name Iraida. Iriad.

The origin of the name Iraida. The name Iraida is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Iraida, translated from the ancient Greek language, means "heroine" or "daughter of a hero"; translation is possible from the clan of Hera. The patroness of this name is the saint - martyr Iraida of Alexandria, Antinopolitan.

There is a derivative name Iriad, which is identified with the name Iraida. The name Iraida is one of the few female names that do not have a paired male name. The names Heraclius and Hercules can be called related names.

A girl named Iraida is a naughty and impudent person. In studies, he achieves success, as a rule, because of the desire to be the first in everything. Peers usually don't like Iraida very much because of her arrogance. She is no help for her mother: she does not help much around the house. After graduating from school, she tries to continue her studies at one of the prestigious educational institutions.

In adulthood, Iraida is usually a very strict and sometimes arrogant woman. And sometimes it even seems to others insensitive and cold. But this is not at all the case, she just always and in everything shows restraint. Iraida tries to be always punctual and obligatory, therefore she absolutely does not tolerate when others are late or do not fulfill what they promised.

A woman named Iraida does not really like to communicate with people, so she never gets close to anyone. In view of this, she has very few girlfriends and friends. It happens that Iraida keeps people at a certain distance, not allowing them to come near her. But if, nevertheless, she has close friends, she is very attentive to them and tries to maintain good relations with them, for this she often invites them to visit and helps them with great desire.

Iraida often shows disgust, but at the same time she is quite clean and tidy, trying to maintain cleanliness and order in the house. The workplace is also kept in perfect order. A woman with this name is often demanding, but at the same time she is not at all selfish. She does not care about the experiences, troubles and joys of others. No difficulties can stop Iraida in her striving to achieve success at work and climb the career ladder.

Iraida always tries to look after her appearance, chooses clothes according to the latest fashion, sometimes she buys not quite standard things. Loves to be paid attention to. As a rule, this woman has great success with men, but she does not get married for a long time, since she is not at all attracted to family life. He enters into marriage both for great love and for material reasons. And it happens that this happens several times in her entire life. And family life is not always successful, even if it is a second or third attempt. Iraida loves to have many guests in the house, so she often organizes various parties. Even the most unpleasant situations will not unsettle her, she will always get out of the water dry.

Iraida, who was born in summer, is usually kind and sympathetic. She spends all her free time at home and her family. Likes to do handicrafts, especially embroidery and knitting. She has many friends and loves animals very much.

Iraida's birthday

Iraida celebrates her name day on February 7, March 5, March 18, August 7, September 18, September 23, October 6.

Famous people named Iraida

  • Irais of Alexandria (holy martyr originally from Alexandria in Egypt. Executed under Maximian at the beginning of the 4th century)
  • Ida Strauss ((1849 - 1912) née Rosalia Ida Bloon; wife of Macy's co-owner Isidore Strauss, who died with him in the Titanic crash in April 1912. Macy's is considered one of the first stores in which clothes are hung in size. However, Macy's is better known as the store that set the date for Thanksgiving, which is celebrated in the United States every year)
  • Iraida Utretskaya ((born 1925) ballerina, teacher, Honored Artist of the RSFSR)
  • Iraida Spasskaya ((born 1944) Soviet athlete (drafts), master of sports of international class, grandmaster, four-time champion of the USSR in Russian drafts, vice-champion of the world in hundred-cell drafts (1974). Student of Lev Moiseevich Ramm)
  • Iraida Yusupova ((born 1962) Russian composer)
  • Ida Hahn-Hahn ((1805 - 1880) German writer, at one time so popular that she was called "the German Georges Sand"; in the last years of her life she put a lot of effort in the name of the conversion of fallen women)
  • Ida Rubinstein ((1885 - 1960) Russian dancer and actress, known for the portrait of V. A. Serov, Russian ballet dancer, student of choreographer M. M. Fokin; after the October Revolution she lived in exile, led her own ballet troupe in Paris)
  • Iraida Arkhangelskaya (contemporary artist (still life, Pushkin theme))
  • Iraida Potekhina (contemporary Russian poet)
  • Iraida Kukarina ((born 1934), artistic director and dance director of the "Olympushka" ensemble, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, Laureate of the All-Russian competition of pop artists, Laureate of the 3rd and 6th World Festivals of Youth and Students in Berlin and Moscow)
  • Irina Odoevtseva ((1895 - 1990) real name - Iraida Ivanova, nee Geinike; poet, prose writer)
  • Ida Lupino ((1918 - 1995) English and American actress, one of the first female directors in film history)
  • Ida Kaminska ((1899 - 1980) Polish actress, Oscar nominee in 1966)
  • Ida Gerhardi ((1862 - 1927) German artist, representative of classical modernism)
  • Ida de Lorrain or Ida of Lorraine, sometimes also called Ida of Flanders ((1160 - 1216) Countess of Boulogne since 1173, eldest daughter of Mathieu of Alsace and Mary of Boulogne)
  • Ida Presti ((1924 - 1967) real name - Yvette Montagnon; French classical guitarist)

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