The Meaning Of The Name Oia

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The Meaning Of The Name Oia
The Meaning Of The Name Oia

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Oia
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Short form of the name Oia. June, June, Iyuta, Yusha, Yusha.

Synonyms for the name Iya. Iya, Oya.

The origin of the name Iya. Iya's name is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Oia has Greek roots and means "violet". There is a version that the name Oia is mistakenly translated as the name of a flower, and in this context this meaning appeared in the name after the name of Oia was associated with the name of Evdokia. This name was borne by one of the monastic martyrs - Saint Oia (Eudoxia) the Roman (or Persian).

Oya Corneville (V century) is revered among Catholics. The name Iya is considered the shortest to write a female name. Oia is also a diminutive form of addressing the owner of certain names (Evdokia, Solomiya, Diya). Pronunciation of the name through "s" - Yya - is found in Belarus.

This is a very rare name, since there is not a single consonant letter in it, therefore tremendous energy lies in the character of its owner. Iya is constantly full of emotions and experiences that she cannot contain. This is a very irritable and proud person. Her feelings constantly require an outlet, so she can lose her temper over any little thing. Thanks to her wonderful sense of humor, she can show her incontinence in the form of a funny joke. With age, this emotionality may decrease, but only slightly. This circumstance greatly complicates the life of Ii. Even if she tries to hide her emotions, they are still very noticeable, and this greatly complicates her relationship with others.

The constant struggle with her emotions hardens Iu and makes her character strong-willed and persistent in achieving her goal. To do this, she should keep her feelings in balance or direct them in the direction she needs. She should learn to perceive any situation with detachment and look at everything from the outside. In this case, her energy will not be wasted on suppressing her feelings, but all will be directed to achievements in work and promotion. Iya gives the impression of a rather reserved and taciturn girl. She is uncommunicative, schoolwork and classmates are not very interesting to her. Likes to sleep more in the morning. With age, her lack of communication and lethargy disappear.

For such women, professions related to creativity are most suitable. They are not inclined to build a career for themselves, since they do not have much ambition. But if they like to do something, for example, medicine, then they will definitely achieve their goal and become excellent doctors. If Iya has a penchant for acting, then he will definitely develop this and go to study as an actress. She is always soft and feminine, but everyone can envy her strong will.

For Ii, the role of an exemplary hostess and caring wife is more suitable. Summertime representatives often don't find a suitable husband. These are very emotional natures, although they never show others their feelings and can cry quietly at night. They are rather distrustful of people, but if they get used to a person, then this is for a long time. They solve their problems themselves without outside help and expect their ideal man. The Ai have good taste in everything, although they dress rather modestly. In clothes, shades of blue and purple are preferred. They are economical, although they often collect beautiful things.

Oya is always a good hostess, her house is perfect cleanliness and comfort. If she has her own garden, then she creates beauty pleasing to the eye there too. The spouse will easily get along with this calm woman, since she does not like conflicts.

When communicating with Iya, you should always maintain a calm tone of conversation. Sometimes she can be a little on edge, although the conversation seems to be going in a calm direction. Most likely, you are not to blame, but you need to be careful and not offend her pride, even in a joking manner.

Ii's birthday

Oia celebrates its name day on February 3, August 17, September 24.

Famous people named Oia

  • Oia (Evdokia) Roman, Persian (Monk Martyr)
  • Iya Marks ((1897 - 1988) Soviet actress)
  • Iya Feshina ((1914-2002) married - Rudyar (first spouse), Feshina-Branham (Branham, Branham) - second marriage; Russian and American ballerina and psychiatrist (art therapist), daughter of the famous artist Nikolai Feshin, was often a model for canvases of her father. Author of books and articles on the work of her father, founded in Taos a private museum dedicated to his work. There are about forty portraits of Iya created by his father. Most of these canvases are in museums in Russia and the United States.)
  • Iya Arepina (Soviet and Russian theater and film actress)
  • Iya Savvina ((born 1936) Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, People's Artist of the USSR (1990))
  • Iya Ninidze ((born 1960) Soviet Georgian and Russian actress, Honored Artist of Georgia)
  • Saint Oia of Corneville, also known as Chia, or Eia, or Eve ((5th century) Enlightener of Cornwall, according to legend was an Irish princess, sister of St. Erk, Yuni and Anta. Christian martyr, revered by the Catholic Church as a saint.)

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