The Meaning Of The Name Iskra

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The Meaning Of The Name Iskra
The Meaning Of The Name Iskra

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Iskra
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The short form of the name Iskra. Ika, Ira, Isa, Sparkle.

Synonyms for the name Iskra. Sincere.

The origin of the name Iskra. The name Iskra is Russian, Slavic.

The name Iskra is a feminine name that has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Iskra is a Slavic name, literally means “spark”, “bright” and “sincere”, “honest”. The male Slavic name is Iskra.

In Russia, the word "spark" was attributed to the meaning of "glitter", which was formed on the basis of the common Slavic root "yask", "yasochka" - "star, asterisk", "clear". A spark is a very small particle of a burning or incandescent substance. In addition, a spark is the germ of a feeling.

According to the second version, the name Iskra is formed from the Bulgarian male name Iskren, which means “honest”, “kind”, “open”, “faithful”, “devoted”, “naive”. This name is most common in Bulgaria and Macedonia. The name of Iskren has a feminine form - Iskrena, the name day is celebrated on July 20, when the holiday "Ilinden" is celebrated in Bulgaria (in Russia, the Day of the Holy Prophet Elijah is August 2).

Also, the name Iskra is associated with fire, fire, so the name day is also celebrated on February 6, when the Orthodox Church celebrates the Day of St. Photius. In Russia, it is customary to celebrate the Day of the Angel for the name Iskra on August 4, although the name Iskra does not appear in the Orthodox calendar.

According to the third version, the name Iskra is a Soviet, revolutionary name. It appeared in the 1920s - 1930s, and is formed from a common noun, or rather from the revolutionary newspaper Iskra, founded by Lenin.

Ira's diminutive appeal is also an appeal to other names.

Iskra often becomes the only daughter in the family. She grows up knowing nothing of rejection. The girl's character gives her parents a lot of trouble. She is a charming and gifted girl, but she has a rather tense relationship with her mother. Spark has a complex character. A girl with this name is very spoiled by her parents, she depends on them financially.

Spark is selfish and calculating. She often acts selfishly for her own good, but seeks not to harm others. Sometimes she is cunning, but all her tricks are sewn with white thread. The spark is distinguished by hard work and accuracy, very lucky in life. The girl is very fond of money, she is a materialist to the marrow of her bones, she has a penchant for intrigue.

He does not refuse the goal set for himself, it is very difficult to dissuade and try to force her to change her decision, and sometimes it is not safe. A girl rarely trusts others, she is subjective and relies only on her own opinion. Spark has a cold and logical mind, although she remains highly excitable. A strong will fully serves her ambitions, sometimes exorbitant. Iskra takes any failure as an insult, she remembers all the insults and tries to avenge each one.

Spark has an extremely strong intuition that goes well with a practical mindset. But behind the charming appearance of Iskra, something dangerous seems to be hidden. A girl is capable of disinterested and sincere sympathy only in relation to someone who completely conquers her heart.

The character of the girl gives her the opportunity to achieve success, becoming an actress or researcher of history or archeology. The profession of a restorer or a museum worker is also suitable for her. In any area where tact, determination and discretion are required, Spark will succeed.

The girl named Iskra has an attractive appearance, she always has many fans. "Summer" Iskra is modest and indecisive. In relationships with the opposite sex, she is hampered by excessive caution, because of which they tend to see insidious seducers in men. Fearing that the boyfriend is just waiting for the moment to take advantage of the girl's modesty and gullibility, Iskra ends up getting married very late. "Autumn" Iskra turns out to be happy in family life. Mainly daughters are born to her. Spark has a heightened sense of morality.

It is difficult to communicate with Iskra. She is distinguished by imperiousness and capriciousness. In the immediate environment, he chooses soft, compliant people who do not strive to become leaders. A narrow circle of friends prefers a noisy company. The spark born in autumn is docile and conflict-free. She loves to listen to compliments addressed to herself, I know that they are deserved. In communication, Iskra is sometimes stubborn and stubborn, but she makes an excellent friend. For friends, she is a devoted and straightforward person. She tends to keep her word, but at the same time, the girl is not without cunning. Iskra does not seek to flaunt her personal life, so she has few friends. In the understanding of the girl, there are few who deserve the title of her friend. Usually, to communicate with Iskra, you need to have endurance and a strong character.

Iskra's birthday

Iskra celebrates its name day on February 6, July 20, August 2, August 4.

Famous people named Iskra

  • Iskra Polyakova (character from Boris Vasiliev's story "Tomorrow Was the War")
  • Iskra Kuznetsova (resident of Moscow)

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