The Meaning Of The Name Irada

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The Meaning Of The Name Irada
The Meaning Of The Name Irada

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Irada
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The short form of the name Irada. Ira, Rada.

The origin of the name Irada. The name Irada is Muslim, Greek.

The name Irada has an Arabic origin, it refers to the concepts of "desire" and "will", meaning acting at will, of his own free will, having aspiration, striving for something. This is a female Muslim name, used in Azerbaijan, Turkey, among Kazakhs and Uzbeks.

There is a version that the name Irada has Greek roots. It is a derivative and modern form of the female name Herodion, which has two variants of origin. According to the first of them, the name of Herodion is the female form of the name Herod, meaning “hero”. According to the second, the name of Herodion is derived from the name of Herodion, currently - Rodion.

It is not necessary to assume that the name Irada came from the female name Iraida, although they may have related roots, if you look at the version about the Greek origin of the name.

Traditionally, Muslim names are not usually abbreviated, but you can affectionately refer to Irada as Ira and Rada, which are also independent and independent names.

For Irada, love takes a special place in her life. She tries to project her existence around what is most important to her, only in this case life makes sense for her. She can choose both her family and work as the main thing for herself. At the same time, she will strive to achieve success, to be useful.

The biggest problem for Irada will be the understanding that the design of requirements for yourself and others can be different. What is important and necessary for her, like air, may be completely uninteresting and unnecessary to others, and it will be very difficult for Irada to come to terms with this. That is why the owner of this name is desperately trying to achieve success in the business she has begun, rushes in search of happiness, which can fuel her desire to be needed and useful.

This is an emotional woman. She wants to have a home, a strong family, but her desire for something very serious for her requires attention from people close to her. Irada is quite shy, does not like attention to herself in an unfamiliar company. Despite her shyness, Irada is a sociable and pleasant person to talk to. She appreciates real and sincere friendship, she will not leave her friends.

Questions of the heart will always be the first for this woman. Logic often fails in the battle with emotions. Irada is a sensitive, generous person, but she does what her heart desires, which can lead to confusing situations. Therefore, she should learn how to better manage her emotions. This is one of the reasons why she needs to know and adhere to daily habits and guidelines.

Despite fears and doubts, Irada will always do a good job at a professional level. Striving for harmony, she needs to feel useful. She has her own rhythm of work. Irada is organized and disorganized at the same time, but at the same time it can make her irreplaceable. Irada can choose to work in the social sphere, service, administration, psychology. For her, contact and the achieved result are important, therefore journalism, pedagogy and sports do not bypass her sphere of interests.

Name days of Irada

Irada does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Irada

  • Irada Rovshan ((1968-2014) Azerbaijani architect, scientist, folklorist)
  • Irada Zeynalova ((born 1972) Russian journalist, correspondent, TV presenter, worked for more than 10 years on Channel One)
  • Irada Suleiman kyzy Ashumova ((born 1958) Soviet and Azerbaijani athlete (bullet shooting), bronze winner of the 2004 Olympics, three times silver medalist of the World Championships)
  • Irada Aleskerova ((born 1956) chief technologist of the publishing house "Azerbaijan", is an Honored Worker of Culture of Azerbaijan, teacher and doctor of philosophy in historical sciences. Author of textbooks, translations, monographs, as well as more than 50 articles published both in Azerbaijan and Abroad.)
  • Irada Aliyeva ((born 1991) Azerbaijani athlete-Paralympic athlete, silver medalist at the 2016 Olympics)
  • Irada Huseynova ((born 1965) Azerbaijani scientist-biochemist, published more than 130 scientific papers)
  • Irada Vovnenko ((born 1973) Russian art critic)
  • Irada Akhadzadeh ((born 1995) Azerbaijani gymnast, participant of the 2013 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships)
  • Irada Ibrahimova ((born 1980) Azerbaijani pop singer)

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