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The Meaning Of The Name John
The Meaning Of The Name John

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Short form of the name John. Ivanka, Vanya, Vana, Vatsa, Iva, Ivka, Nana, Asya, Aska, Yasya, Hannah, Janna, Jenna, Yoasya, Yoashka, Yoaska.

Synonyms for the name John. Ivanna, Zhanna, Yana, Jane, Joan, Joanna, Yoanna, Ivana, Johanna, Johana, Shovan, Shuvan, Juan, Johanna, Janna, Yovana.

The origin of the name John. The name of John is Russian, Jewish, Orthodox, Catholic.

The name John is the feminine form of the name John, used in modern times as Ivan or Jan. Translated from the ancient Hebrew John means "have mercy on God." This name was worn by many queens of France, where it sounded like Jeanne.

In Russian, this name is the closest name - Ivanna, and affectionately addressed - Ivanka, Vanya, Iva. Related names are the names of Jan, Janina, Jane, Joan.

In the Catholic calendar, this name sounds like Joanna. The dates of Orthodox name days are May 3 and July 10.

Description of the meaning of the name - see the name of Jan.

Name days of Joanna

John celebrates her name day on February 4, May 3, May 24, May 30, July 10, November 9, December 12.

Famous people named John

  • John the Myrrhbearer (disciple of Jesus Christ)
  • John de Chantal ((1572 - 1641) Catholic saint)
  • Gianna Beretta Molla ((1922 - 1962) Catholic saint, first canonized married woman of modern times)
  • Pope John (a legendary person, a woman who allegedly occupied the papal throne under the name of John VIII, between Leo IV (died 855) and Benedict III (died 858).In the currently accepted list of popes, the name John VIII is the real pope who ruled somewhat later (872 - 882). The credibility of the story of the woman pope, repeated from the 13th century, was first challenged in the 15th century. From the middle of the 16th century, historians no longer doubted the fiction of this story. The legend probably arose in a mockery of pornocracy - the period of the domination of women at the court of the pope, from John X to John XII (919 - 963).)
  • John of England ((1165 - 1199) first queen of Sicily, later Countess of Toulouse)
  • John (Jeanne) of Navarre ((1270 - 1305) French queen, wife of Philip IV the Fair)
  • Joanna (Jeanne) French ((1464 - 1505) French queen, wife of Louis XII, Catholic saint)
  • John (Joanna) Beaufort ((1404 - 1445) Scottish Queen)
  • John (Giovanna) II ((1414 - 1435) queen of Naples)
  • Joanna (Juana) Mad ((1479 - 1555) Castilian queen, daughter of Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile)
  • John Antida Touré ((1765 - 1826) saint of the Roman Catholic Church, nun, founder of the Sisters of Divine Mercy (SDC) female monastic congregation)
  • Joanna Kurtmans-Berchmans ((1811 - 1890) Flemish writer, awarded the Quinquennial Prize in 1865)
  • Joanna Pakula (Polish actress in the USA)
  • Ivanna Anders (also - Yvonne Anders, pseudonym; real name - Zhanna Aguzarova; Soviet and Russian singer, former vocalist of the Bravo group, who made a solo career; known for her shocking and extravagance, but owes her success to her voice - very strong, resonant, memorable)
  • Joanna Chmielewska ((born 1932) a famous Polish writer, author of female ironic detective stories and the founder of this genre for Russian readers)
  • Joanna Kinkel ((1810 - 1858) née Mokkel; German writer, composer, choral conductor and music teacher, revolutionary)
  • Giovanna ((1907 - 2000) Italian princess, after marriage the Queen of Bulgaria)
  • Joanna Sulej (Polish figure skater performing in pair skating, with Mateusz Chruscinski she is two-time Polish champion (2009, 2010), two-time Polish champion among juniors in singles skating (2005, 2006))
  • Giovanna Antonelli (Brazilian film and theater actress, fashion model, TV presenter, producer)
  • Giovanna I (John I) ((1328 - 1382) Queen of Naples (1343 - 1382) of the House of Anjou-Sicily)
  • Giovanna d'Aragona, Duchess of Paliano ((1502 - 1575) daughter of Ferdinando d'Aragon, Duke of Montalta (bastard son of Fernando I of Naples and Diana Guardato) and Castellana di Cardona.Wife of Ascanio Colonna (1495-1555), Duke of Tagliaco and Count (Vittoria Colonna's brother), model of the Louvre portrait of Raphael)
  • Giovanna Amati (Italian racer)
  • Joanna Beaufort ((about 1404 - 1445) Queen of Scots, wife of King James I)
  • Joanna Stingray (née Joanna Fields; American singer, actress, music producer and public figure, one of the most significant people and popularizers of Soviet and post-Soviet rock culture in the West)
  • Joanna Krupa (American fashion model and actress)
  • Joanna Plantagenet ((1328 - 1385) aka The Beautiful Lady of Kent, 4th Countess of Kent, 4th Baroness Woodstock and 5th Baroness Wake of Liddell, Princess of Wales from 1361)
  • Joan "Joe" Murray OBE ((born 1965) before marriage - Rowling, English writer best known by her pseudonym JK Rowling (JK Rowling), author of the Harry Potter series of novels translated into 65 languages. 2001 J.K. Rowling won the Hugo Prize for the book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Knight of the Legion of Honor (2009))
  • Joanna Lindsay (American writer)
  • Joanna Newsom (American harpist and singer from Nevada City, California)
  • Johanna Spiri ((1827 - 1901) Swiss writer, author of stories for children, the most famous of which is "Heidi")
  • Joanna Hiffernan ((c. 1843 - 1903) shortly - Joe, Irish, who from 1861 to 1868 served as a model for James Whistler and Gustave Courbet. She was a favorite model of Whistler and his beloved. The most famous canvases depicting Joe are Symphony in White No. 1, Girl in White, "Symphony in White No. 2," Whistler's Symphony in White No. 3, and Courbet's Beautiful Irish and Sleepers.)
  • Joanna Bailey ((1762 - 1851) English (Scottish) poet and romantic playwright)
  • Joanna Shimkus (Canadian film actress and model of Lithuanian descent, wife of Sydney Poitiers)
  • Joanna McGregor (one of the most diverse representatives of the musical world, combines the qualities of a classical pianist and jazz interpreter)
  • Joanna Lee ((1931 - 2003) American actress, screenwriter and producer)
  • Johanna Sigurdardottir ((born 1942) Icelandic politician, the first openly homosexual in history to lead a government. The first head of government in world history to officially enter a same-sex marriage. In 2009, Johanna was included in the Forbes 100 most influential women in the world, taking in it 75th place.)
  • Johanna Sigurdardottir ((born 1942) Icelandic politician, the first openly homosexual in history to lead a government. The first head of government in world history to officially enter a same-sex marriage. In 2009, Johanna was included in the Forbes 100 most influential women in the world, taking in it 75th place.)

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