The Meaning Of The Name Indira

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The Meaning Of The Name Indira
The Meaning Of The Name Indira

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Short form of the name Indira. Indy, Indus.

The origin of the name Indira. The name Indira is Muslim, Indian.

The name Indira is a feminine name of Indian origin. According to various versions, it comes either from the name of the god of thunder and lightning Indra, or from the Indian "indu" - "moon". Therefore, in the first case, the name is translated as "mighty", "strong", and in the second - "unearthly", "lunar", "country of the moon". There is also a variant of the interpretation of the name as "beautiful". On the territory of the former USSR, the name became widespread after the 1955 visit of Indian politician Indira Gandhi to the USSR.

In its meaning, the name Indira is close to the names Luna, Lunara, Selena, Aisun, Aileen. And also to Aisylu, Aigerim, Aysel.

Indira refers to assertive, independent, energetic people, her whole life is a movement. She can be somewhat shy, but still with high expectations for herself, she strives to be an example for others. Very often Indira is frank, honest and loyal, however, modesty is her really strong point.

She sometimes tends to accept a dismissive, pretentious and even arrogant attitude towards others, especially when she finds her environment below what she wants. Indira has a lot of inner strength that makes her assertive and independent, as well as charming and generous to others.

Indira can endure all the setbacks on her way, and it can be very risky for her. This can lead her to pride and vanity, to bring her to the point that she wants to lead everyone, and she will start with the closest ones - with her parents. This property of her character is manifested already in childhood, planning something, she is quite capable of throwing a tantrum in an attempt to gain control over the actions of her parents, to learn how to manipulate them. In the future, she will be able to hone her skills in a more calm, not explicit, but veiled form. Some Indira splendidly manipulate people without making great efforts.

Another flip side of this medal will be her responsibility for Indira. If the girl is the only child in the family, or one of the older children, then the factor of "older" will be very important for her. She will direct all power and ability to influence others in a good direction. You will never take her away from an arrogant young lady who seeks to think that the whole world revolves around her.

She loves to work in a group, take part in common activities, be useful to others, and collaborate. In this case, Indira can play in the theater, become the star of the show. Dancing can become her vocation, as they are quite capable of satisfying her craving for beauty and harmony. But no less important for her will be a family, a large family, where she can be the main one, and beloved, and irreplaceable, and at the same time so vulnerable.

She belongs to those people who are respected, despite the fact that she often commands. It is important for her to be loved, so that she or her achievements and successes are admired. In the house she is the central person, in public places - the desired guest. She is kind and considerate, but her charity always has a framework.

In the emotional sphere, Indira is a strong personality, fair, hides her true romantic essence, affectionate and tender. Her ideal partner should be flexible, but not submissive, because she needs a man she can admire. His career can be important to her, so she can choose the roles of housewife. Despite this, she is the perfect hostess and knows how to throw a stylish party where she can show off her talents. Indira will be harsh, but fair to her children, brought up grandchildren.

Indira will be able to realize her talents in creative professions (art, design, fashion), but she can also choose a career where contact with society is necessary (administrator, teacher, actress). She is attracted by beautiful things in life, luxury and grace - jewelry, clothes, perfumes, furs, so she can find herself here without being distracted from motherhood and family.

Indira's birthday

Indira does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Indira

  • Indira Gandhi ((1917-1984) Indian politician. She was the daughter of one of the most famous political figures in India - Jawaharlal Nehru, the wife of the politician Feroz Gandhi, also became the mother of two politicians - Rajiv and Sanjay Gandhi. Her whole life was in politics and about She twice became Prime Minister of India. Despite the same surname, she is not a relative of Mahatma Gandhi.)
  • Indira Vardania ((born 1962) Abkhaz politician, until 2011 she was the Minister of Education of Abkhazia, and from October 10, 2011 she became First Deputy Prime Minister)
  • Indira Varma ((born 1973) English actress)
  • Indira Bilimova (Kazakh singer, former member of the Kazakh group "FM")
  • Indira Radic ((born 1966) née Subotic; Serbian folk and pop singer)
  • Indira, also known as Indira Billy (Indian actress)
  • Indira Bansal (Pakistani actress)
  • Indira Freitas Johnson ((b. 1943) Indian artist, educator. Winner of numerous grants and awards. Johnson's work is presented in numerous large public and private collections, including the Museum of Modern Art Chicago, Asian Arts Center in New York, Art Museum Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, in museums in Alabama, Atlanta, Arkansas, Mumbai and elsewhere She is a nonviolent teaching teaching with a mission to use art processes to help people understand what their individual actions can do a better world free of ethnic violence Since then Johnson has taught the arts and skills of nonviolent decision-making to children in Chicago and Evanston in public schools in the area.Indira Johnson has shared her knowledge with numerous groups, including the Historical Society of Chicago, Loyola University and other universities. She was the moderator of the round table at the IV International Congress of Education for Cities.)
  • Indira Naidu ((born 1968) Australian writer, journalist and TV presenter)
  • Indira Nath ((born 1938) Indian immunologist who made important contributions to the medical science of immunology)
  • Indira Samarasekera (born 1952) is a Canadian public figure, current president and vice-chancellor of the University of Albert in Canada. Born and raised in Sri Lanka, later emigrated to Canada. In 2000, she was appointed UBC Vice President of Scientific Research. her tenure in this role, university research, funding from government and private investors more than doubled, from $ 149 million to $ 377 million. In 1991, an award was instituted in her name for promising young Canadian researchers. In 2012, she received the award for The Peter Lockheed Public Policy Forum for Leadership in Public Policy and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal Indira Samarasekera has been awarded honorary degrees from various universities,and in 2012 she was named Chair of the World University Network.)
  • Indira Terrero ((born 1985) 400-meter Cuban sprinter, participant in the 2008 Summer Olympics)
  • Indira Weiss ((born 1979) pseudonym, real name Verena Weiss; German singer and actress, former member of R&B and pop group Bro`Sis. Currently working on a solo career.)
  • MK Indira ((1917-1994) famous writer in the Kannada language. She is the author of the award-winning novel Phaniyamma. She began writing novels only after forty-five years.)

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