The Meaning Of The Name Inna

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The Meaning Of The Name Inna
The Meaning Of The Name Inna

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The short form of the name Inna. Innushka, Ina, Inusya, Inulya, Inyuta, Inyusha, Incha.

The origin of the name Inna. The name Inna is Russian, Orthodox.

The name Inna, translated from the Latin language, means “stormy stream”, “float”, “flow, flow”, “floating”. Previously, judging by Russian traditions, men were called this name, but now it is purely female. That was the name of one of the disciples of the Apostle Andrew, a native of Lesser Scythia, a martyr - Inna Novodunsky, a Slav. Together with Rimma and Pinna, they were tortured for their faith.

Ying's diminutive is an appeal to many names. For example, to the name Agrippina, Antonina, Karina, Ellina, Dahlia, Dina, Zinaida, Inessa, Irina, Marina, Martina, Pinna, Sabina, Faina, Zarina and others. But the full name Inna is not an appeal to the name Inessa.

A woman named Inna is characterized by such qualities as lightness, simplicity, reliability, she seems to radiate light. Rather, she is a sanguine person, but she does not know how to be assertive, but on the contrary, she is always cheerful and a little frivolous. Inna positions herself as an independent woman who always has her own opinion.

Inna knows how to adapt to changing circumstances. She is not inclined to conceal resentment, and this, as a rule, helps her to avoid unnecessary difficulties and problems. Inna is often principled and even stubborn, she always strives to be punctual and will definitely do what she promises or has outlined. She never wastes time because she does not want to miss anything important and interesting in her life.

Inna is an analyst by her mindset, therefore she strives to choose a profession that would be to her liking. If Inna realized that she has any abilities, she will develop them, and they will become the meaning of her life. In this case, she may even refuse the opportunity to start a family or have money and comfort. And if, nevertheless, she tries to combine talent and marriage, then close people will recede into the background. The husband will have to take on all the household chores, and also constantly show Inna how much he admires her. She can become an excellent medical worker, journalist, engineer, take her place in the trade or become a successful photojournalist. If suddenly Inna gets carried away by some kind of work, then she is able to relatively calmly change her previous occupation and completely devote herself to a new one.

Inna is always very attractive. He treats men with tenderness and affection. Priority is given to men with good life experience. She is very jealous, and in love relationships she prefers to occupy a dominant position. Having entered into marriage, he does not live a family life for long, and after a divorce he will never become someone else's wife. Inna can become happy only next to an honest and frank man. In the family, she strives to be loyal to her husband and caring for children. However, when children grow up, Inna sometimes does not find a common language with them. She will never live in the same house with her mother-in-law.

Inna is not at all prone to depression. She is a completely independent person who absolutely does not need outside guidance. But he will never impose his opinion on others. He tries to show tolerance and condescension to the vices and weaknesses of other people.

Inna's birthday

Inna celebrates her name day on February 2, July 3.

Famous people named Inna

  • Inna Leman-Balanovskaya (née Leman; Russian astronomer (1881-1945))
  • Inna Churikova (Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, People's Artist of the RSFSR (1985), People's Artist of the USSR (1991))
  • Inna Ulyanova (Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, performer of comic and character roles, Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1989), laureate of the State Prize of Russia (2000))
  • Inna Bershtein (critic, literary critic, Doctor of Philology (born 1919))
  • Inna Vishnevskaya (literary critic, doctor of art history)
  • Inna Lyubimenko ((1879 - 1959) historian, archivist)
  • Inna Gaukhman ((1914 - 1997) Russian music teacher)
  • Inna Makarova (Soviet and Russian actress, People's Artist of the USSR, roles in the films "Young Guard", "Girls", etc. (born 1928))
  • Inna Volkova (Russian singer and songwriter, one of the members of the Kolibri group)
  • Inna Zhelannaya (Russian singer, founder of the group "Farlanders" (1994-2004))
  • Inna Ryskal (outstanding Soviet volleyball player, 2-time Olympic champion (1968, 1972), twice Olympic silver medalist (1964, 1976), has no equal in the world in terms of the number of medals won at Olympic volleyball tournaments; Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1968). She became the first Russian volleyball player to appear in the Volleyball Hall of Fame in Holyoke, Massachusetts, considered to be the birthplace of volleyball.)
  • Inna Gulaya (Soviet theater and film actress, Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1976))
  • Inna Lisnyanskaya (Russian poet)
  • Inna Goff (Russian Soviet writer and poetess, co-author of the popular song "Russian Field" and many others)
  • Inna Gomes (maiden name - Churkina; Russian actress and fashion model, one of the twenty most famous Russian models)
  • Inna Vykhodtseva (Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, Honored Artist of Russia)
  • Inna Zhukova (Belarusian athlete, Olympic silver medalist, presents rhythmic gymnastics in individual exercises)
  • Inna Alabina (Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, Honored Artist of Russia (1994) (born 1939))
  • Inna Zagraevskaya (Russian and German poet and playwright)
  • Inna Suslina (Russian handball player, goalkeeper of the Russian women's handball team, Honored Master of Sports of Russia)
  • Inna Smidovich ((1870-1940) Russian underground revolutionary)
  • Inna Solovyova (real name - Bazilevskaya; Russian literary and theater critic, theater historian)
  • Inna Vetkina (screenwriter)
  • Inna Zhivetyeva (Russian fantasy writer)
  • Inna Kabysh (Russian poet)
  • Inna Lasovskaya (Russian athlete, specializing in triple jump, Honored Master of Sports of Russia)
  • Inna Tsimbaliuk (fashion model, TV presenter, actress; gained fame by winning the Miss Ukraine-Universe 2006 contest)
  • Inna Druz (player of the television game show "What? Where? When?")
  • Inna Osipenko-Radomskaya (Ukrainian kayak rower, Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine)
  • Inna Koroleva (Russian theater and film actor)
  • Inna Kitrosskaya-Meiman ((1932 - 1987) activist of the refusal movement, a member of a group of refuseniks - cancer patients, author of English textbooks for high schools)

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