The Meaning Of The Name Inga

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The Meaning Of The Name Inga
The Meaning Of The Name Inga

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The short form of the name Inga. Ingri, Ingi, Inge, Inka, Ina.

Synonyms for the name Inga. Ingeborga, Ingrid, Ingrida, Inger, Ingri, Ingrit.

The origin of the name Inga. Inga's name is German.

Inga's name is of Scandinavian origin. This name has several origins. According to one version, the name Inga is the feminine form of the Scandinavian male name Inga, where the "ing" element is one of the names of Freyr, the Scandinavian god of fertility, therefore the name Inga is translated as "under the protection of Yngwie (Inga)".

According to the second version, the name Inga is a short form of the name Ingeborg, consisting of the parts “Ing” (one of the names of Freyr) and “bjorg” (help, protection). Therefore, the name Inga is translated as "daughter of Ingvio (Inga)", "born by the god of abundance Ingvio", "protected by Ingvio".

According to the third version, the name Inga is the female counterpart of the male name Ingvar or Ingo, Ingolf, which in Russian sounds like Igor.

The “ing” element, which is included in a large number of Scandinavian names, carries the meaning of “one of the names of the Scandinavian god of fertility Freyr”. It is possible that for the name Inga we are not talking about a god, but about the goddess Freya (Freya), who, like Freyr, is the goddess of fertility, and also the goddess of love and war. And there is an opinion that "freya" does not mean a name, but a title, and is translated as "mistress".

Related names for Inga: Ingud (Inguni), Ingolv, Ingveld, Ingivald, Ingitora and other Scandinavian names. The name Inga is widespread in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and is also used in Germany.

Even as a child, Inga, like a sponge, absorbs everything into herself. At the same time, the father always remains an authority for the girl, she reaches out to him, fawns upon him. Inga often exaggerates, she can tell a lie. Parents try to wean her from this, but usually such attempts do not lead to anything. The girl has a rancorous and touchy character, often complicates simple things.

In the Inge family, it is more comfortable to be an only child; she will be jealous of the appearance of a brother or sister. Inga's character is characterized by contradictions, her actions can be unpredictable. A girl with this name is a kind person, but easily succumbs to the influence of others. She makes many mistakes, for which only she is to blame. Inga persistently defends her rights. This trait should not escape the attention of parents, because without control Inga can become a complete selfish. And this, in turn, will negatively affect the subsequent life of the girl.

Inga is superstitious, she believes in fortune telling on the coffee grounds, on the cards. She knows how and loves to guess herself. In the character of the girl, firmness is combined with sharpness and determination. Something Inga resembles a fortress. A woman with this name very early begins to realize what she wants from life, and she is good at achieving what she wants. At the same time, sometimes Inga begins to feel some internal discomfort. She sometimes cries for no reason at fate, exaggerates her troubles. However, the point is not in Inga's real troubles, but rather in the fact that, constantly defending her interests, the girl simply gets tired.

The opposite sex begins to pay attention to Inga early, but Inga is not a flirt by nature. He does not seek to start numerous novels, he meets with the chosen one for a long time. But if she sees obstacles to these meetings on the part of her parents, then decisive action should be expected from her. She may run away from home or get married unexpectedly. The wife from Inga is strict and devoted. Its goal is to care for the well-being of the family and the upbringing of children. Inga wants to control their every step, becomes demanding of them. Relationship with her mother-in-law does not work out because Inga does not like any comments in her address, reacts sharply to them. All this significantly worsens relations in a woman's family.

Making friends and even just communicating with Inga is very difficult. Despite all the advice, she always does her own thing. A girl can be patient and friendly. However, in the company of her friends, sometimes she has the feeling that someone wants to put pressure on her. Then Inga's tough character makes itself felt. She will probably express her displeasure and readiness to fight back, and, perhaps, she will start a conflict. Inga sometimes gets tired of this willingness to constantly fight for her interests. She goes through periods of discouragement, so she quickly becomes sympathetic to people who have shown sympathy for her. However, offenses, exaggerated, and sometimes simply invented, she remembers for a long time.

Inga's birthday

Inga does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Inga

  • Inga Oboldina (Strelkova) ((born 1968) pseudonym, real name - Gudimova, Strelkova - last name after marriage; Russian theater and film actress, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (2011))
  • Inga Tretyakova ((born 1963) Soviet actress, remembered mainly for children's films)
  • Inge de Bruin ((born 1973) an outstanding Dutch swimmer, 4-time Olympic champion, 6-time world champion, 5-time European champion. Three times was the world record holder at distances of 50 and 100 meters freestyle, as well as 100 meters butterfly.)
  • Inga Shomrakova ((born 1932) Russian bibliologist, Doctor of Philology (1987), Professor (1989), Honored Worker of the Higher School of Russia (1999))
  • Inga Voronina ((1936 - 1966) nee - Artamonova; Soviet speed skater, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1962), USSR champion, world champion, multiple world record holder)
  • Inga Ilm ((born 1971) Russian and Soviet theater and film actress)
  • Inga Drozdova ((born 1975) Russian fashion model and singer)
  • Inga Andronikova ((1937 - 1994) ethnographer, researcher and collector of folklore and mythology of Russian Gypsies. During Soviet times, she was persecuted, presumably in connection with her research.)
  • Inga Budkevich ((born 1936) Soviet and Russian theater and film actress)
  • Inga Arshakyan ((born 1982) Armenian singer)
  • Inga Abitova ((born 1982) athlete, performs in the 10,000-meter sprint. Since 2009, also in the marathon distance. In the Russian national team since 2005.)
  • Inga Skya (winner of the Miss Universe Canada 2007 in Montreal, represented Canada at the Miss Universe 2007)
  • Inga Ivaschenko ((born 1967) Russian doll artist, interior designer)
  • Inge King ((born 1918) née Neufeld; contemporary Australian sculptor, one of the first abstract sculptors in Australia)
  • Princess Ingeborg of Denmark ((1878 - 1958) second daughter of King Frederick VIII of Denmark and Queen Lovisa, married, Duchess of Westerjotland, wife of Prince Karl of Sweden)
  • Ingeborga Danish ((1174 - 1236) Queen of France in 1193 and 1200 - 1223. Ingeborga was the daughter of King Valdemar I the Great and Sophia of Polotsk.)
  • Ingeborga Dapkunaite ((born 1963) Lithuanian theater and film actress, winner of the 1994 Nika Award for Best Actress)
  • Ingeborg Maria Wilhelmina Bronzart von Schellendorff ((1840 - 1913) née Stark; German pianist and composer)

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