The Meaning Of The Name Ilona

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The Meaning Of The Name Ilona
The Meaning Of The Name Ilona

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Ilona
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The short form of the name Ilona. Ila, Ilusya, Ilka, Ilonka, Ilonushka.

Synonyms for the name Ilona. Elena, Elona, Ellona.

The origin of the name Ilona. Ilona's name is Catholic, Greek.

The origin of the name Ilona is not completely clear. It is possible that the name Ilona is a variant of the Greek name Elena, meaning "bright." There is an emphasis on both the first and second syllables of the name Ilona.

Ilona celebrates name days in different countries on different days. In Latvia - March 18, in Poland - January 27 and August 18, in the Czech Republic - January 20, in Hungary - April 23, July 31, August 18, September 23, in Slovenia - April 15, August 18. In Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, Ilona's name days are celebrated on January 28, June 3, June 8, July 24, November 12, and in these countries Ilona's name days are celebrated along with Elena's name days. Among Catholics celebrate the name day of Ilona from Hungary - November 9.

Ilona is very charming, no one will deny her charm. She amazes those around her with her big eyes, which seem to contain some kind of secret. Ilona is sociable. For example, at the table, she is ready to tell you everything she saw or heard, while completely oblivious to what she eats.

Since childhood, Ilona has been distinguished by a complex character. She is unusually secretive. She does not trust her secrets even to her best friend. Although outwardly the girl seems to be very calm, inside she is hot and temperamental, but she is good at managing her emotions.

A woman with this name always yearns for self-affirmation. At every opportunity, she tries to demonstrate her knowledge and abilities. Instantly rushes into battle if someone tries to challenge them. Ilona often tends to appear aggressive and nervous. The girl refuses the help of others, even members of her family, and then complains about the indifference and hostility of others. A rebellious spirit lives in Ilona, she is outraged by the authorities and the public, she hates to obey anyone. The girl makes an excellent leader. If she decides to open her own business, then it is likely to bring tangible income.

When Ilona manages to calm her tension, she becomes cheerful and calm. At such moments, the girl is full of constructive ideas. Ilona loves to travel, move from place to place. She has little interest in household chores, and cooking, knitting or sewing is completely outside the circle of her interests.

Ilona refers to women who tirelessly strive to conquer a man, and having achieved her goal, she can leave him without regret. Ilona has an amazing ability to start life from scratch, completely forgetting the past. Only after living to fifty years old, Ilona ceases to refuse with such ease what is available. Ilona's husband cannot count on her loyalty. The girl will not become a calm wife. The husband is expecting emotional outbursts from Ilona. Often, love and marriage for a woman with this name are two different things. Even the prospect of having children does not change Ilona's behavior.

The girl has a fickle character. Ilona is sensual and romantic. However, she feels stronger when she proves to others that she is able to conquer any man. With age, there still comes a moment when Ilona is ready to stop, having behind her shoulders already a large baggage of men conquered by her power. Then this woman becomes an exemplary domestic wife, wise and conservative.

The hostess from Ilona is mediocre, she does not know how to cook and does not want to learn it. Household is not her vocation. Ilona takes care of her children, takes care of herself so as not to offend the baby with a thoughtless action or word, but at the same time she will not come up with thousands of ways to practice with her baby. The maximum that Ilona can do for her child is to enroll him in various circles and sections.

Ilona's birthday

Ilona celebrates her name day on January 20, January 27, January 28, March 18, April 15, April 23, June 3, June 8, July 24, July 31, August 18, September 23, November 9, November 12.

Famous people named Ilona

  • Ilona Duczynska ((1897 - 1978) Hungarian-Austrian revolutionary of Polish-Austro-Hungarian origin, translator, wife of Karl Polanyi)
  • Ilona Kabos ((1898 - 1973) Hungarian-British pianist)
  • Ilona Mitresey, sometimes just Ilona ((born 1993) French singer)
  • Ilona Usovich ((born 1982) Belarusian runner, performing at a distance of 400 meters, multiple medalist of the World and European Championships as part of the national team of Belarus in the 4 × 400 m relay)
  • Ilona Zrini, Elena Zrinskaya ((1643 - 1703) de facto leader of the Hungarian liberation movement in 1685 - 1703, mother of Ferenc II Rakoczi and wife of Imre Tököli (Imre Tekei). Countess. She led the defense of Mukachevo castle from Austrian troops.)
  • Ilona Bronevitskaya ((born 1961) pop singer, actress, TV and radio presenter. Laureate of the All-Union competition of performers "Yalta 88". One of the hosts of the TV program "Morning Mail".)
  • Ilona Korstin ((born 1980) Russian basketball player, player of the Russian national team. Acts in the role of an attacking defender / light forward. Repeated champion and medalist of many international competitions as part of the Russian women's basketball team. In 2006, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) officially awarded Ilone Korstin the title of “the face of the women's basketball of the world.” Honored Master of Sports of Russia. Three-time Euroleague champion in three different teams.)
  • Ilona Kabos ((1898 - 1973) Hungarian-British pianist)
  • Ilona Galitskaya ((born 1995) Ukrainian singer)