The Meaning Of Ilina's Name

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The Meaning Of Ilina's Name
The Meaning Of Ilina's Name

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Video: The Meaning Of Ilina's Name
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Short form of Ilina's name. Ilya, Ilya, Lina, Ila, Elya.

Synonyms for Ilina's name. Elena, Elina, Iliana, Ilana, Ilyina, Iliyana, Ilinka, Ilka.

The origin of Ilina's name. Ilina's name is Russian, Tatar, Muslim, Kazakh.

Ilina's name has several origins. In Europe, this name has three variants of its appearance.

Firstly, the name Ilina is derived from the Greek "ilios", which means "sun", "solar". In this case, the name Ilina is one of the variants of the name Elena.

Secondly, the name Ilina means "Greek", which makes him related to the names Elina, Elena, Lina.

Thirdly, the name Ilina is found in this form in Bulgaria, Serbia, where it is believed that it appeared on behalf of Iliya. Has derivative variants - Iliana, Iliyana, Ilana, Ilinka, Ilka, which are also full names.

Due to the difference in reading when writing the name in the Latin alphabet - Ilina, Illina, Ileana, Ilijana - the name is read as “Ilina”, “Ilyina”, “Ilana”, “Iliana”, “Iliyana”.

In the vastness of Asia, the name Ilina is also used. Here it has two versions of its origin.

According to the first version, Ilin's name has Turkic roots. It is formed from the name-forming component "il" ("il"), meaning "patriotism", "country", therefore the name of Ilina is translated as "patriot", "native". The name is found among the Tatars, Bashkirs.

But among the Kazakhs, according to the second version, the name Ilina is believed to have come from the word “ilanu”, which is translated as “faith”, “conviction”. In this case, the name Ilina is a paired female name to the male name Ilan (Ilin), and has a variant of the entry - Ilana.

In the Middle East, according to the following version, the name Ilin is identical to the name Ilan, is written the same in Hebrew (אילנה), is paired with the male name Ilan, meaning “tree”. The female name is interpreted as "magnificent", "overflowing", which in relation to the crown of a tree and a woman's name corresponds to the concepts of "luxurious", "magnificent", "gorgeous".

The meaning of the name Ilyin Origin: Bulgarian The owner of the name Ilyin is an enterprising girl who acts actively and courageously, she is guided by the desire to control the situation, which helps her to become a strong and strong-willed personality in general. Being in the arena of fame, always drawing attention to oneself is one of the means to achieve goals, therefore, Ilina is often quite original in external aspects (clothing, behavior).

Ilina cannot fail, because such an outcome of the case makes her envious, greatly upsets her. From an emotional point of view, the girl, it turns out, does not know the bitterness of defeat, which makes her vulnerable to the moment when this does happen to her. At this time, she really needs the support of those who love her and whom Ilina trusts.

Her impatience, haste, irritation and self-confidence push the owner of this name to take non-compromising steps, it is worth teaching the girl flexibility and the ability to retreat from childhood where this can be done painlessly, without leading to extreme cases.

Fortunately, Ilina knows how to use the opportunities that are available to her, and knows how to quickly implement them. Even as a child, this little girl shows pride, shows her exclusivity, so it is not always easy for her to establish relationships with her brothers and sisters.

Ilina's hobbies are quite selective. If she is interested in specific areas, then only those that bring her a certain material benefit or future success. She enjoys spending time alone and calm, contemplating, meditating, and enriching herself intellectually.

In love, Ilina does not show her feelings. She is especially mysterious and elusive. First of all, this girl seeks to find a companion with whom she has a commonality of views or interests. The owner of this name is extremely selective in choosing a partner or friends. She is a good psychologist, so she knows her spouse thoroughly, but she expects the same insight from him.

Ilina, first of all, wants to realize her personal and professional life, and only after achieving a certain fixed stable success, she will attend to motherhood. She will be attracted to liberal professions, finance, administrative activities, show business and related professions. She can be successful as a technician or a jeweler.

Ilina's birthday

Ilina does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Ilina

  • Empress Xiaoquancheng ((1808-1840) Chinese empress, 3rd official wife of Emperor Aixingero Mianning (Qing dynasty), the motto during the reign is "Daoguang". Her father's name was Iling (Manchu).)
  • Ilina Singh (English neuropsychologist)
  • Illeana Douglas ((born 1965) American actress, also director, screenwriter)
  • Iliana Raeva ((born 1963) real name - Raicheva Sirakova; Bulgarian athlete (rhythmic gymnastics). Multiple European champion.)
  • Iliana Papageorgiou ((born 1991) Greek model, "Miss Greece 2011", participant of "Miss Universe")
  • Iliana Fox ((born 1977) Mexican actress)
  • Ilina (Ilyina) Parpulova (Bulgarian artist)