The Meaning Of The Name Zulfiya

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The Meaning Of The Name Zulfiya
The Meaning Of The Name Zulfiya

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Zulfiya

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Zulfiya
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The short form of the name Zulfiya. Zulya.

Synonyms for the name Zulfiya. Zulfiya, Zulfat, Zulfa, Zulfidjamal, Zulfinaz, Zulfikamal, Zulfinur, Zulfira, Zulfinisa, Zulfiniz.

The origin of the name Zulfiya. The name Zulfiya is Tatar, Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Zulfiya in translation from Arabic means "curly, with curls", in a figurative meaning "charming", "beautiful", "attractive", "pretty". The name Zulfiya is a female name of Persian origin common in Islamic countries.

Other female names, such as Zulfat, Zulfa, Zulfidjamal, Zulfinaz, Zulfikamal, Zulfinur, Zulfira, Zulfinisa, etc. are related, identical in meaning, but different in pronunciation for the name Zulfiya. The semantic European analogue is the name Julia.

Zulfiya is inquisitive and stubborn by nature. She has a good memory, but in business she is hampered by the lack of great willpower and determination. Often a girl is annoyed by innovations. In moments of anger, Zulfiya becomes inadequate and it is better for her not to fall under the hot hand. True, Zulfiya is not vindictive, she quickly departs. In fact, the girl is kind, although she is principled. She tries to be independent in everything and knows how to be responsible for her actions.

Zulfiya, born in summer, is less stubborn. She is more agreeable and kind. Responsive, always ready to help. "Summer" Zulfiya does not succumb to difficulties. She has more tenacity than other women with that name.

Zulfiya is fidget. She cannot do the same thing for a long time. At the same time, Zulfiya, especially born in winter, strives to be a leader. She is quick-tempered and sensitive to failure. In her work, Zulfiya shows some persistence, she is calculating and smart. She is sociable and self-critical. Zulfiya understands with whom and what you can talk about. Such qualities will be favorable for the career of a diplomat. In addition, Zulfiya will be able to prove herself in art or in sports - she has a talent for this.

"Spring" Zulfiya is sometimes selfish, but for the sake of loved ones she is ready to sacrifice her interests. Among the opposite sex, Zulfiya prefers strong men. She skillfully manipulates the strong half of humanity and knows her own worth well.

A girl with this name is very sociable, by her nature Zulfiya is an extrovert. She always has a large circle of friends. Although Zulfiya is very sociable by nature, she often observes what she is taking part in. She is very annoyed by the slowness and lack of punctuality in others. Zulfiya, especially born in summer, is good at settling quarrels and conflicts, but they try to solve their problems without help from others.

Zulfiya's birthday

Zulfiya does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Zulfiya

  • Zulfiya Kutdyusova (boxer, three-time world champion according to IFBA and BFWI versions)
  • Zulfiya Israilova ((1915 - 1996) Uzbek Soviet poetess, who published her poems under the name Zulfiya. The most famous poems of the poetess are: "Khulkar" (1947), "I sing the dawn" (1950), a collection of poems "Close to my heart" (1958), "Heart on the Way" (1966), "Gift of the Valley" (1966), "My Spring" (1967), "Waterfall" (1969). Some of Zulfiya's poems were translated into Russian, for example, the poem "I sing to the dawn "(1950), Russian translation in 1951. Hero of Socialist Labor (1984), laureate of the State Prize of the USSR. In 2004, the State Prize named after Zulfiya was established in Uzbekistan, which is awarded for achievements in the field of literature, art, science, culture and education. girls between the ages of 14 and 22 each year on the eve of International Women's Day on 8 March. To date, the number of Zulfiya Prize laureates has reached 98.)
  • Zulfiya Kamalova (Australian singer of Tatar origin, laureate of numerous music competitions in the style of world music. "Singer of the Year 2001" Australia, best performer in the genre "World music-2002". Her album, recorded in 2007 ("3 Nights") on Tatar, Russian and English, was awarded the Australian Association of the Recording Industry (Australian Grammy). The compositions from this album lasted 16 weeks in the top ten European music charts, which has not been possible for anyone in the history of Australian music.)
  • Zulfiya Zabirova ((born 1973) Russian and Kazakh cyclist. Champion of the Games of the XXVI Olympiad in Atlanta (1996), winner (2002), silver (1997, 1998) and bronze (2003) medalist of the world championships in the individual time trial (highway), multiple winner of the largest international highway races (1995-2000), multiple winner and medalist of World Cups in track racing, multiple champion of Russia in highway and track racing (1992-1999).)
  • Zulfiya Chinshanlo ((born 1993) Kazakhstani weightlifter, two-time world champion in 2009 and 2011 in the weight category up to 53 kg (entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest in the history of championships (16 years old); surpassed the previous achievement of Ilya Ilyin, who became champion of the world at the age of 17) Winner of the world record in clean and jerk - 130 kg (Paris, 2011) Is the champion of Kazakhstan in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, the silver medalist of the Asian Games 2010. Bronze medalist of the 2009 World Youth Championship in Chiang Mai (Thailand). Silver medalist of the first Youth Olympic Games in 2010 in Singapore (category 58 kg). Honored Master of Sports of Kazakhstan. For successful performances she was awarded the Order "Kurmet".)
  • Zulfiya Gyuloglan kyzy Khanbabayeva ((born 1967) Azerbaijani pop singer, People's Artist of Azerbaijan)
  • Zulfiya Abzelilova (music teacher of the Sibay boarding school (Bashkortostan), winner of the Grand Prix in the city competition "Teacher of the Year 2001", Grand Prix of the competition "Teacher of the Year of Bashkortostan", laureate of the All-Russian competition "Teacher of the Year 2002" in the nomination "Inspiration and Artistry", "Excellence in Education of the Republic of Bashkortostan", Honored Teacher of the Republic of Bashkortostan.)
  • Zulfiya Tazhurizina ((born 1932) is a specialist in the field of philosophy of religion, Doctor of Philosophy. The works of Tazhurizina Zulfiya give a multifaceted analysis of free thought in relation to religion as a socio-cultural phenomenon. The main trends in the evolution and prospects of free thought and, in particular, atheism, are investigated; the conceptual apparatus knowledge about free thought, the true meaning and content of concepts denoting its real manifestations are revealed; the role of free thought in the liberation of various forms of spiritual activity of society from religion, in the development of a culture of peaceful relations between people, in the education of civil and intellectual courage is determined.)

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