The Meaning Of The Name Yvette (Iveta) (Willow)

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The Meaning Of The Name Yvette (Iveta) (Willow)
The Meaning Of The Name Yvette (Iveta) (Willow)

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The short form of the name Yvette (Iveta). Ivy, Ive, Ivettochka, Ivettushka, Ivushka, Ivetka, Veta, Iva, Ivka.

Synonyms for the name Yvette (Iveta). Iveta, Yvette, Yuetta, Yueta, Jutta, Yuveta, Ivot, Ivott.

The origin of the name Yvette (Iveta). The name Yvette (Iveta) is German, Catholic.

The name Yvette has several origins. According to the first version, the name Yvette is the feminine form of the ancient German name Ivo, which was originally a short form for names starting with the element "iv", meaning "yew", "yew tree".

According to the second version, the name Yvette is an affectionate appeal to Iva, one of the pronunciation variants of the name Eve.

The name Yvette is spelled and pronounced in different ways - Iveta, Yvette, Yuetta, Yueta, Jutta, Yuveta, Ivot, Ivott. The diminutive Veta is a short form to other names, as well as an independent name.

In Orthodox saints, the name Yvette (Iveta) does not appear. For the name Yvette, Catholic name days will be indicated.

Yvette very often seems haughty and somewhat distant to outsiders, but in fact, Yvette is a serious, strong-willed woman. Modest in measure, honest, strives to observe moral principles. Yvette is distinguished by a desire for independence, sociability, energy, and hard work. She likes not to depend on anyone, so she leaves under the wing of her parents quite early, finds work for herself and provides herself with pocket money.

Yvette is disciplined, voluntarily weighed, she cannot have any disorder in anything. She strives to keep all the most important in her hands, under her supervision. Work colleagues appreciate her for her diligence and responsibility.

Yvette is not afraid of loneliness, she will always prefer a unique relationship. She only gives meaning to deep and real feelings. To be Yvette's friend means to be a unique person in something, according to Yvette. Only the most worthy become her friends. Friends respect Yvette for her loyalty, reliability, kindness and friendliness.

Behind her spontaneity and demonstrativeness, behind her coldness and arrogance, there are burning feelings and a storm of emotions. She is proud to show her invulnerability. Thus, she will prefer to do everything alone, rather than looking for an assistant or another way to achieve the goal. Yvette is rational and pragmatic, she relies on facts, logic, and if she sometimes dreams, she quickly descends to earth.

In her work, Yvette is a perfectionist, loves orderliness, efficiency and seriousness in her approach to work. As a child, she manifests herself as a wise, responsible person, but she can forget a little about this in order to demand what she considers necessary, to adjust everything to her desires.

Yvette has a great sense of duty, she is very jealous of her property. From childhood, Yvette will protect her books, clothes and other things from brothers and sisters. The owner of this name does not like chic, prefers simplicity and closeness to nature, natural. She hates fireworks. First of all, she will strive to protect herself from everyone who and what will interfere with her. Yvette will be happy to have a dog, which she will gladly walk every day.

Yvette prefers stability, spontaneity is not about her. She will choose her companion based on moral values. Yvette is a principled woman. The owner of this name is a demanding, purposeful, sometimes reckless, but generally very successful woman.

Yvette is attracted to the professions of medical workers, professions of a social nature, or those related to law, justice, court. Yvette can become an excellent administrator, veterinarian, biologist, choreographer, restaurateur, translator, she will also be interested in a profession that requires adherence, attention to detail and accuracy. She is suitable for active, creative or commercial activities.

Yvette is looking for a husband for herself the same person as herself - decisive, strong-willed, independent. She wants to be a leader, which, of course, does not like her husband. Therefore, it happens that Yvette gets married more than once. She brings up her children strictly, but the atmosphere in Yvette's house is light, as she loves to have fun and often comes up with entertainment for children.

Ivette's (Iveta's) birthday

Yvette (Iveta) celebrates her name day on January 13th.

Famous people named Yvette (Iveta)

  • Yvette Bozik ((born 1968) Hungarian dancer, choreographer, theater director)
  • Yvette Guilbert ((1865 - 1944) famous French singer and cabaret actress of the Belle Epoque, model)
  • Iveta Lutovska ((born 1983) participant in beauty contests. Iveta received the title "Miss Model of the World 2007" and the title "Miss Czech Republic 2009. Iveta represented the Czech Republic at the Miss Universe 2009" in Nassau Bahamas, where she became a semifinalist.)
  • Iveta Benesova ((born 1983) Czech tennis player. Winner of 1 Grand Slam tournament in mixed doubles (Wimbledon 2011), winner of 16 WTA tournaments (2 of them in singles). Winner of the 2011 Fed Cup in the national team of the Czech Republic.)
  • Iveta Radicova ((born 1956) maiden name - Karafiatova; Slovak politician and sociologist. Since 2010 - Prime Minister of Slovakia; Minister of Labor (2005-2006), presidential candidate in the 2009 elections.)
  • Yvette Chauvire (famous French ballerina, "etoile" and prima ballerina of the Opera Garnier, teacher of ballet art)
  • Yvette Kiseleva (actress)
  • Yvette Orner ((born 1922) is a French accordionist. In 1948 she won first place at the renewed World Cup among accordionists. In 1952-1964 she was the official musician of the Tour de France cycling race, playing on the podium for the winners after each Continuing to perform until very recently, Orner, for example, appeared in 1998 in Maurice Béjart's famous production of The Nutcracker as the God Fairy: her costumes were designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, and the accordion was woven into the orchestral fabric of Tchaikovsky's music. published her autobiography, Biscuit in a Pocket.)
  • Yvette (Haig) Baker ((born 1968) British orienteer, world orienteering champion, first British woman to win a medal at the World Orienteering Championships)
  • Jutta Lampe, also Lampe ((born 1937) outstanding German theater and film actress)
  • Jutta Rüdiger ((1910 - 2001) German psychologist who was the leader of the Union of German Girls from 1937-1945)
  • Jutta Pauliina Urpilainen ((born 1975) Finnish politician, since 2011 - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Finland)
  • Jutta von Sponheim ((1091 - 1136) German nun, mentor of Hildegard of Bingen)
  • Jutta Müller ((born 1928) figure skating coach. In total, her pupils have won 58 medals at the European, World and Olympic Championships. Müller has developed her own innovative style, in which, with the main focus on the sports, athletic side of skating, new, challenging (and sometimes even record) elements, nevertheless, I tried to reveal artistic, artistic abilities, to create harmonious programs.)

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